Wedding shoes


Newlywed Erin Boyle looked absolutely stunning at her wedding to her love, James. The day looked filled with personal, charming details–right down to her (and his) shoes.

Do you imagine yourself marrying in (or did you choose) a particular pair of wedding shoes? It seems nice that you could potentially wear them over and over, on special occasions.

P.S. Our wedding.

[Photos by Alice Gao from Erin’s site, Reading My Tea Leaves; Congratulations, Erin + James!]

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Let’s Discuss

  1. I love those shoes! What a fantastic idea! My wedding shoes were blah, boring, wore them once. If I had it to do over, I would probably wear some sparkly boots or Rachel Comey for sure!

  2. i love those shoes – oxfords are so classic and comfortable and look lovely with her dress (which i also love!)

    for my wedding i wore a pair of black suede cut-out heels that had a little zipper in back. my dress was long, but i loved how they peeked out in some of our photos. my husband wore red chucks with his tux – and calls them his “love shoes”.

  3. i’ve always wanted to be barefoot! no matter where i picture the wedding, i can’t imagine wearing crazy-fancy shoes (or, apparently, any shoes at all!)…it’s just not me. that said, these brogues are lovely…and such a fun idea! :)

  4. i wore black and white polka dot mary janes with my wedding dress. i like to wear them from time to time on any old day; they make me smile all day long:)

  5. White sparkly bridal TOMS. It didn’t seem so cliche at the time, they made for great honeymoon shoes and have gotten great use afterward 😉

  6. Christine

    My husband and I got married last June. I had a lot of trouble finding shoes for myself – my bridesmaids were wearing cream-colored crocheted TOMS and then they came out with bright yellow crocheted TOMS – they were perfect and it was so fun knowing I had them on under my dress. My husband his groomsmen wore Adidas sneakers and it was the best decision – they all became their favorite shoes after the wedding and they wear them all the time!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my wedding kicks here, Ashley! (psst: I just saw that they’re on sale at Marais USA, if anyone’s interested)! xo.

  8. I really like the shoes which is on the above pics. I thought its may not too costly for us and it is also comfortable for that person who is wearing it.

  9. These are nice pictures of a happily wed couple. The shoes of the bride are also a noticeable factor while planning for a momentous wedding. So the selection of wed shoes should be done wisely and carefully.