Take a quick trip to Morocco and Spain


Aron and I always take about a gazillion photos on trips (and it has only gotten worse since we started posting travelogues); editing them down is such a chore. This is really a fantastic, beautiful solution.
Mike Matas took over 4,000 photos on a trip across Morocco and Spain with his girlfriend, and strung them together in this 2-minute video.
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  1. I love this! It really is the perfect thing to do with all of the pictures from a trip, no? Especially if all of the pictures are good- at least a few of mine always come out out of focus and gross looking!

  2. I'm not sure I agree this is the way to go, at least in this format. It didn't engage me. I didn't see any one image, string of images or series of images that really held my attention and that I wanted to go back to. It felt too jumbled and without a thread to hold on to. The alley cat was the one thing that seemed to have almost a proper series/timelapse dedicated to it that I saw before I had to stop the video as I got a headache.

    I think my feeling about it is possibly because this contained no series or string that could really equate to a proper timelapse of any of their situations or encounters. This way of displaying photos in a rapid burst could work better but to do so would need to be refined so that the person doing set out with a much clearer goal or vision of putting multiple *real* timelapse series together. For me it just doesn't work in this particular way. I'd much rather see a set of 100 of the best images curated from a trip with 3-5 seconds per image than 1000's presented like this.

  3. This is beyond awesome! We're off to Nicaragua in a couple of weeks and I've been trying to brainstorm cool ways to document it – I LOVE this!

  4. I'm with you, I always take tons of photos. this seems like a good idea to present all your photos. on the other hand I agree with Erin, it's not as engaging and you can't really appreciate the photos. there some great shots and i wanted to stare at them a bit longer but the video was too fast.

  5. Great idea! And it conveyed a feeling to me as a viewer of time passing too quickly, which is always how I feel when I'm on vacation. So much to see, do, & experience!

    Thanks for sharing such a great find.

  6. that was awesome! it made me slightly dizzy, haha, but was a great way to sum up the trip!! i feel like this would be a great way to show family about your trip, we all know they want to see what we experienced, but with out sitting there for hours looking at every shot!!

  7. Our Thailand/honeymoon video–we strung photos together with music–was almost an hour long! Our family was nice enough to sit through patiently, but I wonder if they would have preferred this!