What to wear apple picking (& Friday links)


style  What to wear apple picking (& Friday links)

What to wear Apple Picking in California. 

Just kidding. (Sort of. We went to Apple Hill yesterday and it was pretty warm.)

Actually, even though it still feels like summer here, we’re headed to the beach next week. (Aron has a conference for work and we’re tagging along—and squeezing into his hotel room.) 

So as I pack up the swimsuits and fins, I thought I’d share the details of my favorite (post-partum) swimwear for me and my favorite swim covers for kids. (How’s that for seasonally appropriate?)

I got a lot of questions about the bathing suit in the “Thoughts on Italy with Kids” post; that’s it up there: the Sorrento from BodenIt’s on sale now, so I’m almost tempted to buy myself another before it sells out. I love it. It’s sort of a pain to pull on because it has some built in shape-wear panels—and they say you might consider sizing up if you don’t want that squeeze—but that’s what makes it so great! (Especially for anyone with two babes, but really for anyone.) This Boyleg Maillot, from Anthropologie, is a close second (you can see it in this post—where I’m actually pregnant). 

Boden stops stocking swimwear over the winter, but they’re also my favorite source for kids’ swimwear. Hudson’s and Skyler’s surf suits and Skyler’s towel poncho that you saw in the Positano travelogue (and all summer) are from there, too. Check the clearance!

Ok… just a few items of note for the weekend…


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Happy Birthday, Aron!


uncategorized  Happy Birthday, Aron!
uncategorized  Happy Birthday, Aron!

I was talking with some girlfriends at party a couple of weeks ago, asking one about life with her newborn baby—and how she and her husband take turns getting up in the middle of the night. The other friend chimed in: “She has an Aron,” where “She has an Aron” was code for a super-hands-on partner, one anyone would be incredibly grateful to have on her parenthood-team.

I would add that “having an Aron” could also be code for a partner who’s loving, kind, generous, funny, sexy and smart—but that’s just me.

uncategorized  Happy Birthday, Aron!
uncategorized  Happy Birthday, Aron!

Happy birthday, Aron! Skyler, Hudson, and I are very lucky to have a you.

P.S. Aron’s previous birthdays. Photos from Los Angeles, Positano, and Davis.

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