Gift Guide: For the Kiddo


family  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo

(1) This Connectable Drinking Strawfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo  is such a simple gift, but it was a huge hit with my nephews
(2) The first thing Hudson did when he saw his new Petit Collage Acrylic Mirrorfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo  was to kiss it. The second was to bang on it. I’m happy it’s acrylic.
(3) The Onion’s Great Escapefamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo : Fun and beautiful (for K and up).
(4) Battat Take Apart Crane. Because what’s better than a toy crane? A toy crane you take apart. With tools.
(5) These Kid O Floating Ducksfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo are the best. They of course float, they’re practically indestructible, and they stay gunk free (especially nice since the little one seems to get carried around and sucked on from time to time). Oh, and they’re super attractive.
(6)Cheeky! A onesie from the New Museum for the new baby.
(7) For patient stacking or displaying: Croc Pile
(8) Sleepsacks are the best. I sort of wish I could use one myself. We have ones by aden + anaisfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo and Baby Deedee (so cozy!)family  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo , but this Woodland DwellStudio Night Sackfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo  is awfully pretty.
(9) This cute Wheely Bugfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo  is low to the ground and easy-to-maneuver. It was tough getting Hudson off of the small one.
(10) It may be really for mom and dad, but wouldn’t a custom silhouette be nice? (Or you could try your hand at your own.)
(11) Charley Harper’sfamily  Gift Guide: For the Kiddo illustrations are my favorite.
(12) If they’re old enough for their own deck of cards, get them two sets of these limited editon (but super affordable) Tim Burton cards–from his retrospective at MoMA last year.


P.S. Coming later today: Aron’s gift guide for him and mine for her.
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  1. Love this! Thank you! Was just thinking I should get Alex a mirror for his own room, since he loves the not-so-baby-proof one in our bedroom.