Your thoughts on our hypothetical travel?


It looks like we might have a month free (August) between the time Aron finishes his residency and the day he starts a new job–and we want to use it to go see some amazing place, just the three of us!

It might be the only time for years and years that Aron will have more than a two week vacation to travel. So here are some qualifications we’re hoping the destination might meet: Ideally, it wouldn’t be a place that you would go with only a week (i.e. the Caribbean), and really takes advantage of the fact that we have an extended amount of time by being either difficult to reach or too vast to visit on a brief trip. It should be affordable enough once we arrive that it won’t break the bank to stay 3-4 weeks (e.g. Southeast Asia would be easier on the wallet than Europe). We’ll be traveling with a one-year-old, so we’d like to avoid things like Malarial zones and would like to be able to stay in fairly comfortable accommodations and maybe rent an apartment for a while rather than move around a lot. Those of you with one-year-olds, please weigh in about considerations you would keep in mind; are we overlooking something? We’d like to go someplace warm with beach days for at least part of the time (but beach alone won’t justify a month). And our month off is August, so we need to be mindful of the heat and the possibility of things like typhoons. (On that note, do any of you have any experience traveling during the rainy/hot season in Asia?)

So I need your help–any ideas? I might put together some imaginary (possibly fantasy) itineraries for the blog if I get my act together. I can’t believe how fast it’s going to come; I think we have to buy tickets very soon!

[Photo from our April 2010 trip to India]

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Fay

    How about Japan? My boyfriend and I went in October 2010 for 2 weeks, taking in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, Yokohama, Nikko, Kamakura etc but would have loved the chance to explore a little further afield (Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc). Might be a little warm in August for the little dude but may still be an option. I don’t have any littlies but I’ve heard that Japan is very child friendly too.

    The Japan Rail Pass is a great option for unlimited Shinkansen travel if you want to travel around comfortably (and quickly!) for part of the trip. I’m sure Hudson would love the Studio Ghibli museum too!

  2. How about Malaysia? It may not be as cheap as other parts of Southeast Asia but it’s still cheap compared Western standards, and both the east coast of the peninsula and East Malaysia (so, Sabah and Sarawak) are in their dry season in August – and you shouldn’t have to worry about anti-malarials. You could start with a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur and then head over to somewhere like Tioman Island (this place is fabulous:, before heading to Kota Kinabalu, which you could easily use as a base to see more of Borneo – and don’t miss the orangutans at Sepilok. Indonesia is also good (and dry) in August.

    It won’t necessarily be as warm as you want it to be, but South Africa is also a great destination in August and a month would give you plenty of time to explore. It’s really easy to get around, the food’s great, it’s good value, and the scenery is just spectacular. Oh, and Cape Town is a fabulous place to hire an apartment. We’ve been in August and October and though it was a fair bit cooler in August we had a lot more sunny, bright days then than in October.

    • Ashley

      Thanks for all of these detailed suggestions, Emma! Sounds awesome and whether this time or another, both destinations are going on my must list. S Africa would be ideal maybe when kids are a little older as I’d love to combine with a safari/animal spotting.

  3. Krista

    What about Argentina? It’s on my list for when I have kids as well! It’s interesting, you can do beach and more adventurous stuff, there’s city space and country/outdoors space. It’s also developed so you don’t have to worry about 1 year old but it’s a completely different culture. You can easily tack on another Latin American country if you want to move around a bit more. Not sure about the budget though!

    • Ashley

      Would love to go to Argentina! It’s winter there in August, however–was thinking it might be best for a feb trip some year? Would love to go though and combine with a detour to Uruguay and the beaches. Maybe the falls?

  4. Kate

    How exciting! Australia and New Zealand or island hopping in the South Pacific would be my dream locations. Going off my experience Indonesia would be great. (Bali and the Gili Islands specifically. Easy to get around and family friendly in Bali and the Gilis are rustic and off the beaten track.) I spent 3 months in South East Asia last year…Only parts of Cambodia and Vietnam were Malaria zones. We were there during the change of seasons…but the closer it got to monsoon season the weather actually improved. There was relief from the heat in the rains, it would be heavy but pass through quickly. Usually in the late afternoon and nighttime which might work out perfectly for lazy afternoon naps. I look forward to seeing where you end up!

