Under the Williamsburg Bridge


We said farewell to our wonderful babysitter Monday night and then to our favorite restaurant in the city–Diner, under the Willamsburg Bridge. Aron first went when he came to the city in 2001 to interview for medical school, and then sought it out with a vague recollection (“it was under a bridge… I don’t know the name”) when we moved here in 2007. The ever-changing menu (the only constant is the burger) is scribbled on the paper tablecloth, and never disappoints. This time, we started at Diner and ended at Marlow & Sons–the sister restaurant next door–for dessert. 20120802-000608.jpg 20120802-000440.jpg 20120802-000533.jpg 20120802-000547.jpg

What's on the Menu?
Dining on Hudson
Apple picking in App...
My Austrian Evening ...
A Valentine dinner f...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Emma

    Hi Ashley,

    My best friend and I have a morning ritual of reading your blog and the gushing about how adorable Hudson is or planning our next trip to the restaurant youve recommended. We are so sad that you are leaving! Hudson is the cutest baby so please keep posting pictures of him on Instagram! Good luck on your move! Well miss the posts about NYC but well still be following you and might even make it out to California one of these days!

    All the best,

  2. ashley, your sandals in that 2nd shot are AMAZING…who makes them? also, can i be super jealous of your under-a-bridge meal?! dang. i need to head there next time i’m in nyc! :)

  3. i can’t imagine how weird/ sad/ exciting it is to be leaving nyc. but i can’t wait to follow along on your next adventure… good luck to you three!!

  4. You can really feel your sadness over leaving the city. Made me weepy. How bittersweet to be leaving but to have such exciting things on your horizon. Good luck to you guys!