Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither!


travel style new york food drink family design california  Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither! travel style new york food drink family design california  Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither! travel style new york food drink family design california  Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither! travel style new york food drink family design california  Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither!

travel style new york food drink family design california  Happy Six Years, Hither & Thither!

Funny thing. I wished Hither & Thither a happy sixth birthday last year, but I got ahead of myself somehow—a few years back, in fact! Someone finally corrected me. This year marks six years. The first post was a picture-less entry written by Aron, on January 19, 2009.

What I didn’t get wrong is that every year on here is worth celebrating. And it never ceases to surprise me—even as its demands ebb and flow—how much of a role Hither & Thither plays in my life now. I’m so grateful for all of the readers whom it engages—those who have come along since the start (when Aron and I were writing it together in New York) and those who just recently started reading. For me, it’s so rewarding to have such a supportive space in which to grow as a writer and a photographer, and to build a career of my own vision. But of course it’s often the conversations, the friendships made, the back & forth, that’s best of all.

Thank you, as ever, for reading. With a trademark lack of brevity, I’ve compiled a look back at this year’s highlights. I so enjoyed looking back through some of my favorite posts again; I hope you will enjoy this, too:


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Who are you wearing? (& Friday links)


style  Who are you wearing? (& Friday links)   style  Who are you wearing? (& Friday links)

style  Who are you wearing? (& Friday links)

My favorite moment from this year’s Golden Globes came behind the scenes (so to speak), when our friend Meredith did a Q&A with Hudson on the red carpet (it was, indeed, at our friend’s house on a red carpet). To Hudson: “Who are you wearing?” “I don’t know,” he replied as he lifted his shirt and looked toward his belly button. “Who made your pants?” And with that, he turns around, drops his trousers, and reveals his bum in his underoos: “A Dragon!”

Otherwise, I’m a fan of anyone who wears that gorgeous canary yellow color. Though the all-time winner continues to be, for me, Michelle Williams in that stunning yellow Vera Wang gown at the 2006 Oscars.

Any plans for the long weekend? We’re headed to Tahoe with friends and hoping for some snow. And perhaps I’ll make a half-birthday cake for Hudson, who turns 3-1/2. (Time to take that photo!)

If you’re around, here are some items of note… 


Sakura Bloom Sling D...
Ideal Summer Sandals
Wedding shoes
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Remodelista at Heath SF


style design  Remodelista at Heath SF

style design  Remodelista at Heath SF

style design  Remodelista at Heath SF

Of all of the beautiful markets that pop up around the holidays, the Remodelista one may be my favorite. I don’t think there was a single vendor whose wares I didn’t admire or covet. The prices tend to be higher, the assembly a bit more aspirational—but the selection also tends toward heirloom, so it’s inspirational as well.

Are you familiar with the site Remodelista? I subscribe and have to confess that there are too many posts each day for me to keep apace. But I can never bring myself to unsubscribe because it’s so full of gems. The founder, Julie Carlson, launched the site as a digital guide to home design and so on any given day you’re as likely to find a round-up of well-designed faucets as you are a minimalist home tour. If you don’t own a home or aren’t remodeling a kitchen, it can be easy to scroll past. But they’ve got a talent for finding beauty in the practical, and I love seeing who they bring to their market.

This year, we even got a babysitter and made a date out of going into the city to visit!

Some highlights…

Up top: Silvia Song‘s gorgeous carved wood (smooth as butter), greenery at the terrain booth, and ceramics by Sarah Kersten.


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Desert Isle Beauty Pick: Naturally Straight


style  Desert Isle Beauty Pick: Naturally Straight

Two years ago, I wrote a Desert Isle Beauty Pick post about Becca tinted moisturizer (which seems to be going off the shelves now… I’m hoarding a couple of bottles), and while—let me reiterate—I wouldn’t really be silly enough to put on makeup or do my hair if I were deserted on an island, I’ve found something else worthy of that degree of accolade: Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight.

At the salon, the stylist told me that using this consecutively gives results akin to a Keratin treatment. I couldn’t say, but I do know that I can practically finger-dry my hair straight after using it—and I have naturally wavy hair. It also cuts drying time for me. It’s the best thing I’ve found for hair in years (since dry shampoo, that is.) Highly recommended.

I wish I were a more loyal beauty shopper so that I could have the fun of dishing about lipsticks and brow pencils more often, but I’m actually pretty inconsistent when it comes to wearing makeup. I have a few favorites that someone showed me how to use at a makeup counter just before I got married, and I’ve been using the same things ever since. Mostly, I focus on being happy with my hair.