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Kate! Bali might be at top of list right now. Flights are crazy long and expensive, but seems doable once there. Good to hear about monsoon season. We went to Thailand for our honeymoon in May, but weren’t sure about late summer.

  5. Haha! I started doing this on the blog also. We have the entire month of August off after my husband takes the Bar so I’ve been planning trips and posting them on the blog. It’s fun! I am quickly realizing what I want (near the ocean) and what I don’t want (a big city.)

  6. Wow! What an opportunity! My husband is a college professor and has summers off if he wants, but we rarely take advantage of that opportunity to travel (usually all extra income/time goes towards farm renovations). I would second what Krista said and tell you to head to South America. Brazil or Argentina would be amazing, or maybe even Peru or Chile. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you found a family in your destination with a similar family situation that you could swap houses with. Hudson and his South American equivalent could stay in touch over the years and take turns visiting each other or doing study abroad/student exchange programs! That might be a wildly idealistic fantasy, but when you have an chance like this, why not dream big, right?

  7. I would say either Australia (I know this seems kind of obvious, but the fact that the flight alone eats up so much travel time makes it seem like something worth considering. PLUS, my boyfriend and his friends did an AMAZING road trip through Australia and it has me jonesing for a trip of my own.) OR…South America. Chile, Argentina…I could go on and on!

  8. May

    I’d stay within the United States charting areas for future regular visits to create a second home like place for alpha relaxing, and building memories. The money spent on going overseas could be small down payment on a neat little cabin, cottage or camp. Adventure isn’t just about travel.

  9. New Zealand!!! Affordable (while there – the airfare is pretty expensive), friendly, clean and beyond gorgeous. It’s my favorite place in the world. What a fun thing to decide on – good luck :)

  10. Focipresley

    I think maybe you’ve been to Croatia already, but if not, that would be my pick! You could do a week along the northern Adriatic coast (Pula, Rovinj, Opatija), move to mid-coast (Zadar, Split) and end with a week at the bottom (Dubrovnik). Or just do Northern and Southern parts, both equally beautiful, but offer different treats :) Or Scotland. That would be my second choice :) Strolling with the baby in the castle ground gardens… pointing out the Loch Ness monster 😉 Have fun planning!

    • Ashley

      We have been there, but you’re right that there’s so much more to see. Would love to go to Scotland, but not sure we could afford that long on the GBP (ouch)–Croatian kuna might be more wallet friendly.

  11. Naomi

    I would vote for the Balkans. They love love love kids there and there’s a lot of cultural diversity. Sarajevo is beautiful and the main library that was destroyed in the war is (I think) finally being repaired. There’s ocean and mountains and jaw-droppingly beautiful islands. Plus, its easy on the wallet. Istria is probably my favorite area because it has beautiful hill towns, fresh truffles and great food but northwestern Bosnia is pretty wonderful as well with waterfalls galore and pristine rivers.

  12. B

    If i were you guys I would do Australia.
    i commend you for being brave to go on a month long vacation with a one year old!!!! I think my husband would honestly rather stay home. I hope your baby sleeps in all different places, is happy in a car seat, and eats wtvr you give him, just keep in mind a one year old is VERY different than a little baby!
    sorry if im such a debbi downer, but we just came home from a 3 week visit to grandparents, with a 14 month old, it was not that easy.

    • Ashley

      This is good to hear–no need to apologize! So far Hudson has not been exactly “chill” so we want to be sure to take those stresses into account. At least we have lots of practice in small spaces? :)

  13. I’ll second Japan. From all the places I’ve been to I think this is the best “exotic” destination to travel to with young children. Apart from offering so much cultural and natural diversity, being a tourist there is so so easy (we travel with a rail pass for a month in 2009). Food is safe and delicious, everything is on time, accommodation easy to arrange (a lot of temples offer beautiful and cheap options), every single place is spotlessly clean and your son could crawl and explore to his heart’s content.

