Let’s Discuss

  1. Wow this all looks incredible! What is the weather like? In my head I thought it would be shorts and tshirt weather but you guys are wearing a lot of long trousers!

    • Thank you! It’s warm–maybe mid 80s?–but I often like wearing pants more than shorts, for modesty in another culture and also, in this case, for bugs (which weren’t too bad, but you never know). It’s been great weather!

  2. WOW!!!! What great photos!…and your little one has a smile that makes you think you can hear his giggle through the computer. :-)) And you all look rested too. Continue to Enjoy!!

  3. Mary

    Lovely pics. So great that little Hudson seems to have inherited both your spirit of adventures! Wow!

  4. Amazing! These photos make me want to hop on a plane right now! (I’ve actually never been on a plane but I’m moving to China for a year in 8 days!)

  5. Oh my gosh, Ashley and Aron! These photos are amazing, and you all look so happy and into the swing of your month of life in Bali. I hope all continues to be superb for you three, and keep posting pics! All the photos are spectacular, but my fave is the one of Hudson with his “I’m about to cry” face, being held by a smiling Balinese man. My second fave is the monkey mama/papa cuddling with its baby monkey.

    • Ashley

      Thanks! That’s Nyoman, our driver, holding Hudson. He was not too happy about it that first time, but he–luckily–came to really love him and would give him a huge smile whenever he saw him! Nyoman even played with him while we ate lunch one day. So nice! I’m uploading some new photos now… still no commentary but hopefully one day!
      Hope all is well! xoxo

  6. So beautiful! Where are you guys staying? That place looks awesome! My husband and I always want to go to new places but never know where to stay. How do you go about finding the right hotels etc?


    • Ashley

      Thank you! This first place is in a villa just outside of Ubud, called Harvest Moon in Desa Bulan. I’ll have to tell the whole story whenever we get around to writing a travelogue, but I met a friend of the owner through blogging and one thing led to another…

      But usually I search for HOURS and hours in guidebooks and then cross-referencing online and on trip advisor and spend WAY too long deciding. I like Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, and Fodors–or Rick Steve for Europe.

  7. that peacock shot is just incredible! i had not clue there were white peacocks around! also, hudson looks absolutely adorable here – you can tell he’s clearly enjoying himself! :) i’m quite jealous of your view, too…next time hide me in your suitcase? haha. :)

  8. Christy

    I always love your travel posts! Southeast Asia is one of the places I have yet to go to, and you make it look so appealing :) Thank you for sharing.

  9. May

    Thank you for such lovely pictures!
    You look younger, bangs are new? The monkey photo is wall art for sure. Matching sandals…adorable!
    I’d have a fan going to keep the air circulating near Hudson’s bed with mosquito netting over it.
    You all look so happy and relaxed. I hope your entire vacation makes you younger every day.

  10. I’m so happy to see some first glimpses! It looks amazing. I never made it to Ubud when I was there — I’m pretty sure I have to go back. Looking forward to seeing more.

  11. Are those good sandals to travel in? I have chacos. I’m from the northwest. Everyone has chacos. But sometimes I want a sandal that is just as durable/comfortable as my chacos, just not so… um… “northwesterny”.

    • Ashley

      This is so funny! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I am always looking for the non-Chaco Chaco equivalent. Aron has them and he can do everything in them. The salt waters have been great. They never rub you wrong and they can get wet so they’re good for the beach as well as in town. I also like them with skirts etc. BUT they have no padding or arch support and no grip on the sole. Sadly I can’t say they will be your everything sandal. Sigh… So close though! I’ve used them everywhere but on our hike when I wore running shoes.

  12. Batsheva

    you are so courageous taking a baby to Bali!!
    I envy you! I hope he is being a good boy and letting you enjoy!
    the pictures look awesome, love the one of the baby with the bug net

  13. Debbie Richesin

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to the commentary to go with the pictures.

    • Ashley

      Thanks! One day–hopefully in the not-too-distant future. It’s daunting to think about composing this one, but I agree that the commentary is needed! For now though, more snapshots to follow… Thanks again!

  14. Wow, this looks amazing! The colors are so vibrant in everything there. Maybe I’ll go to Bali for an extended vacay when I have a baby…

  15. Absolutely a-mazing! Love that Hudson is with you on this adventure. And that view from your room? Seriously? :) So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Agustina

    Wow!!! your photos are great! hope the flight was not that hard with baby Hudson… I introduced your blog to my husband because he does not want to take a flight with our 18 month old, saying it is too much stress!! and you took a flight to Bali, you rock!
    Please do tell us where you stayed….looks amazing!

    • Ashley

      Thank you! It was a daunting flight, but the time does pass and then you’re somewhere amazing. I’ll have to post some thoughts on flying at some point… But I say go for it! Our first stop was in Ubud and we stayed at an acquaintance’s villa–Harvest Moon in Desa Bulan–in the village of Lodtunduh. So beautiful!!

  17. Few people are as gentle and friendly as the Balinese. This island paradise is nothing short of gorgeous so I am sure you and your family will have a magical time!

  18. Hi – It looks like an amazing holiday. I hope you’re relaxing and getting into the groove of it. That white peacock is AMAZING!!!!! Happy Holidaying!! Jx

  19. So, I just moved to Indonesia (Jakarta) about two weeks ago, and these pictures make me almost weep with joy. I can’t believe my good fortune at being able to live in this beautiful country! What a place. Enjoy your trip!

  20. Hi, I just started reading your blog :)
    Great pictures! I live in Ubud, if you’re still here and need a tour guide, give me a shout :p
    Did you rent a villa? Looks beautiful.

    • Ashley

      Thank you! We’re on Gili T now, but I appreciate it! We had a wonderful visit–and did stay in a rented villa. Perfect!

    • Ashley

      Thanks so much! It’s going to take me a while to write up a post on this one… so I’m so glad you’re enjoying the feed!

  21. Karen

    I think the last photo might be my favourite but I love the fun and laughs you seem to have with your baby :-)

  22. Shane (girl)

    This trip looks amazing!! The place that you are stayin at looks like ultimate relaxation, I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures.

    PS. Baby Hudson is sssssssoooooo cute and precious :)

    • Ashley

      Thank you! I’m going to have to put something bigger together before too long, but will post more snapshots soon!

  23. Oh my goodness. When can we book our trip to Bali?? Your photos are inspiring for sure.
    We just returned from a month in Paris and debating about where to go next summer – I think we have found our spot! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  24. I am so happy you’re enjoying Bali! My sister and her husband went last summer, with their daighter who was the same age at the time! They loved it. Have you noticed how much they love children? She told me how even eating dinner at restaurants the women would carry Audrey away and they’d find her playing with everyone in the back kitchen! A little scary at first, but such a nice culture for children to be in. Enjoy!

    • Ashley

      So true! Hudson’s a bit shy sometimes and doesn’t want to go with others, but he has been offered many a kitchen tour–and even ice cream at the supermarket! They love him! It makes it such a nice place to be with a baby.

  25. I am blown away by your photos from Bali! Do you mind if I share a couple of them of my blog and LINK BACK to yours? Too lovely not to share. 😉