Sofia Coppola and the eternal Caftan search


Sofia Coppola

I have a feeling that Ms. Coppola is actually not wearing a true Caftan (or Kaftan, if you prefer) in this photo (rather, a shirt), but doesn’t it look like the perfect poolside cover-up nonetheless?

We’re headed to Hawaii soon, a gift from family, and I’ve been using it as an excuse to finally splurge on that caftan I’ve always wanted. The long Butterfly caftan from EmersonMade was out of stock for a long time, and I was kicking myself for not buying it when it first came around… but it’s back!

The perfect Caftan

The EmersonMade Butterfly Caftan via EmersonMade

Some other favorites:

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Denim up top


Like so many women, I have a thing for chambray shirts lately (see examples A and B, in my favorite, the JCrew Keeper). I literally would wear mine every other day if I could.

It’s trickier to find a good dark denim shirt these days. Or maybe it’s just trickier to make them look right. They tend to be either made for men, in boxier cuts (though maybe you could add darts to this Cowboy Cut Shirt), or cut slim for women wearing it with a Stetson. But this painterly fashion photograph has me rethinking a search for a true denim, slim-cut  shirt (or at least a darker chambray).


While I haven’t tried any in person, these look like potential candidates for styling this right: (from top left, clockwise) Calvin Klein Fitted Denim; JCrew Factory 2-Pocket Chambray; Levi’s Juniors Annie Western Shirt; Calvin Klein Fitted Denim in Medium Wash; Lands’ End Denim; and the Madewell Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Harvest Wash. Anyone else have a favorite?

[top image via A Well Traveled Woman]

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Jack Knows Best: a stylist’s tips for men


An hour somehow just disappeared while I read all of the men’s style Q&A on JCrew’s “Jack Knows Best” feature–a sort of faux-blog wherein the personal stylist persona Jack talks rolling up sleeves, packing a carry-on, the terms you need to talk to your tailor, and date ideas for Valentine’s Day. All that “What a Man Should Know” sort of stuff. (And of course I get a kick out of imagining that Andy Spade wrote it.)

I know it’s a sales technique and I know I’m not the target audience but I loved it! It’s such a spot-on, simple guy’s style guide (for the sort of guy who is down with the style found in a JCrew catalogue, obviously). I wish there was an equivalent set of “rules” for women, but alas we get to be much more creative than a two-button or three-button suit jacket at a formal event.

Some of my favorite tips:

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Ideal Summer Sandals

Gift Guide: For Her


(1) I’ve had these bags by Valhalla pinned for ages now. A very Brooklyn bag. (And P.S. Did you know you can buy Etsy gift cards now?)
(2) The Gilmore Girls Complete Series on DVD–because they’re not on Hulu or Netflix, darn it!
(3) Round out her collection with still-relevant, out-of-print issues of Domino Magazine.
(4) A beautiful Turkish Towel.
(5) Classic riding Boots will be a huge hit. It’s a thrill to open the giant box and get that whiff of leather. And these will last forever.
(6) These will come in handy when the weather warms up: A set of waxed canvas Panniers for riding bikes together.
(7) The new Eames coffee table book.
(8) I think the LemLem Split Scarf is gorgeous. But it’s the sort of thing I would never splurge on myself. I’m guessing there are many others out there who would love this just as much as I would.
(9) A gold-dotted dish for keeping her earrings in.
(10) Gorgeous coasters. I don’t actually like to make people use coasters, but for these might require an exception.
(11) A perfectly simple, gold, Michael Kors Women’s watch (that’s big enough to fit on a man’s wrist).

(12) All of the best cafes in New York seemed to use these Classic Italian Cappucino Cups.
(13) Cashmere socks  Completely decadent.
(14) Swedish Hasbeens 877 Zip It Emy Boots. These might be really for me.
(15) A trendy necklace for wearing with t-shirts and jeans.
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Gift Guide for Guys


It can be hard to shop for a guy (or so I’ve been told). Here are some very special gifts I would want–not cheap, but not extravagant.  I hope this helps!

Starting from the top left:

This 50mm Canon lens is a bargain, and will give you a beautiful depth-of-field. It’s also great for low-light conditions. If price is less of an issue for you, you might get this 50mm lens–a more professional version with a more professional price tag.

Its hard not to admire a simple, attractive (and classic) timepiece.

Anyone who listens to music, but especially those with an iPhone, will love the Bose earbuds with microphone . After getting used to these, I have a hard time actually holding my phone up to my head.  I love Bose, though a friend recommended the Bang & Olufsen 3i, which are supposed to be great, too.

Lookmatic has very affordable, but cool sunglass frames.

The two pairs of shoes pictured are by a Los Angeles-based company called Generic Surplus. These shoes can be found here and here.

For an alternative to run-of-the-mill pomade, this Tancho Tique does the trick.

For anyone who likes to cook, a proper chef’s knife is essential; it’s the only knife you truly need in the kitchen. A good chef’s knife can last a lifetime, and Shun makes an extremely sharp one, crafted using similar techniques  as those used to make Samurai swords.

Not pictured, but also very cool, is Apple’s wireless back-up hard drive. While everyone needs more storage space, no one needs more wires.


Lastly (and now to make even a gift guide cheesy):  if you give anything to him with love, he will love it.


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