  14. David Hodges

    Too many good suggestions already and I would have to agree with all, even though I have not been, myself, to a few of the destinations listed. As I believe I mentioned to you when we saw you in October, we LOVED Mexico (i.e. Mayan Riviera…Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, etc.). We were just talking about it last night actually – the people were so warm, great balance of culture and beach/relaxation time, etc. If we had more time, we would have loved to explore more of the Mayan Riviera from everything we read about. And it suited Annie (and her parents ;)) perfectly. Another destination that we were highly considering traveling with Annie before we ultimately settled on Mexico was Vietnam…when Katy and I traveled there before Annie was born, we saw SO MANY western babies and the Vietnamese people LOVED them…in a month’s time, you can comfortably see the entire country and all it has to offer…again, great balance of beach/relaxation time and PLENTY of culture but, not in an overwhelming way. Other than the flight, everything is VERY affordable (i.e. hotels, restaurants, etc.)…tap water is not safe to drink from, as well as various other foods/restaurants/destinations but, all in all, that did not upset our travels there in the slightest.

    • Ashley

      I think Vietnam would be top of our list! Little worried about August weather… Rainy season… When were you there?

      • Karen Dwyer

        But wouldn’t Vietnam be considered a malarial zone? Especially in rainy season. My husband and I went there BK (before kids) and we say we will bring them there when they get a bit older, but I am hesitant to bring them right now ( a 1 year old and a 5 year old)… on the other hand it’s a beautiful country (with such great people) and definitely David is right: Vietnamese people seem to love children!

  15. Elizabeth

    As teachers both my partner and I have August free but are really not sure about a big trip this year. Our daughter was one last week and all she wants to do is crawl, climb and play plus she likes doing her afternoon naps in bed rather than a stroller. We went to Spain when she was four months old to visit grandparents and are going again in April – this time we are going to have to take so much more ‘stuff’ now she is older (keep this in mind). I’m really looking forward to what people suggest and hope it gives me some ideas. We are definitely staying in London for a couple of weeks as I’ve got some Olympic tickets but like you I have the urge to travel.

  16. Windy

    I have a one year-old right now. I feel like I am a slave to his naps since he is still doing two a day. When he’s not sleeping, he’s moving (i.e. trying to hurl himself down flights of stairs or into the bathtub). I haven’t done any travel with him yet, but I would try to pick one home base that would allow Hudson to maintain some consistency. And lower your expectations about how much you can accomplish. I’m not trying to be a huge downer, but this trip may be more about experiencing a different culture than sightseeing. But, maybe your kid will easier!

    If you are looking for ideas, I’ve always wanted to rent a campervan and travel around New Zealand.

    • Ashley

      I’d say we do about 25% of what we used to do in a single day… It’s true that we will have to really slow down. A consistent home base would be awesome. Thanks for the perspective. :)

      • Karen Dwyer

        I just wanted to say that traveling with a 1 year old is definitely hard and you do see less in terms of “travel” but at the same time, at least if you keep traveling, you get to see SOMETHING other than your backyard. And it gets your child used to different experiences and different people. I just came back from a ski weekend with my husband, older child and 1 year old. Some people would say: why bother, most of the time you spent making sure the baby was keeping out of trouble and/or napping, but at the same time, I got to learn how to ski on a beautiful mountain and spend time with friends. And the baby got to interact with lots of people and spend time outdoors. Win-win. Yeah, I could have stayed home, and the baby would have napped properly and played with her toys, but then I wouldn’t have done anything else. Just saying, go for it!

  17. M

    I second NZ. We took an almost 2 year old there for a month between jobs and lived out of a rv or “camper van”. We thought it would be easier for him to get used to one place to sleep while we moved around, and it worked well for us. Good luck!

