Herman Miller Collection Pop-Up Shop


We finally made it over to the Herman Miller Pop-Up Shop on Wooster–celebrating the launch of the furniture manufacturer’s new collection–and just in the nick of time: the shop is only open through this coming Sunday, July 1st. The huge space had curated vignettes throughout, combining both old and new pieces. It was such a pleasure to browse, even if nearly everything was beyond our reach. They were even so welcoming to Hudson, offering him Fort Standard blocks and an event poster to color–which seemed so fitting with the furniture collection’s goal to truly be used for modern living.

Of course, as we left, Aron explained that he watched in horror as Hudson dripped blue drool–on his shirt, thank goodness–from the crayons he had spotted (and of course sampled) while simultaneously listening to me get a quote of nearly $15,000 for a nearby cream-linen sofa. Yeah, good stuff.

Herman Miller Pop-UP, 68 Wooster St. Open Monday through Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm, and Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm through July 1.


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  1. Love this. One of the things I miss most about living in Zeeland, Michigan is living just down the street (literally) from Herman Miller headquarters. Fortunately for us, two blocks over Herman Miller had a “remnants” and second – hand store. It was a wonderful place to peruse; everything from fabric and coffee mugs to major furniture pieces…but all used. In fact I think it’s where my husband spotted our HM Perch. (See it here: http://patternoflife.wordpress.com/our-apartment/ It’s tucked in behind our drafting table.) And I too would have been pricing out sofas!

    • Ashley

      Wow! That’s incredible! Lucky you. I’ll try to remember that in case we take a trip out to Michigan one day. (can you believe I’ve never been?)

  2. Like Carrie, I’m from west Michigan and I’ve loved Eames furniture for a while now. I just scored some vintage fiberglass Eames chairs in complimentary colors that used to reside in the local private college. Did you ever see the Eames PBS documentary? I highly recommend it.