In case you’ve been pining for a certain fall boot


Frye's Dorado Riding Boots

After years of pining, Aron treated me to a pair of Frye’s Dorado Riding Boots last year. Funny thing was–once they came, I realized that my trusty Madewell Archive Leather Boots were pretty darn awesome and that I didn’t need such an extravagant gift. I think he secretly sighed in relief, while I tried not to look back as I handed the boots over to UPS.

But this year I spotted some Frye lookalikes at Aldo and couldn’t help myself. A few of you asked about the boots I’m wearing on our trip to Apple Hill; those are the Aldo Laverdiere boots in the dark brown–which look suspiciously similar to the Frye Dorados, don’t you think? (But they cost a whole lot less.) I also think the Aldo Fantlants look exactly like the classic Frye Melissa Button Boot.

[Images and shopping links (clockwise from top left) Frye Dorado Riding BootAldo Laverdiere BootFrye Melissa Button Boot Aldo Fantlant Boot]

P.S. I wish everyone could have won the Radisson giveaway. I know you had to comment, but I loved hearing from so many of you! I’ll be announcing the winner on that post and contacting them by email. Thanks again!

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  1. I feel like I am constantly in search of the perfect boot… Recently I found some beautiful ones at The Bay… and then I saw the price tag aaaaand $300…. yeah, not on a student budget!

  2. i tried to hang on to some frye dorado’s as well. bloody feet for much longer than a break in period should allow! perhaps more expensive is actually not always better.

  3. Oh geez I’ve been eyeing the Frye Jane boot for uh, years now. Very impressed you could let yours go! Good for you. Gonna check Aldo out…

  4. Perfect post for me to stumble on right now! I’m pretty picky about footwear, and even though the market is saturated by boots, I haven’t found that perfect pair, yet. These get me that much closer. Thanks!

  5. Alli

    I’ve had the Frye Dorado’s in black for five years – they were a splurge Christmas gift after drooling over them for ages. They are terrifically uncomfortable, and I only keep wearing them because they were so damn expensive. The footbed is a weird shape, and they’re impossible to break in. They’re true riding boots, not riding style boots for walking around in. So long story short – they’re a splurge I don’t recommend!