    • Ashley

      How did you feel about sharing the space? Sounds awesome. What time of yr were you there. We’d love to tour nz but I’m a bit hesitant about going somewhere cold and August is their winter.

  18. Sarah

    As a New Zealander, I would also recommend New Zealand. However, it will be the middle of winter, so I would combine a couple of weeks travelling around the South Island with a visit to an island in the South Pacific, or Queensland in Australia (which is always warm), on the way home – so that you get the best of both worlds.

  19. We brought my now 2 year old to China when he was 14 months old. It was incredible. We saw Hong Kong, Shenzhen (for work), and Beijing. He loved it. Loads to see. We also took him to Kyoto and Osaka when he was 20 months old. Renting an apartment is definitely a way to go as food isn’t cheap, but with groceries it is much more economical. Just make sure you try some of the local food including the pastries. Yum! And actually coming from NYC the food won’t be that much of a shock. Japan is very kid friendly too.
    We are dreaming about Argentina right now after baby #2 comes along this spring and will be headed to Europe, but as you said, that is pricey. We are saving by staying with friends. Have you looked at Home Swaps at all? Good luck on your preplanning research. It is one of my favorite parts!

  20. I’ve noticed a couple people suggest Australia and NZ and while I agree they’d be a great holiday destination (especially NZ!), they would be absolutely pricey! NZ in particular will set you back a bit. I’m Australian, I know the prices of accommodation, activities and food and trust me, compared to the States it’s high! But if you are willing to look into it, I definitely recommend NZ’s South Island, and I recommend hiring a campervan for at least part of the trip. We did the whole South Island in two weeks and it blew my mind. Keep in mind it will be cold – I was there in December and big jackets, and Queenstown actually snowed!
    Australia on the other hand…going up to North QLD would be absolutely amazing. Going at the end of winter means you’ll get perfect temperate days and near no rain. There’s a place called port Douglas just north of Cairns that I go to frequently…beautiful. And lots of apartments you could rent! Snorkeling, diving, beaches….crocodile burgers!

    Wish I could help suggest other countries, but this might just make you think about Australia/NZ whether it’d be appropriate or not!

    • Ashley

      Thank you for the specific towns to look into. Price and weather have me hesitating on Aus and NZ. Aron did his yr abroad in Australia and I’ve always wanted to go, but costs are higher than they were then…

  21. We went to Thailand during the “rainy” season and it was wonderful. Humid but wonderful. Lots to do and plenty of beaches and gosh, you can stretch your bucks. The only hitch is the long plane but if that’s not a hang up – Phuket, Ko Phi Phi and Bangkok! Loved it!

  22. I’d highly recommend South East Asia. It’s one of the easiest regions in the world to travel, in my opinion (having backpacked worldwide) and seems like it could work really well with a little one. Thailand especially is so accommodating to backpackers, in terms of language and infrastructure (and pure friendliness).

    Do you know the blog Green Kitchen Stories? They spent six months traveling in SE Asia last year with a baby and wrote some great posts on their experience – I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

  23. Susan T.

    You’ve got some great suggestions! I’d like to recommend a travel site called It’s devoted to people who take longer vacations & the feedback that people give fantastic. It’s Europe centric, but lots of into translates to visiting other areas. We did a 3 week trip to Europe when our son was 1 (he had his first bday in Austria.) and we’ve since been back with both our kids (now 10 and 13). We really recommend stayin in apartments. They are so much cheaper than hotels plus they give you the option of cooking at home & doing laundry easily. We really enjoy going to local markets & grocery stores and having the chance to cook like locals. I know Europe isn’t your first choice, but I’d say you should still take a look at Austria. It’s cheaper than some other places and the weather is nice in August. It’s super child friendly (we had a grandma who was at a big family dinner in a restaurant take our fussy 1 year old & walk around with him so that we could eat, how sweet) and easy to travel around. There aren’t any ocean beaches but plenty of lakeside parks.