If someone you know spends a lot of time agonizing over round brushes and hair dryer wattages, add it as a stocking stuffer to your gifts for her.

What are your desert-isle picks? 

P.S. More hair talk: Bangs or no-bangs? and How to go short.

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Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Everyone Else


style  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Everyone Else

  1. These Japanese Ceramic Plates are a mix of porcelain and clay and look like practical works of art. Consider starting their collection with a teapot.
  2. Everyone needs their very own set of Alphabet cookie cutters, right?
  3. I’ve seen these salt & pepper mills in person and they’re impossible not to touch—so pretty. Rumor has it they work well, too, with an adjustable grind: substance and beauty.
  4. Give them a gift card for a custom portrait of their family, their pet, or their new home.
  5. Wouldn’t you smile if you opened a box to find this? A rainbow of 1″ bulbs.
  6. Why should the kids be the only ones to enjoy the bathtub?
  7. It seems like every day there’s a new, ridiculous holiday! I think this would be especially spot-on for your friend who reads (or writes) blogs: the 2015 Calendar of Silly Holidays.
  8. One More Thing: Stories and Other Storiesstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Everyone Else  by BJ Novak (I’d like to read it! Wait. Am I supposed to be shopping for someone else?)
  9. Wish them a bright and sparkly new year.
  10. Savon de Marseille even looks clean.
  11. Pair a serious cheese with a little levity: 3 Blind Mice Cheese Knives. 
  12. The next best thing to an Aveda head massage. Just the smell of this tea is relaxing. (Confession: sometimes I go into the shop at the mall just for the tea sample.)
  13. Board games are always a good idea. Settlers of Catan, Taboo, Pictionary, Balderdash, and Trivial Pursuit are dependable for friends who are… game.
  14. Soup mugs. Throw in an offer to make grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy tomato soup.
  15. Gags like hand buzzers and whoopee cushions make for unexpected, silly gifts—perfect for a favorite office mate.

Here’s last year’s selection. As well as this year’s Guide for Her, for Him, and for the (traveling) Kiddo. (Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on that last one!)

P.S. I also have a curated selection in my shop on Great.ly, if you’d like to take a look.

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Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him


style  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him

  1. He can use these Italian sour cherries to make the best Manhattan cocktail, or to pair with a sharp cheddar on the prefect cheese plate. (My guy would do both.) They’re so delicious.
  2. And, if the time is right, get him a set of Tritan Crystal Glassesstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him for that cocktail. These are practically unbreakable—amazing for crystal.
  3. A wooden-soccer table. (Is a toy or puzzle ever a bad idea? See post script.)
  4. 36 Hours travel bookstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him . End the “What do you want to do this weekend?” debate once and for all.  Afterall, it’s still a gift even if you stand to benefit. 
  5. Everyone needs a really good waffle iron.style  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him  (Again, it’s still a gift even…) Make these with it.
  6. The National Parks: America’s Best Ideastyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him . He’ll pore over this beautiful book, full of archival detail. (Not a nature guy? Perhaps try thisstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him  instead.)
  7. A beautiful, subtly masculine leather and canvas tote for his laptop etcetera. (This or this would also do.)
  8. Aron and our friend raved about Kraken Black Rum on our trip to Cayman last year. (Optional: throw in a Ginger Beerstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him syrup that he can keep on hand for a dark-and-stormy.)
  9. Does he have a Grid-It Organizerstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him for all of his charge cords yet? They’re invaluable. We love ours, even for the drawer at home.
  10. Form and function: a sleek Bento box that’s both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.
  11. Unleash his inner Bear Grylls. He needsLifeStraw Personal Water Filterstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him for all that time he spends roughing it in wilderness.
  12. This insertstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Him  turns any old sack into a first-rate camera bag.

Or play it safe: A gift card to Nordstrom. Their half-yearly Men’s sale (one of the best all year) starts the day after Christmas.

P.S. Last year’s guide. And the year’s before that. (That toy helicopter remains my favorite go-to gift suggestion for guys.)

