Typeface for doctors


So true! Why is that? Maybe Aron needs a copy hanging in his office for the benefit of patients and nurses.
Speaking of which, what do you like to see (and what don’t you like to see) hanging in your a doctor’s office or exam room?

[Created by Orion Champadiyil via Design Crush]

Gallery Wall
City in Green
A calendar for dad's...
Displaying air plant...
Where do you buy art...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Leah

    My old family doctor had pictures of his family fishing trips with captions on the walls. He also had his twitter name posted for an easy follow. I’d check his feed while I waited to see if he was tweeting about what was taking so long :) This is in Austin so maybe it’s more relaxed than other towns but I really enjoyed the laid back setting.

  2. Sarah J

    I can’t believe I’m responding to this, but I’ve thought about it so often twiddling my thumbs and trying not to touch anything in the family doctor’s germ-incrusted magazine pile. Please post credentials (those degrees help us remember why we’re waiting for you in the first place). Please take down those grody ear infection posters though, the ones with the icky pus coming through the perforated ear drum. Why do we have to see that? WHY?

    • Ashley

      Haha! Those ARE awful. But then again, Aron’ a Urologist so there’d be extra cause for distress if he had an eardrum poster in his office. :)

      I always had mixed feelings about the exam rooms with posters on the ceiling. Sort of seemed overly conscientious.

  3. A mirror. Please do not put mirrors in your exam rooms! There was a giant one in the exam room of the GYN I used before I moved. Very disconcerting.

  4. May

    Landscape paintings by local artists, nice calming landscapes,
    and, clean uncomplicated art photography like flowers, pumpkins, and domestic dogs or cats.

  5. viv

    Personal photos! Well, personal enough to be conversation starters–i.e. photo of doctor and a big fish (if he likes fishing), of him and his small children, of him on a hike somewhere, of an interesting vista somewhere, etc. I personally like brain teasers or riddles, too. My retina specialist also has a handy but simple infographic about best eye-related nutrients (like lutein and beta carotene), and I find those informative.

  6. Sarah

    As a nurse, I totally appreciate that poster!!! It sometimes takes three of us to figure out what the doctor wrote! Ha, ha. I agree with the other comments, I like to see scenic pictures. Maybe you guys could enlarge some of your trip photos?

  7. Haha that poster is too funny!

    I agree with the others’ suggestions for what should be hanging on walls, but re: the personal photos… I like that my doctor has personal photos in his office because it shows a more human side to him and I think it makes me feel safer and like I can talk to him. BUT, I don’t like it if I can see them while I’m getting my exam. If I’m stripping down, I feel awkward looking at personal photos.

  8. Summer

    What a funny subject! I agree, laid back paintings/decor and family pics are awesome. You mentioned pictures on the ceiling, and I must admit – my OBGYN has “I HATE THIS” simply typed and taped to the ceiling, so it’s the first thing you see when you lie back and it just cracks me up every time. They’re mind-readers! 😛

    As for stuff I don’t like – I’m well aware of what’s unhealthy for me. Having “sugar is bad” “soda is bad” “vaccienes are good” shoved in my face everywhere gets old. And they always seem to be old, worn out posters.

  9. Nan

    there are antique carpet textiles hanging on walls of the hmo I go to — they look really nice visually — graphic designs with muted colors — and seem comforting at same time.

  10. i like calming things on the walls, even if they’re boring:) my obgyn has these dorky sculptural colorful fish on her wall, and it almost seems like a kids’ bedroom, but i like that when i’m feeling nervous, ha! also, this isn’t about decor, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE when the doctor sits down, instead of standing. it makes me feel like they’re really listening to me and care about me. it’s such a little thing, but it makes a huge difference to me.

    • Ashley

      So true! I just met my new doctor here and he really took his time talking to me. So nice! The funny thing was that he even googled me beforehand–and knew about my blog!

  11. Gia

    The more certificates the better! :). And nice dark wood, it means they are wealthy and know somethin. Hah, weird.

  12. jenny

    My old family doctor had a calendar with religious photos on it — this really irritated me. My new doctor has a certificate from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia on her ceiling congratulating her on being on the top 10 percentile list of “most pap tests” per year or something like that… seemed like nice trivia and makes you feel like she knows what she’s doing!

  13. Gia

    Gia: Yes! I’m not the only one who looks at the bad, faded art from the 80’s and thinks, “Oh, no! They must not be a good Dr., because doctors make money and you can buy 1/2-way decent art with money, right? I mean I would. . . .” I don’t need an original Rembrandt, but, man, I don’t want to look at a seashell scene from the furniture store that predates me, either.

  14. Amy P

    My doctor had a poster on the wall that came from a drug company, but it had 100 or so ‘good things’ to do on it. They weren’t condescending or annoying – they were inspiring and had more to do with overall well-being and happiness than ‘eat this’ or ‘exercise more’. Things about spending time with family and keeping an eye out for the little things in life. It could have been trite, but it was remarkably well done.

  15. cara

    this is cute. i showed my husband the poster (he’s an anesthesia resident), and he said: “that “A” is way too much effort – i’d just make a circle.” …his signature is a zigzag followed by a straight line (to spell michael, of course). :)

  16. Haha! That is so funny! I’m a doctor myself and I definitely don’t write like that, at least not that bad 😉 But I’m actually surprised that it’s still a problem some places, in Denmark (where I live) everything is done thru computers so it’s not something we think about anymore.
    For art I would like to have smiling children on my wall (I’m in pediatrics). I remember when I was a kid, my old GP had a picture of a girl smiling while getting blood drawn and so I thought “if she can, so can I” – and drawing blood was never a problem with me! :-)

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