  24. I think Fiji is wonderful. We have been to the Yasawa Islands in July for the past few years with our family and the weather is perfect (it is there winter). The locals love children and the water is warm and the most beautiful aqua colour you could imagine. There are some photos in the link below. I think it’s great value for money and I know you can fly direct from LA to Nadi and then it is either a catamaran ride or water plane ride to the islands (don’t stay on the mainland). There are so many to choose from.
    Happy planning.

  25. Kuala Lumpur is a great city. There are a lot of things to do with a child and then you could travel up north to go to the island of Koh Lipe in Thailand, which is easier to access from Malaysia than Thailand. It is a beautiful island and is super family friendly. You could have your try at scuba diving. I am trying to convince my husband that we can do a trip to Thailand when our daughter is a little over one. I think it would be completely do-able. We also have to consider travel with a tot. So much to consider…

  26. I am always doing hypothetical trips on It’s frightening how hours can pass by doing this! My husband and I rented a campervan last February and drove around the south island of New Zealand. It was a trip to remember. February is their summer though, so I would think doing the campervan in August might be too chilly (plus I realize you might not want to be on the road all the time.) So my vote would be Indonesia or Nepal. Those are my two dream trips. Then I could at least go vicariously!

  27. Colleen K

    Please, oh please, do *NOT* do Japan in August. July and August are quite possibly the worst months to be traveling around in Japan. It’s so hot and miserable. The moment you step outside, you start sweating and heat stroke can be an issue (think NYC subway underground platform on the hottest summer day last year), especially for a baby who is not used to that kind of heat. I believe that some places in Eastern Japan (Tokyo area) are still doing electricity rationing so some long-term rental places may frown on extensive use of the air conditioner.

    I vote to consider New Zealand or South America instead.

  28. Rachael

    My partner and I have traveled a lot, and at one point in our lives, lived in Istanbul. It’s such an incredible mixture of cultures, and has great food, gorgeous architecture, and is near the water (and beaches!). you can take day trips on the ferry to explore little islands, too. At the same time, there are no tropical diseases, and it’s a very modern city-very similar to Europe, but less expensive. If a month is too long for Turkey, you can make a trip up to Georgia, which reminds me of a fairy-tale land. The people in both of these places are so incredibly nice!

  29. I’ve lived in Southeast Asia (SEA) all my life, (I’m from the Philippines) and have traveled around parts of it. August here is the rainy season but it can be really humid too. With a 1 year old I’d recommend Singapore as a base from which you can travel to Malaysia as a sort of joint trip. As well as Hong Kong from where you can travel to nearby Macau and mainland China. The Philippine beaches are of course amazing. (I’d recommend the islands of Bohol, Boracay, Palawan, Calicoan and Camiguin.)

  30. kitty

    Burma, haven’t been but I know two close friends who have traveled there with small children and they absolutely adored it. Children were treated like celebrities and given gifts everywhere they went. Very safe country with very low crime rates. Country has just opened up to tourists and all hotels are new and clean etc.
    They only had good things to say.

    Also, I’m Irish living in New-Zealand and while i love it here I wouldn’t dream of telling someone to come in August. It’s a wet and dreary winter here. Come in Jan or Feb sometime and you’ll love it.

  31. I suggest VIENNA and Sudtirol. I’m italian, sorry for my english. I’ve been to AUSTRIA last summer with my husband, weather in august it’s just perfect, sunny and always a little bit windy to keep the air fresh enough to visit around. We did a trip around AUTRIA, but we stayed 10 days only in VIENNA. Nobody knows it, but in VIENNA you have things to see and places to rest 20 more times than in Paris. Museum, parks, the DANUBIO river. And it’s perfect for kids, full of places designed only for kids activities. We traveled by booat to BRATISLAVA that is great. We saw SALISBURGO with all the life of MOZART. Then we spent time back in Italy in TIROLO where you can find fantastic accomodations also for kids. I suggest you these hotels where we spent also our honey moon in 2010
    In TIROLO you can have a NATURAL KIND of holiday, visiting lakes, small wooden villages ect…
    write me if you need suggestions! CIAO. Silvia

