Ubbas Bath Cups (and a Giveaway!)


A little while ago, Rob Spalding, the designer of these sweet bath toys called UBBAS Bath Cups, sent us a little Bruhn family set: a Mama, a Papa, and a Brother. (To-be!) And we have been playing with them ever since.

They immediately made me giggle—each one pees! With a specifically placed spout, mamas and sisters pee sitting down, and papas and brothers pee standing up. Knowing that most conversations about our bodies and all our parts happen at bathtime, I love both the frankness and the odd humor of these soft, squishy little cups. (I must confess, however, that frank conversation doesn’t need too much help in our home—having a urologist for a dad means Hudson gets all the real words for his sweet little parts.)

But I also love that each is sold separately, so that every family can be unique. Supporting diverse family structures, and with an eye toward inclusiveness, Rob designed these to be combined as you see fit, whether that means two mamas, two papas, or one of each with a grandparent who lives at home.


UBBAS cups are sold here, and 20% of all proceeds are donated to the Family Equality Council.

However, UBBAS is giving away a custom family set to one lucky Hither & Thither reader (and donating the entire retail value)! Just leave a comment with a favorite bathtime memory, below or on twitter with the tags #ubbasfamily @ashleymuirbruhn, to win! The contest will be open through Friday the 6th, 5pm PST, with a winner notified early the following week.

As for me, I wish I remembered more about my own baths growing up—I mostly recall that dad always made the water too hot, while mom got it just right. All of my favorite memories now involve this fellow—from that first bath where you would have thought we were torturing him to those following months of holding his slippery little body in the shallow water with me, and all the times since. But even though I don’t remember it, this photo of me getting my first bath always makes me laugh…

No wonder I’m crying! Look at that brush!

This is not a sponsored post, though we were gifted our set; I just love finding good design with a great message.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Sarah

    My parents had a big jacuzzi tub, and my siblings and I loved to pile in for bath time. My son is only 5 months but he already loves bath time, and I think that these will make the perfect bath time accessory. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Laura

    Hi Ashley! This was such a cute post! And bonus points for being a giveaway, too! My 12-year-old son gave up baths long ago, but my five-year-old son still very much enjoys splashing in the tub! He would love playing with these toys! Thanks for the chance to win them. LOVE your baby picture! (And your mom’s awesome Farrah hair!)

  3. these are just too cute.
    i loved myself a lot of bubbles in my bath tub when i was little – well i actually still do – so once when my mom wasn’t looking i dumped a whole bottle of bubble bath into the tub. i was a happy little girl – my mom not so much. ha ha.

  4. what a great post! we didn’t have bathtubs growing up in Venezuela but we did have a big buckets where my parents would wash their clothes. My brothers and I would often splash around in there. We have pictures with big “alfalfa” pointy hairs and chickens running around us in the background. It was the most fun!!!

  5. Gia

    Hmm I don’t remember bath time either. But these are so sweet. I remember in my teen years, my mom taking bubble baths after work. It was her escape from me, my brothers and my dad. :)

  6. Kailin

    Bath time is my 2 year old’s favorite time of the day! He sings, makes up stories, and builds towers out of the bubbles. These cups are adorable and perfect for potty training (our big challenge right now).
    Great post!

  7. Liz

    Many fond memories of bathtime as a child involve going “swimming” in the tub and of the long hours spent creating tiny worlds in the tub with toys and shampoo concoctions.

  8. Oh these are just darling. Atticus would be pleased as punch with these guys.
    I don’t remember my baby baths (of course) but they were special as each one of my cousins and I were bathed in the same sink at the family cottage:) I do remember taking baths with my sister when I was about 3-4 years-old. My mom taught us to call my Dad’s middle name, Franics, till be brought us a little treat during our bath — usually a cookie.

  9. Angie Shaffer

    I can remember taking baths at the baby sitter’s and there were always barbies and toy boats to play with!

  10. Brandee

    All of the firsts… My sons first bath, first time in the big tub, first sink bath :-) Now he hates the bath so when I get him back in it’ll be good as well :-)

  11. suzannelee

    My kids loved the book. “tub people” they are 3 and 5.. and it added a “spookyness” to things going down the drain! it’s so interesting.. to watch the kids change.. and their ideas of bath time change.. there knowledge and exploration of water, movement, physics.

  12. anne

    what sweet bath toys! i used to love taking baths with my two sisters…and splashing so hard that the 70’s carpet in the bathroom was perpetually soaked. (gross).

  13. Tina

    Lots of great bath time memories to share. Both my boys (now 17 and 19) loved splashing and playing with a multitude of bath toys (the more the merrier!) for what seemed like hours. I especially couldn’t get my youngest out of the tub..he was a fish spending most of his time underwater “swimming”…now he is looking towards swimming in college! I wish UBBAS had been invented when my boys were growing up. What an ingenious way to illustrate family and learn about individual bodies while having good clean fun! I especially could have used UBBAS in our tub to help with potty training. My youngest didn’t quite get the concept until he was 4, mostly because Dad was busy working and not around much to consistently demonstrate! lol UBBAS definitely would have done the trick! Win or not, I am going to buy UBBAS for all of my friends and family!

  14. Summer

    Hahaha, is that brush for horses!? It looks so big and rough! Hahaha

    I don’t remember many bath times, but my mom does. I was the third child, and my mother was older, so my view of what a grown woman was supposed to look like hadn’t been glamorized yet. Apparently, she took me out of the bath when I was about 3, and I said, “When I grow up, I’m going to have titties thiiiiiiis long!” and motioned towards my knees. 😐 Whooooops.

  15. I remember bathtime with my sisters… 3 girls in a tub! There were a lot of toys and a lot of “fixing hair” into fun styles in the tub. With my 11 month old son, we make bathtime a fun time. We laugh and sing and taunt the dog with toys! ha!

    • Ashley

      Congratulations, Jill! Will you send me an email at Amuirbruhn [at] gmail [dot] com with your contact/address information and your family details for a custom set? I hope your son will enjoy them!

  16. Kathryn

    Love this! Our 17-month girl is currently obsessed with baths (she begs for one at all times of the day). We finally got her bubble bath and so it’s always “more bubbles, more bubbles.” Of course, bubbles are endless fun with bubble hats, bubble beards (and shaving), etc. My husband has a beard and so if I do a bubble beard on myself she usually tells me “no beard, daddy beard.” Pretty cute!

  17. Ashley

    Thank you for sharing such great stories, everyone! I loved reading these! Congratulations to Jill, the winner!