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Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her


style  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her

  1. Updated classics: these lined duck boots are less clunky than most weather-proof shoes. (I also like these. And these—most are made annually.)
  2. A entire collection of (brilliant) funny-lady memoirs. Or just one. (Consider: Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girlstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her , Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?style  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her , Poehler’s Yes Pleasestyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her , Fey’s Bossypantsstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her , Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neckstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her , or Diane Keaton’s Then Againstyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her .)
  3. Sing it with me: Five golden rings.
  4. Because her hands are full. And you want to let her know that you know it.
  5. A friend who is a florist gave me this. It makes everything prettier.
  6. Succulents are trending for a reason. #awesome.
  7. Royal Flush cards. Because she follows Duchess Kate Midleton closer than the paparazzi.
  8. The prettiest water bottlestyle  Hither & Thither Gift Guide: For Her  she never knew she needed.
  9. Indulge her love for hats.
  10. Bracelets for layering. Or cuffing on each wrist.
  11. Because your iPhone is not a timepiece: A classic watch (that looks more expensive than it is).
  12. Can’t lose with a little Friday Night Lights.

More gift guides for her. Last year’s is still a favorite—I could pretty much post it again verbatim today. (Coming up: Gifts for him, the kiddo, and everyone else.)

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Renegade comes to San Francisco


style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco

The Renegade Craft Fair–an ever-growing, curated event for DIY-ers and small businesses—came to SF a couple of weekends ago and we had to check it out. We always enjoyed seeing what sorts of inspired products popped up when we would visit in New York (here’s my a post about the last one I went to, in Williamsburg). 

Some of my favorite finds this year…

style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco

Sycamore Street Press (Letterpress and Design, like beautiful custom stamps—that’s me and Skyler with Eva) / Hero Handmade (Illustration & Screen Printing—great posters for SF fans) / Small Adventure (Illustration & Paper Goods—aesthetic is very Wes Anderson) / Cactus Club (Paper Goods–love the prints!) / Young America Creative (collective design studio—gorgeous Seasonal Eats posters) / Joshu + Vela (totes, backpacks, & wallets) / Martine USA (gorgeous leather accessories—I bought myself a keychain) / Emmiebean (cute custom portraits)

If you recognize any vendors in the photos whose links I missed, let me know! (Update: Alpaca throws at top by Asher Market)

style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco

style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco  style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco

Two of my other favorite sources for independent maker gifts: BRIKA and GREAT.LY. Great shopping options for the holidays!

style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco
style design  Renegade comes to San Francisco

One of the best parts of the Craft Fair can be the venue. The setting—Fort Mason, with stunning views of the Bay—was particularly beautiful, and maybe the best find of all.

P.S. Skyler and I took the cutest photos at the photo booth, but I can’t find them! Drats! I still love these first ones so much.

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Have a great weekend! (& Friday links)


style  Have a great weekend! (& Friday links)

Thank you so much to those of you who came out on Tuesday night to celebrate the arrival of Madewell in Sacramento! It was such a fun night, and I really enjoyed getting to say hello to some readers.

I shared a few photos on Instagram (#MadewellCA), if you’d like to see.

Now looking forward to putting on those jeans I bought and enjoying a quiet, autumn weekend before the holiday rush! How about you?

Here are some other items of note lately…

These are hilarious. (And are a little like the art history version of these favorites from a couple of weeks back.)

There’s a new list of coveted cookbooks calling out for a round-up, but this lovely interview Jenny did with Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune just put that one at the top.

What would a text message from Jane Eyre look like?

Great idea: kids’ shoe rental. (They grow out of them so fast.)

Remember my craving? We finally tried Vik’s Chaat Corner in Berkeley and it totally satisfied it. So good, if you’re local!

Parents: what do you think if a stranger calls you “Mom” or “Dad”? Is this sign of a “Mommy Problem“?

A world calendar for next year. What festivals would you most like to attend? And what’s missing?

Kate interviewed me for her Project 30 series.

Also, I still get questions about my puffball hat. JCrew just put one on their new Women’s Gift Guide—which is gorgeous, of course. (Use SHOPNOW for 25% off everything right now.)

Yep, it’s gift guide season… hard to believe. Here are some more sales for those of you trying to get ahead: Madewell (Code FALLBACK for 25% off sale), Gap (Code HAPPY for 30% off), & Macy’s (Code GIFT for 25% off).

[Photo courtesy of Betsy Schuh. Thank you!]

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Skirts with pockets


style  Skirts with pockets
style  Skirts with pockets
style  Skirts with pockets

Clothing without pockets is a bit of a pet-peeve.

I’ve always favored fuller skirts with pockets, and I actually think it’s a bit criminal to leave them out—especially as it doesn’t disturb the silhouette. I’ve been gently teased over my enthusiasm for the appendages in dressing rooms: “And it has pockets!” Because it usually means I’m justifying an otherwise unnecessary purchase. But there was an interesting article in The Atlantic a little while back that fully supports my position on this matter.