  32. I agree with Emma above – South Africa is a great option and affordable… but maybe it does make sense to wait until Hudson can enjoy the wildlife sightings, too. Come when he’s a bit older and combine Cape Town in whale season (September or so), with a safari to Kruger or Hluhluwe, and the beaches of the Indian Ocean, and that’s a spectacular trip. For this August, I’ll have to change my vote to Argentina :)

  33. Megan

    I was happy to hear someone recommend Alaska. I grew up in Anchorage and think August is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The alpine tundra is turning colors, a few good frosts may have killed off our astonishing mosquito population (if you are lucky), and tourist season is ending so things get a lot less busy and crowded. An entire month would let you explore the state slowly and work around any weather delays, especially if you wanted to visit Denali National Park, for example, and actually see the mountain!

  34. Simona

    I have 2 daughters, one 7 and th eother 3 now. We have travelled quite a lot with them (China, Maldives, Oman, Dubai, Miami, Caribbean, NY, Greece), easier when there was only one. Avoid Asia, it’s monsoon weather, and with a one year old very very hard. Either you do Europe, 10 days on an island at the end and before some travelling around, Paris, Florence, South of France, or do Belize and Mexico and then one week relaxing at the end by the beach. Greece is cheap right now and it is the favorite destination for families with children in August

  35. ZIC

    I am going to suggest Bali as well. I spent a solid month there back in college. I think its just the right amount of time to really get to know the full island and culture. You can mix some beach time with hiking rice patty fields, visiting temples & shadow puppet theater. I’d imagine its as child friendly as most of SE Asia. And while I love places like Thailand I feel like there would almost be too much going on with a baby. Bali’s place & size seem better suited. Also for reference – when we went we did a stop over in Japan since there was no direct flight (and you could probably do Hong Kong). Something to think about if you wanted to break the trip up (although I think its better just to get the flight all over with in one shot!)

  36. Lucy

    I’d second Vietnam. We were there in July (a few years back) and didn’t find the rainy season bad at all. The country is so large that the monsoon hits different parts of the country at different times. We stayed North (Hanoi, Red River Delta, Halong Bay and Sapa) but when we go back I’d like to go Hoi An (on the beach) and a few other places more inland). No malaria pills needed either and you can stay in very nice accommodations for very little money. There are also some really fun cooking classes where you go to the local market first. I much preferred Vietnam to Laos or Cambodia (both of which I think would be more difficult with the little guy).
    I loved Fiji too (went on our honeymoon) but it would not be a budget destination in my opinion. Bali sounds great as well.

  37. Japan is my vote. But I would spend the whole time in Kyoto. It is beautiful, laid back, extremely clean, walkable, and very kid friendly. There were young families everywhere. Maruyama Park is amazing and there are day trips to beachy areas. It will be hot in August, but unless you go way south, it’s going to be pretty warm everywhere. Good luck planning!

  38. Looks like it’s been mentioned… New Zealand and Australia! Very safe and beautiful! I especially liked New Zealand. I seem to be having the same problem your now having. Our daughter is four and I’d rather not take her where they have travel warnings and need crazy shots. We’ve taken her all over America, Mexico, Costa Rica (survived a scary earthquake) and the Hawaiian Islands several times (safe and easy). Were taking our first vacation without her this spring and we’ve also been trying to figure out where we should go. I thought of going to Peru and Easter Island (they now have a direct flight from Lima to Easter Island) but it’s Peru’s rainy season (march) so I think we’ll end up in Belize and Guatemala instead. Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding on a destination. :)

  39. Julia

    Did you consider Poland? Despite it’s Europe, PLN is super wallet friendly currency. And most of all, you can do basically everything there: mountains, see, lake district, old towns and cities, several great museums etc. The railway is cheap (even the 1st class), maybe not the fastest, but still, cheap. Flight’s prices from NY are also not that bad. If you would need some more precise information, don’t hesitate to write 😉

  40. Viv

    Hi Ashley, I also wouldn’t recommend most of East Asia in August. I’m from Shanghai (grew up in Los Angeles and now live in New York), and the August there is absolutely miserable. It’s incredibly humid, and the second you step outside, you start sweating. Same goes for Tokyo and Taipei!

