So Sticky



One morning this week, I came home desperate for a sticky bun.
A really good sticky bun.
I’ve made sticky buns before, but never found a recipe that was really worth repeating; so I quickly reviewed the recipes on epicurious and came up with this one to try.
It had the necessary elements: guilt-provoking amounts of butter, yeast-leavened dough, pecan topping, and plenty of sticky components. I did make a few modifications–I added a pinch (or more) of cinnamon to the dough and a few cranks of nutmeg shavings into the sugary-buttery syrup. I also cut the honey in half, replacing it with maple syrup.
It wasn’t the fastest process, but it may have taken me longer in my sleep-deprived state.
Overall, I was really happy with this recipe and would definitely make them again, perhaps trying to find some shortcuts. Ashley preferred hers with the addition of cream-cheese frosting.
I wish I could share the buns themselves!
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Let’s Discuss

  1. your blog is gorgeous. so happy to have stumbled upon it. your photos are making me want to move to new york, or at least visit very soon!

    david john
    YHBHS Interiors : Art

  2. Oh my goodness, are you TRYING to make me jealous? Cause it's working! I was about to settle in for a healthy dinner, and then I happen upon your blog and want nothing but sticky buns, french toast, and whoopie pies. what a beautiful blog you have!

    and yes, your india photos are amazing. looks like a phenomenal voyage!

  3. I know… a little cruel of him to post these, right? He started making them just as I was leaving for work–so painful! (But at least I did benefit later. Delicious.)

  4. Oh my goodness I just died and went to heaven reading this post! These sticky bunes look AMAZING!! I found you via NOLA girl and am happy to be following along now! :) I'm guest posting for Jen on Wednesday while she's in Paris.

    Wishing you an enjoyable rest of your weekend!!

  5. I totally love sticky buns when I'm pregnant…please tell me I'm not pregnant! These look so dang good, I'm salivating! Drooling, people!

  6. Hey Aron (& Ashley),

    So, Aron, you came by "The Bedlam" and left a comment about us being featured blogs on Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog and that's how you'd found me again. Am I happy about that? No, I'm not. I'M THRILLED!!! What you and Ashley have going here is lovely! Loving my introduction to Hither & Thither! Thanks SO much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Most pleased to have made your acquaintance/s! :)

  7. ~ Chef Louise

    Wow, these look absolutely "sticky finger, gooey, milk mustache delicious"- photos are lovely as well… Thanks for stopping by my blog, you must try those Blueberry Pancakes, they really are extra special, light- crunchy- delicate … might make them tonight for dinner

  8. Love Smitten Kitchen – these look great! I also had a craving for something similar this week – mine was cinnamon rolls with a side yearning of coffee cake. This post might just have completed the want now trifecta.