Tanya Basu’s “The Gender Politics of Pockets” uses the latest (larger) iPhone size as the jump-off point to argue that a lack of pockets may actually be holding women back—forcing them to grab a purse if heading to lunch or a meeting with colleagues. Whether or not this is a factor in determining equality in the workplace is of course up for debate, but certainly women’s clothing should account for both form and function.

So, in light of that—and the possibility that you might be considering your closet for the upcoming holidays—here are some favorite items that mix (feminine) form and function: skirts with pockets.

Above: Zara Midi Skirt / Zara (detail) / JCrew Pleated Skirt / Madewell Satin Pleated Midi / Zara Midi Skirt (I have this one in pink; it’s the same one I wore in this post)

style  Skirts with pockets

Above, left to right:  
 Chelsea 29 Full Circle Midi / JOA Pleated Long Skirt / Boden Flock Spot Ponte Skirt / Banana Republic Jacquard Midi Skirt / Horses Atelier Tie Skirt / Boden British Tweed Mini / JOA Pleated Long Skirt / Chelsea 28 Full Pleat Skirt / Hanna Andersson High Waist Skirt

P.S. This tunic has pockets! Also, fall boots to pair with a midi-length skirt.

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Let’s Party! Welcome, Madewell.


style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.
style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.
style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.
Madewell is coming to Sacramento! And they’re having a launch party this Tuesday night that I’m co-hosting!

It’s no secret that I’m a big Madewell fan. In fact, when they called to talk about launching their new shop, I glanced down and realized that I was—at that moment—already wearing no less than three items from the store.

So while I’ve clearly had no trouble shopping the online site, I was super excited to learn that they were opening in Sacramento’s Arden Fair Mall. I’ve missed browsing the denim bar, trying on a dress or some shoes, stacking rings from the accessories table… just that tactile experience. Now they will be about 20 minutes away!

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

They were kind enough to let check out more of their fall line in anticipation of the event. I love the detailing on what are, ostensibly, basics. “Skinny skinny” knee-rip jeans with just the right whiskering on the rise, a swingy tunic with pin-tucks (and pockets!), and a blazer with long arms and a bit of stretch that’s easy to dress down.

I asked Raymond Kim to take a few photos over coffee at The Mill—a new-to-me favorite coffee spot to work or meet at in midtown. (See? So many exciting new things happening in Sacramento.)

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

Madewell’s Sacramento grand opening event is Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm at Arden Fair Mall and, if you’re local, you should definitely swing by and check out the fall line while the DJ spins. (I’ve got my eye on these oxfords and this hat as well.)

I’d love to meet you—and toast the opening together! Help me welcome them to town.

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

style  Lets Party! Welcome, Madewell.

Photos by Raymond Kim.
Most clothing courtesy of Madewell. Also pictured: Billie Boot, Pivot Pendant, Bracelet cuff & Transport Tote.
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What to wear apple picking (& Friday links)


style  What to wear apple picking (& Friday links)

What to wear Apple Picking in California. 

Just kidding. (Sort of. We went to Apple Hill yesterday and it was pretty warm.)

Actually, even though it still feels like summer here, we’re headed to the beach next week. (Aron has a conference for work and we’re tagging along—and squeezing into his hotel room.) 

So as I pack up the swimsuits and fins, I thought I’d share the details of my favorite (post-partum) swimwear for me and my favorite swim covers for kids. (How’s that for seasonally appropriate?)

I got a lot of questions about the bathing suit in the “Thoughts on Italy with Kids” post; that’s it up there: the Sorrento from BodenIt’s on sale now, so I’m almost tempted to buy myself another before it sells out. I love it. It’s sort of a pain to pull on because it has some built in shape-wear panels—and they say you might consider sizing up if you don’t want that squeeze—but that’s what makes it so great! (Especially for anyone with two babes, but really for anyone.) This Boyleg Maillot, from Anthropologie, is a close second (you can see it in this post—where I’m actually pregnant). 

Boden stops stocking swimwear over the winter, but they’re also my favorite source for kids’ swimwear. Hudson’s and Skyler’s surf suits and Skyler’s towel poncho that you saw in the Positano travelogue (and all summer) are from there, too. Check the clearance!

Ok… just a few items of note for the weekend…


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Reading List: Lena Dunham


style  Reading List: Lena Dunham

Are you a Lena Dunham fan? I’ve been falling down the Dunham rabbit hole the past couple of days and I’m not even sure I realized how polarizing she is.

