Week three from Bali



Oops… it’s Friday already? And it’s Labor day weekend? Somehow that week completely escaped me (and this month is flying by). But here are some shots from week three in Bali–our one day on the Amed coast and some of our week on Gili T in Lombok.

Thank you so much for all of the nice comments on our last two posts. We haven’t been logging on to send very many replies, but they do show up in my email and it’s been exciting to share our travels and hear from you. Again, a travelogue to come at some point, but for now: Instagram shots (@AshleyMuirBruhn)… and one more week!

If you’re off for Labor Day, have a nice long weekend!


Icelandic horses
Baby's First Haircut
From the road... Wee...
Antelope Canyon
Momma's got a brand-...

Let’s Discuss

  1. So glad your trip continues to be wonderful. It seems like an age since you left Ubud and, gosh, you’ve done loads in those two weeks. Can’t wait to hear about the trip and read the travelogue. You might just encourage me to leave the comforts of Desa Bulan and go for an adventure.

  2. Guys, your week looks amazing. Am loving seeing your photos. Enjoy the rest of your break. Ashley, I’d love some tips on getting back into shape post baby….you look terrific. Jx

  3. I’ve been hoping to see another update from you guys- looks like you’re still having an incredible time. Can’t wait to read all the details! I wonder what a typical day of food is like for you in Bali?

    • The shoulder bag is Steven Alan… I grabbed it at the sample sale a couple of years back, but it might be something he keeps in stock? It’s a waxed canvas tote–pretty basic–but it’s zippered and has a couple of zippered pockets which makes it more practical (and safe)!

  4. Bis hierher bin ich Euch nun gefolgt – ich komme sehr gerne wieder und verbringe noch mehr Zeit mit Euch.
    Der Antilope Canyon ist wirklich phänomenal – sehr schöne Bilder. Ganz liebe Grüße – bis später.

  5. Gita Listya

    Very pleased you enjoy the trip in Indonesia. Just come back to Indonesia, and find other beautiful places that you should visit and stay. Maybe http://www.jakpost.travel could be a good recommendation for you to find another interesting destinations in Indonesia :)

  6. JennT

    Hi Ashley-we are going to Bali and Hong Kong with our 10 month old over Thanksgiving-this blog really helped me! We went to Germany in October -this is a much longer journey but we are excited! Thanks for helping:) Did you bring a specific bug spray for Hudson? Was thinking CA baby but not sure…thanks

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Jenn–I wish I could recall. I feel like we packed Cutter for family as well as the regular one. At the time, we didn’t have much trouble with bugs. Most rooms had repellent coils in the rooms as well as screens, so we avoided using bug spray for most of the trip. Your pediatrician may have other tips. Have a great trip!!

      • JennT

        Thanks so much-I know you are busy:) I love following you, happy there are others who take their babe with them…you have great photos!!