Apartment tour (and some news)


We bought some cherry blossoms at the farmer’s market this past weekend (it’s so exciting when they start selling tulips and daffodils and, branches of peach, cherry, quince), and I was reminded of these photos we once took in our apartment for a website… and then never used.  I added a few more recent shots here and thought it might be fun to share a little tour of our apartment–all 550 square feet!

However, I do have another motive besides nostalgia for bringing out these photos… We’re moving! I promise I’ll share all the details next week, but for now I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask: know anybody who is in the market to buy a studio-alcove apartment in Manhattan (Union Square/East Village)? We’re going to be listing it soon, but there’s no broker attached yet. Email me if you or someone you know is interested (and if for some reason we don’t sell, we may rent it out… if you’d be interested in that, it might not hurt to let me know). Fingers crossed!

Hudson's room
A calendar for dad's...
Brooklyn comes to SF...
A two-year-old's bir...
An attractive SodaSt...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Gorgeous apartment! I love your couch, Hudson’s wallpaper, the sheepskin…we have a few of those leaning mirrors! I also think the sideboard (made of cabinets?) is awesome.

    Kind of nervous your move is going to be taking you outside of NYC – but I know that wherever you go you’ll thrive :)

    PS I have a friend who is looking…I’ll forward her this post!

  2. Arlene

    Love your apartment! So chic! I’m sure your apartment will be snatched up in no time. We’re in the midst of moving ourselves and trying to set our house up and I wanted to ask, what settings do you have your camera in and do you have any tips on taking interior home photos? I really like how you take your photos.

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Arlene! I appreciate it! We have a digital SLR and I tend to shoot in P (an automatic setting), but I usually stop it up to let in more light, and if I find the photos still have too much grey balance, I’ll play in lightroom. I tend to increase brightness as our apartment gets a ton of light that the camera over corrects for. Hope that helps!

  3. Your apartment is soooo gorgeous! Wow oh wow I would live there in a heart beat if I could. I will definitely be keeping my ears out for people who are moving to NYC. I know a lot of friends who work in NYC but commute from New Jersey. Maybe once they see this gorgeousness they’ll change their mind.

  4. Being the nosey girl that I am, I love seeing bloggers’ apartment tours! What a fantastic home you have, too!
    Congrats on the move, but I have to admit, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be staying in New York :-)

    • Ashley

      Afraid not, but he’s willing to pose in future real estate listings if the price is right… 😉

  5. Meredith

    I have a friend who might be moving to Manhattan in July… I don’t think he is planning on buying, but I know he is looking! :)

  6. Emm

    Gorgeous home, as to be expected. Is the other part of your news, you’re moving due to a new addition to be joining your family in 6 months? You two make gorgeous babies!!!! FIngers crossed for a smooth transaction.

  7. Hezena

    Congrats on the move! I’m interested in where you got the terrariums. Did you get them in the city as well or made them yourself?

    • Ashley

      Thanks Hezena! The one on the sideboard is from a shop in SoHo called the Evolution Store–it started as a venus fly trap and now houses a fern. The ones in the bathroom are just ferns covered with a cake stand’s glass dome.

      Glad you like them!

  8. you’ve done a beautiful job! the apartment really has such a spacious feel to it. and love that brass lamp by the couch – is it vintage or new? i’ve been looking for a similar one for ages…

    • Ashley

      Thank you! I was in the same position a while back and was so happy to find these reproductions at Pottery Barn!

  9. Chelsea

    Oooh, my husband and I are looking for apartments to rent in the East Village. Unfortunately, we would need to find something by end of next week. But how do you like living there?

    • Ashley

      We love it! What’s not to like about having Motorino a few blocks away? :) Great coffee, lots of subway access via the L or Union Square, very walkable, Trader Joes… and it has been convenient for our jobs. Good luck finding a good spot!

  10. wowza!! absolutely stunning. Tiho and I are most likely moving back into Manhattan this summer and I would snatch this up in a heartbeat if we were looking to buy. You live really close to where I lived before moving in 2010. My apartment was located halfway between artichoke pizza and ess-a-bagel: oh the gluttony! (it was amazing).

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Kathleen (and everyone else) for your interest! We should know within the next few weeks whether we will be offering it up for rent rather than for sale–and then a price. We’re hoping to stay through the end of July. It’s a Co-op, so there are some restrictions: the board has to approve the renter and there’s a maximum of two years. I’ll share more details if we go that route. Thank you for letting me know!

  11. So, I obviously responded to your comment on my blog before catching up on your posts from this week. I’m even more in love with your home decor style now! Can’t wait to hear where you will be moving!

  12. Karen

    Ashley, soooooooooooooo impressed with how uncluttered your place is (I know you might have made a bit of an effort for the photos but still….) Please share your tips with us-I too live in a small place and it’s a constant struggle :(

    • Ashley

      I wish I had a magic bullet! I’m afraid it’s like the 100 year war–a never-ending saga. I’ve gotten pretty ruthless and we’re constantly throwing things away. And when we learned we were expecting, we broke down and got storage so that we freed up our closets.

      That said, it is true we made a photo-worthy effort! :) Good luck! Go forth, take pictures of sentimental items, and toss!! If only it were so easy…

  13. Ohhh, I LOVE looking at NY apartments! lol. I have a similar layout but MUCH smaller alcove studio (billed as a Jr. one, lol) in Hoboken. Mine is only 345sq feet but I’m loving some of the things you guys did in yours.

    • Ashley

      Thanks! The couch is Jonathan Adler and the coffee table was found at a thrift store back in LA. We refinished it. :)

  14. Dear Ashley,
    I love the plates on the first photo. Could you tell me where you find them please? Your appartment is really really beautiful! good luck for the big move!

  15. Michelle


    Your apartment is adorable! I’m actually looking to move from my closely east village studio apartment though only looking to rent! I’d love to come by and see your apartment. If it’s super great, I could be interested in buying.


  16. Hi Ashley-your apartment is great! I was wondering what/where that yellow piece above your bed is from? I’ve seen peeks of it in previous posts and always meant to ask.

    • Ashley

      Thanks–glad you like them! They’re actually from Ikea. They were natural and we painted them in many coats of semi-glossy eggshell.

  17. dawn

    Hi! I love your space! May I ask how big it is? My husband and I have 1000 sq feet, one bedroom, and a baby on the way. I don’t want to move out so am looking for ways to make it work.

  18. Blair

    I have followed your blog forever- can’t believe you guys are moving! Would rent your apartment in a second!