Hudson stayed overnight with his grandparents on Saturday while Aron and I ran off to San Francisco for our very first weekend alone since he was born! We missed him, but we had such a great time! And we felt relieved knowing that he would be having a lot of fun without us. We were told he did ask about us occasionally, but I got the impression he asked about this guy even more. Hudson loves Sawyer so much. I think the first thing he asks about, nearly every morning is the “doh-ggy” or “suh-weeeeee” (Sawyer).

I’m looking forward to sharing some family photos this week: from our weekend in SF—as well as more Almond Blossoms and some scenes from last weekend’s Farmer’s Market (which included an unusual but long-runningDavis tradition).

Hope you had a great weekend. I’m so excited about the longer days!

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Louise

    So glad to hear that puppy ownership is going well. We became the proud parents of our beagle puppy 18 months before our daughter arrived. At first, I was nervous about how everyone would get along but I have to say that it’s been amazing and I love watching how they interact with each other. Each morning when I go in to my daughters room, she always asks about “puppy” and when he comes in to say hello, her little face just lights up. I couldn’t imagine life without a dog now. Less keen on scooping up the poop though… 😉

    That’s fantastic that you have family nearby for babysitting duties. I’m very envious actually….. Our family is spread about so we don’t have the opportunity to sneak off for weekends away. My advice – make the most of it! I thinks it’s healthy for Mum and Dad to get time away by themselves. Happy parents = happy children!


  2. so glad you enjoyed your time away from hudson and he did so well with his grandparents. it’s so important to have that time to reconnect with one another as a couple.

  3. We stayed at an apartment with a cat while we were in NYC and Lux spent the whole time attempting to play with him. A LOT of me wondered if that would happen if we had one at home too. It’s good to hear it does! (though I’m jealous of your built-in distraction)

  4. CarolGK

    When you first got Sawyer for Hudson, I knew it would be one of the best things you could ever do for him. (My husband and I grew up petless but we made sure our children had pets – in our case, cats.) It’s totally win-win. A pet gets a good home and your child has a playmate and learns empathy. And I have to say, both Hudson and Sawyer are so photogenic! Such a sweet photo.

  5. Aww! I hope that one day Levi and Briscoe become buddies like Hudson and Sawyer. So far, the dog is still wary of Levi toddler antics. Perhaps it’s because we had Briscoe for almost 3 years before Levi came along. I wonder if it’s easier for the dog to adjust if he’s added to the family later.

    • Ashley

      I think that could be true–Sawyer lets Hudson do all sorts of obnoxious things to him–but sometimes I *really* wish Sawyer weren’t a puppy and that we weren’t dealing with two babies at once.