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  1. adorable, of course. I don’t know, if this your first dog experience, but in my case, before our Emma moved in, I would have never thought how much of a happy change this is going to be. well, except from them moments she gets so bored, because I am too busy in the studio ;-)

  2. How sweet! Have been unsuccessful in convincing my husband that we could totally manage a big dog in our small NYC apartment, so am loving vicariously enjoying the experience from all the new puppy owners online!

  3. adorable! in november my family adopted a 4 month old cocker spaniel. they’re one of the cutest breeds of dogs ever and i am in love with her! enjoy your new puppy xo

  4. Congrats! I adopted my pup from a shelter at 7 months old and didn’t like the name he came with (KC, as in “and the Sunshine Band”!) so he was nameless for a good week. The right name will come to you, don’t worry!

  5. jenna

    cocker spaniels are the best! we have a 3-year-old black cocker named beatrice (we call her bea). we also have a 13-month-old daughter, iris. as iris gets older, she and bea are becoming fast friends. their new favorite game is tug of war, which my husband and i should probably put an end to, but it’s too cute to listen to iris’ giggling while they play. they both love every second of it.


  6. Bela

    Had a black cocker spaniel for 17 years of my life and she was the smartest dog I have ever had. Super loyal. Those puppy eyes are just irresistible! I’ll never forget my Nina :)

  7. humble_pie

    puppy is irresistible but it’s something else that is commanding attention. How on earth is Aron able to spiral-twist his newly-operated-upon spinal cord into that corkscrew ? i hope it’s as good as it looks & i do hope he is recovering fast.

    best wishes to all 4 of you.

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