Caffeine Fix


Since beginning my maternity leave with Hudson, I’ve increased my latte expenditures considerably. It’s especially dangerous having some of the best coffee houses in New York within a few blocks. (In fact, I’m getting to know the blocks around the East Village better than ever these days and there’s a lot of “dangerous” spots I’ve been meeting or revisiting, all worth mentioning.)

Ninth street espresso is famous for both its unyielding quality and its unyielding ways when it comes to serving the perfect espresso. Seriously good stuff.

Yesterday, I walked Hudson over to Tompkins Square Park and to the Ninth Street Espresso location across the street (this branch is actually on tenth, between aves A and B) and then one block down to eat the most delicious, freshly fried donuts at the Brindle Room’s sidewalk bench. Yes… dangerous.

(Check out Oliver Strand’s map of the best coffeehouses, for the NY Times; Thank you, Mr. Strand. Now I’d like a version cross-referenced with Free Wifi Hotspots, please.)

Goodnight Irene, Goo...
The lovely Jane
Returning to La Casa...
Just a bit of walkin...
The Gourmet Ghetto a...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Great post! Jealous of your life in NYC. Phoenix has some good coffeehouses too. I go all the time with my 3 month old girl!

    xo, Anna of (Green Gable)

  2. When I lived on Houston and worked on 21st st, I'd walk to work every morning and a stop at 9th St Espresso would often be in the cards if the line wasn't too long. So. Good. Dangerously strong, too!

  3. Wow, yep, gotta love a good coffee/espresso and I appreciate them even more now I am drinking less. Two more not on the Oliver Strand map. The Greek Kitchen on 10th at 58th Street opened a little bread shop next door that does amazing coffee too, and hopefully soon real Greek coffee. In Clinton Hill you just have to try Nero D'oro, a Sicilian owned coffee shop and restaurant on green Ave at Classon Ave.

  4. I brought my 3-year old from Brooklyn to the Brindle Room one day just to get those donuts which I think I first read about it here, but they didn't have any left, or maybe weren't serving them that day? What time did you go? I still need to try them and you just reminded me that another visit is in order..

  5. My daughter and I are visiting NY at the end of the month from Australia, so this post was perfect timing. I've printed out the nearest coffeee houses to where we will be staying – saves us wandering around aimlessly when we need a caffine fix! Thanks.