For my part, I’m a fan. I don’t always relate to her comedy but I think she’s incredibly talented and smart and even as I’m cringing, I’m usually laughing.

To back up, I was looking up the release date of her book (Not That Kind of Girlstyle  Reading List: Lena Dunham is coming out September 30! Are you going to read it?) and reading the New York Times Magazine piece about her (lots of comparisons to Woody Allen who, I thought it was odd was never referenced as equally polarizing for another reason) and I wanted more. It reminded me of the time Aron and I first watched Girls as a preview and quickly followed it by watching her film, Tiny Furniture.

One of the best things I stumbled upon this time was a 2013-interview (or, more accurately, conversation) Dunham conducted with fellow writer/comedian/future bff Mindy Kaling for a print offshoot of Rookie (a smart website for teen girls that is an equally notable piece of the interview equation) and which was republished in Rolling Stone. (I told you… Rabbit Hole.)

If you like these two, you’ll enjoy it.

style  Reading List: Lena Dunham

Do you watch Girls? The Mindy Project? Will you be reading Not That Kind of Girlstyle  Reading List: Lena Dunham ? (And if not, what are you watching? And why not?)

P.S. A couple of good (very different) non-fiction reads: The Power of Habit and The Happiness Project

[photos via The New York Times Magazine; 2nd photo Credit Benjamin Lowy/Reportage, for The New York Times]

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Hair: How to use Dry Shampoo


style  Hair: How to use Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo. It’s what makes having bangs in August tolerable. (I’ve also said before that it could be considered a new-mom essential.) It wasn’t until recently, however, that I started appreciating how much it can also be a styling tool—rather than simply a blow-out extender. I’ve been using Batistestyle  Hair: How to use Dry Shampoo recently (which makes your hair look crazy white until you really rub it in) and, though it leaves behind a bit of build-up I’m afraid, it gives you such great volume.

My friend, Natalie, is a total dry-shampoo guru—hair-guru, actually (read this post)—so I asked her if she’d share her top tips for using dry shampoo. Here’s what she had to say:


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Great.ly (Make Better)


style  Great.ly (Make Better)
style  Great.ly (Make Better)

Have you heard of Great.ly? Sarah Bryden-Brown, a wonderful person I’ve met through blogging, recently founded the online marketplace which aims to compensate all involved—the maker you love, the tastemaker you trust.

Essentially, “tastemakers” (bloggers and the like) curate their own shops and do all of the selling, so that the makers are left to making and creating rather than to marketing and selling! It’s a lovely concept and everyone is invited to join. In support, I’ve chosen some favorite items to feature today (and of course, they’re all available in the boutique I’ve created as well.)

Leather Switch plates // Scarf // Bookends // Leather Tote // Giraffe Chalkboard // Draw Your Own Postcard // Cork Planter // Cushion // Bowls and Cutting Board

Check it out! And if you’re a maker and you’re interested in selling on Great.ly, here’s how to apply.

Have a great weekend!

[All images via makers on Great.ly. Here’s the link to my boutique. And to shop Great.ly at large.]


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5 Hats for August


style  5 Hats for August
Heading into balmy August (it’s right around the corner!), here are five easy summer hat styles to keep the sun out of your eyes on warm afternoons in the park, on the beach, on vacation, or in your own backyard.
style  5 Hats for August

These Ecuadorian hats are made with tremendous care, woven from the leaves of the toquilla palm at night-time only, to protect the material from the sweat of the workers making them. The hats have a long and colorful history that includes cameos from Teddy Roosevelt (who wore one while visiting the Panama Canal), and a slew of stars from both past and present, including Ernest Hemingway, Jon Hamm, and Diane Kruger.

  1. Madewell + Biltmore Panama hat, $58
  2. Metal-accented Panama hat, $42
  3. Clyde pinch Panama hat, $248

IMAGE:  Sincerely, Jules photographed by Temoc Gonzalez.
 style  5 Hats for August

Did you know that the bowler hat—and not what we recognize as the traditional cowboy hat—is what was known as the “hat the won the West”? It wasn’t until the 1860s, when John Batterson Stetson created the very first cowboy hat, that the modern iteration was born. (For inspiration on keeping cowboy hats current, visit Refinery29, here.)

  1. Straw cowboy hat, $19.95
  2. Palm Straw cowboy hat, $29.95
  3. Mixed braid cowboy hat, $28

IMAGE:  Arizona Muse photographed by Craig Arend.

style  5 Hats for August
Elegant and ultra-feminine, the wide-brim floppy hat is perfect for days when there’s not a cloud in the sky. Wear one with a dress and sandals (or just a bathing suit or a beach cover-up) for instant polish.