  41. Melissa

    We r traveling right now in costs rica with a two year old,and I feel like I need a vacation when I get home. You guys are expert traveler but with a baby I would say go with the most conservative option. It’s just harder to get a round and bring need baby stuff.

  42. Emma

    Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam!
    Diverse, very reasonably priced, incredible food and it can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. I spent a month there last year and managed to see so much but was also able to just stay in one place for a while and soak up the vibe/cooking classes/bike rides/markets/taking photos/eating (Hoi An is lovely for this). Ho Chi Minh City was very humid but Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and Sapa were perfect. Internal flights are super cheap, most of my accommodation was around $20 Aus a night (almost the same as US$ now!) and I treated myself to a boutique hotel in Mui Ne on the coast for around $60 per night.
    Anyway, have fun dreaming about the options!

  43. Billy

    I’m from Hong Kong. I think it will be sooooo hot during August in South Asia. usually people avoid going there (some places consider it’s a low season, but maybe you will get better deals). I find Thailand is kinda easy for travellers, even with children I guess. My friends told their 1-2-year-old daughter to Bangkok, they went to the zoo and stuff, they had so much fun.

    Some other places in Asia can you consider might be Taiwan, not sure if it’s as fun, but it’s a bit cheaper comparing to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea. You can also consider China, depends on where you go, sometimes I find it a bit expensive (air tickets and hotels) comparing going to Thailand from here. But things there are relatively cheaper there. Again, depends where you go with you child, sometimes people can be dodgy in my opinion (have to travel there for work occasionally). I guess depends on your luck and where you go. But I guess if you want a hide away vacation in China, maybe you can consider Shangri-la and/or Lijiang (I was planning to go there but I finally went to some resort in Hua Hin, Thailand). But I think it worth a look at Google.

    Are you thinking India as well? As I remember I’ve seen parents taking their children along last time I visited there. Not sure if it’ll be a fuss..

    Anyway, good luck! :)

  44. Ali

    I think a few others mentioned, but wanted to throw in New Zealand….

    My husband and I had 2 weeks off about 4 years ago, which was rare, so we decided to go there. Since we only had 2 weeks, we only did the South Island, but if we had a month we definitely would have traveled to the North, or to Australia OR, while we were there we found good deals to Fiji or the Cook Islands… perhaps on your way back.

    NZ was such a gorgeous place – the people were amazingly friendly, everywhere you look is gorgeous. We even enjoyed all of the driving we did because of how diverse the land was – around every corner we found something new. You’ll also never run out of things to do!

    Sounds amazing – A MONTH! that is so cool

  45. Krista

    Hi Ashley,

    I would definitely recommend New Zealand. I actually went to Australia/NZ right after I graduated college. The trip was great and to save on airfare, we would up going during August which is their “winter”. However, the weather wasn’t bad at all and certainly not the winter I am used to as a New Yorker. I wore a North Face hoodie the entire time and I was fine. We drove all over the South Island (think Lord of the Rings scenery….that’s where it was filmed!) It’s only a 3 hour flight between Sydney and the South Island so you could always squeeze in a trip to Australia as well. Also, rental cars are very cheap over there :)

    I love that you and your husband are choosing to travel with your baby. My fiance and I don’t have kids yet, but you guys are definitely inspiration in proving that just because you have a child, doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Best of luck!

