Copper pendant lights


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We actually brought back a lot of furnishings from Bali–so sharing finds from there may become a recurring theme–but one of the first things we did upon moving into our new home was to install the copper light fixtures that we hand-carried back in our suitcases into our kitchen.

It was the first of the many home projects we’ve started tackling that seemed like it should be so simple–but wasn’t at all. And I wish I could tell you that we resolved it with DIY skills, but we brought in an electrician (or two).

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First, we needed to rewire the lights to attach cords that could be used to hang the lights (the lights had been wired alongside chain). We fitted new sockets and then ordered attractive fabric-wrapped black cord. And then threw it out when it couldn’t be used to bear weight.

hitherandthither dot net light-10-2

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Then we had an electrician come in to install lightboxes or transformers where the lights would be hung. The previous fixture (shown on move-in day) had a single lightbox, with wire running along the ceiling. Many holes were drilled. And then they drilled some more once we realized that the first three weren’t evenly spaced (argh).

Next, someone came in to re-drywall and cover the holes. Then that had to be textured. And then it had to be painted (but the of course drywall guy doesn’t paint).

hitherandthither dot net light-13

And then, finally, Aron made about five trips to various grocery stores to test out different lightbulbs and try and find the best combination of light quality and energy efficiency to pair with the orange-copper. Phew!

So simple, right?

hitherandthither dot net light-7

hitherandthither dot net light-5

By the way, the rest of the room is still a work in progress. I think we’re currently trying out chair/couch pairing number three or four?

hitherandthither dot net light-14

P.S. Our headboard from Bali. And my interiors board on Pinterest.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Laura

    I love those pendants and they made me think maybe I should start a Pinterest Dream House board (we’re NYC apt dwellers) but I realized all the things I want to post to the board are from your house – like your gorgeous bed! Will continue to look forward to posts about your house and decorating! Thank you for so generously sharing about your lives!

  2. They are so beautiful! And the other little peeks of your house look incredible so far, I thought they were showroom photos until I read more of the post, hahaha

    • Ashley

      Thank you, Caitlin! I kept waiting until the space felt completely “done” but it might still be a little while. Still, I’m happy with how things are coming along! Fun to share.

  3. I’m excited to see all of your Bali home furnishings; the headboard and pendants are beautiful. I also love that rug in the loving room – is it from your travels too?

  4. Your home is so beautiful! As a mid-century modern lover, it’s a dream. I know the pains of a “quick” project turning into a long project too well. We’ve been in our home for almost 6 years and we’re still tweaking and changing. I’m one of those people that would rather have things bare rather than put something I don’t like up, so it’s a long process :) We have a Nelson bench, too, and a criss-cross bubble lamp. My favorite purchases! Your lights are gorgeous.

  5. I, too thought these were showroom photos until I saw the “move-in” ones! Wow, so completely gorgeous!

    And, you’re the second person I “know” that has gone the Bali route for furnishings. New friends that bought a beautiful (and huge) industrial space in Williamsburg designed furniture when they were in Indonesia and had it shipped right up the East River to their street (they’re a block from the waterfront). If I wasn’t already completely sold on the idea, your posts would have done it. Can’t wait to see more about this as you reveal other great buys from your trip!

    PS. That outdoor fireplace is incredible!

  6. eela javid

    As usual, just LOVE everything you post and how you approach life! Question for you – looks like there is a small wood chair for Hudson in the corner of the living room. Could you tell me the details on that? I have a little man who is just about 18 months and it appears that you and I have the same taste in all things baby from what I have seen on your site. Thanks very much!

      • eela javid

        Thanks so much! One other question if you don’t mind – in a picture of you riding your awesome bike (I have the Dutchi 3!) you have some great bike bags. Could you please let me know the brand and if you are happy with them?
        Again, thank you!

        • Ashley

          I actually bought the Linus saddle bags in waxed canvas. I love how the cross-body strap makes it easy for me to use them like a purse when I need to carry them into a store and love how attractive they are. Cons: they are too nice to leave on the bike when you’re parked and I don’t like to leave them outside in case of inclement weather.

  7. Susy

    Your home is beautiful. If you need further assistance with project around the house there is a great general contractor in Davis that does it all: paint, electricity, drywall, you name it – he does it, and he wont charge you a arm and a leg. His name is Tim Cordis and he has been working in Davis for the past 30 years, everyone knows him. Let me know if you would like his number :)

  8. They look terrific. You must be thrilled. Nothing is ever as easy as it’s meant to be is it!! They look made for that spot. You have picked up some great finds in Bali. Jx

  9. Ayse

    Ashley, rug looks beautiful! Could you tell me the name of the ebay shop/seller for the rug? Good to know a reliable seller for future purchases. Thanks a lot.

  10. Elizabeth

    Great pictures! Love the pendant lights and the look of your living room/kitchen. Would you be able to give some insight into where in Bali you picked up the lights and furnishings? I would appreciate it!

    • Ashley

      All of our major purchases were in Seminyak. There was a place called Christy‘s furniture where we had our outdoor furniture made (not shared yet, but teak tables and chaise lounges, etc.) They grouped the shipment together for us and other stores we ordered from brought our things to Christy’s. We found lots of other good places right around there on Kerobokan road (wholesale furnishings and items like baskets). The large wood headboard was from Ubud. You can ask around for stores selling “big wood.” I can’t recall the road at the moment. Hope that helps!

  11. You have such great style. I don’t know if I could pull something like that off… but you do a great job at it!

    Loves those lights… they look great and the warmth is fabulous.

  12. Melissa

    That rug is incredible! I want one just like it (but I have dogs who love to pee while standing on soft surfaces – oh well!)

  13. Love the aesthetic of your home! Those lights are awesome—-I have always been a fan of copper. Love anything “rust” colored…and always have! I am also loving the chairs at your bar in the kitchen and your couch! Currently shopping for couches and dining room chairs….Pinning away. :)

  14. Brittany

    Hey Ashley! I’m a new follower and have been pouring over your blog….catching up on all of your wonderful travels and your journey into motherhood. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! I’m SO loving the photos of your new home, and would LOVE more info about how it’s all going. For now, quick question—my husband and I are in the market for a leather sofa, and I love this one in your photos. Would you mind sharing the source? Thanks so much! It’s been nice to meet you!!

    • Ashley

      Thank you, Brittany–that’s so wonderful to hear! The leather sofa is from Restoration Hardware, their Sorensen leather sofa.

  15. Stuart

    It looks wonderful!
    Can you tell me about floor? Is it varnished OSB? How is it, any pros and cons?

  16. Anne

    Oh so lovely! These lights are the best. I have some pendant lights I need to get new cord for, but I never thought that some cords wouldn’t be able to bear weight. D’oh! What cord did you wind up using for these?

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