  1. Terrain Newport hat, $68
  2. Serena Straw Floppy Hat, $38
  3. Floppy hat, $22.94

 IMAGE: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacifc, photographed by Bess Friday for Who What Wear.

 style  5 Hats for August
Traditionally a men’s hat, the boater is made of stiff straw and comes encircled in ribbon. Best known in the past as a political accessory or as part of school uniforms, the boater has been making a unisex fashion comeback as of late—Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS have all thrown their respective hats (sorry, couldn’t help it) in the ring.

  1. Straw Boater Hat, $22.86
  2. Black straw boater, $30
  3. Straw Roll Brim Boater, $13.34

IMAGE: Amy Nelson on Chictopia.

style  5 Hats for August

Baseball caps date back to the mid 1800s, and were designed to shield players’ eyes from harsh sunlight. They’re still worn on the field today, but non-athletes can get in on the fun, too, with patterns and prints and a variety of textures (chambray or straw in the summer, wool or felt in the winter).
  1. Chambray baseball cap, $34.50
  2. Polka-dot cap, $29
  3. Cotton baseball cap, $88

IMAGE: Sara Strand photographed by Janka Polliani.

[Top image: Photo by Kara Rosenlund via Design*Sponge]

P.S. This summer’s perfect Summer Sandals? (Though these are probably still my all-time favorites.)

Many thanks to Shoko for her help with this post, and to Lily for the graphics.

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Bright and Bold Necklaces for summer


style  Bright and Bold Necklaces for summer

I love the look of a fun necklace with a simple summer tank or tee. It’s a way to layer without raising the temperature! And they pack more easily than a change of clothes.
Here are some to toss in your suitcase…

style  Bright and Bold Necklaces for summer

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 89

The one that I’m wearing up top (number 6) is one of eight exclusive summer necklaces created by BRIKA makers that was sent to me to try. If you’d like one, too, good news: They’re offering the same one as a giveaway on Instagram—check the details @AshleyMuirBruhn.

You can see their whole summer collection, here.

P.S. BRIKA has been a favorite shop of mine since they opened. I wrote about them here, and routinely check the site for good gifts (and baby announcements).

Update: Thanks for asking! These are the sunglasses pictured

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Father’s Day Gift Guide


style family  Fathers Day Gift Guide
He’ll no doubt love anything his kids make for him, most of all. That mis-shapen clay cup with a precarious handle, that memorable hand-drawn card where everyone has necks like giraffes…

But here are some ideas for a little something extra for dad, if you’re on the hunt.

  1. Time for some flattering, on-trend swim trunks! Two great options with a 6-1/2-inch inseam, from Venroy and JCrew.
  2. Help him channel his inner boy scout (or, better yet, his inner Bear Grylls). Just don’t let him forget to check his Card Toolstyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide before going through the TSA line.
  3. Tea. Only this tea is Crafted for Cocktails. Would be so delicious with whiskey.
  4. Truly quality men’s shoes can be so expensive. These aren’t cheap, but they’re a relative bargain.
  5. A good non-fiction read. Aron is intrigued by Trees in Paradise: A California Historystyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide  after hearing about it on KQED. And when we were in New York, he couldn’t stop talking about The Big Oysterstyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide .
  6. Not ready to spend $10K on a solid gold iPhone case? Me, neither. This aluminum one seems like a smart alternative: minimal, attractive, and hard as all-get-out.
  7. Some potty humor for adult hours: Cards Against Humanitystyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide .
  8. The most handsome live-edge cutting board.
  9. So many dads have bad backs (Aron hurt his again!). Lumo Back—and the forthcoming Lumo Lift—look intriguing.
  10. I’m a big fan of toys as gifts for grown men. Most of the guys I know already buy themselves the things they need, so why not get something fun? I stand by the helicopter recommendation, but this might be the year for a remote-controlled boat. This racing boatstyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide  is recommended as a good entry-level (read: budget) option for the open seas, but I’d consider this onestyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide  (or this sailboatstyle family  Fathers Day Gift Guide ) for the home pool (or Central Park).

And photo gifts are always a good idea. I like this and this from Pinhole Press. They’re offering 15% off through Father’s Day, with the code Hither15.

Finally, don’t forget to plan something fun to do together!

P.S. More inspiration.

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