  46. Lisa

    Something different! Balkans. It’s not just for the brave, like rumours say :)
    I live in Albania, SE Europe, Balkans. My country made it in the Top 10 new vacation spots for 2011. It’s affordable and since you’re willing to travel overseas, travel expenses remain the same. Great deals on apartment rentals, super affordable food and drink. You can choose from apartments/studios/villas/b&b/hotels/motels/resorts(nothing fancy)/cabins/camping though. Beaches on the feet of mountains. Culture mixed with entertainment. Crowded or quiet. You can choose whatever you want, really. Traditional food, greek, italian and even asian cousine found in the capital. There’s a drawback for little Hudson, it might get really hot (like 40 degrees celcius) and there are chances of him getting sick from the change of climate/water/food like most babies do as far as I know. But he can make it through with a little extra attention. Seriously, make a google search of “Albanian Riviera” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ideal for family vacation, so much to see and do. Car rental can be done easily everywhere, while bike rental only for a few cities. But just to give you an idea, our small country can be traveled through from South to North in about 10 hours. So many things fitting in a tiny place. And August is officially the peak of summer vacation for us, so lots of events, festivals, concerts, fairs, exhibitions, shows are happening then.
    Let me know if you need more information.

  47. Ashley, I agree with one of the comments, you must read green kitchen stories: I think you will be inspired to travel and show Hudson a taste of the world. This post really made me appreciate that kids are adaptable to change.

    We moved to Croatia when our daughter was 13 months old. We lived by the beach, and spent most of our time watching her explore her surroundings: the beach, the playground with a trampoline, walks around the castle.

    I’m sure what ever destination you choose it will be memorable.

  48. You guys need to come to Australia. It is a place of so much natural beauty…and great coffee. I moved here 6 years ago and am always in awe when we visit the beach, a 15 minute walk away. And maybe we can have coffee when you arrive in Sydney. :)

  49. Jennifer Luttig

    Hi Ashley! Love the blog! Really love it! I would vote for Japan. I was there in 2003, and found it wonderful! Easy to travel, wonderful people, interesting culture and geography. On the way to Japan, I would stop in Alaska. August is Alaska is warm, sunny and lots of wildlife to see. Have a wonderful trip!

  50. Hi! We just saw your post and couldn’t help but to suggest coming to Copenhagen! Ok, so maybe Denmark is not very cheap, but we would be happy to host you. It is super child friendly, and August is sure to have some beach weather. I know it is probably the other end of the spectrum from travelling somewhere in Asia, but just an idea :)

    Scott & Tora (Heart with Companion)

  51. South East Asia! Though not sure about the weather…. I’ve been in May and June, and it’s been good. Do you read Almost Fearless? They have a one year old and apparently said SEA was great with kids. I would also love to explore Malaysia more!

    Vietnam and Thailand are both amazing and super duper cheap. You could also do Angkor Wat in Cambodia! And perhaps Laos? I’ve heard amazing things. I just got back from Argentina/Chile, and while awesome, are a bit pricier. Though it’s super easy to get a short term apartment rental in Buenos Aires. We paid 40 dollars a night for our apartment for a week.

    Morocco? We saw lots of kiddos in Marrakech and there’s tons to see! And also it’s cheap! Go to chefchauen and essouria! But it’d be hot hot in Marrakech, so proceed with caution.

    Excited to see where you guys head off to!

  52. Mara

    I highly recommend going around South East Asia–if you book flights through Cebu Pacific (one of the major airlines in Manila), they come out pretty cheap since they have sales literally every few weeks. Beaches in the Philippines are beautiful, and cheap in August, since it’ll be off-season (I recommend Palawan–home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the underground river, really good seafood, and island hopping!).

    You can also go to Bangkok, which has very reasonably priced accommodations and awesome sights to see, Hong Kong (then take the short trip from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, China), Singapore or even Vietnam. :) They’re all 2-4 hours away from each other by plane. Good luck planning!

  53. Art is everywhere downtown as you notice the colorful hanging baskets and vintage street lamps.

    Having often travelled between Tsawwassen and Victoria, I definitely recommend it for a pleasant excursion.

    ” Yes indeed there are; there are also those who may wish to use your transport for less honourable reasons.

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