A new bike for Aron


I have been so happy with the Linus Dutchi I bought last Fall. It’s just such a pleasure to ride, with long front and rear fenders and an internal gear box, and I love it’s classic look.

So when it came time for Aron to get a bike for himself (we’ve been coasting along on a loaner from his family up until now), he chose a cream Linus Roadster for himself. You really can’t live in Davis without a bicycle; you’d be missing out on one of the great joys of this town. So you may as well get yourself something you love.



I made him let me take a few glamour shots on his new bike yesterday afternoon, on our ride through the arboretum. Isn’t the UC Davis Redwood grove gorgeous, by the way? It’s my favorite little stretch of the bike loop that runs around the campus arboretum.

Linus Bikes—and their awesome bike accessory shop (NB: Linus gave us a generous discount on our new bike, but we would have chosen the brand regardless and I would recommend them without hesitation.)

P.S. Hudson’s helmet and front-seated child seat.

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Little daredevil


Hudson’s new Little Nutty bike helmet is slightly evocative of Evel Knievel. Hopefully he won’t be getting any ideas.

We had Hudson’s new helmet fitted at a local bike shop. Most stores can measure your child’s head for you even if you’re planning on shopping online, but you may want to try on different styles in person first as there is a lot of variation. Hudson is not demonstrating proper positioning of the helmet, here; it should sit further down his forehead. There’s a nice little video on YouTube from Nutcase about how their helmets should fit.

Hooray for summer bike rides!

P.S. Hudson’s and my ride, some thoughts on tunnels, and the ultimate: a bicycle bar cart.

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Gift Guide: For Her


(1) I’ve had these bags by Valhalla pinned for ages now. A very Brooklyn bag. (And P.S. Did you know you can buy Etsy gift cards now?)
(2) The Gilmore Girls Complete Series on DVD–because they’re not on Hulu or Netflix, darn it!
(3) Round out her collection with still-relevant, out-of-print issues of Domino Magazine.
(4) A beautiful Turkish Towel.
(5) Classic riding Boots will be a huge hit. It’s a thrill to open the giant box and get that whiff of leather. And these will last forever.
(6) These will come in handy when the weather warms up: A set of waxed canvas Panniers for riding bikes together.
(7) The new Eames coffee table book.
(8) I think the LemLem Split Scarf is gorgeous. But it’s the sort of thing I would never splurge on myself. I’m guessing there are many others out there who would love this just as much as I would.
(9) A gold-dotted dish for keeping her earrings in.
(10) Gorgeous coasters. I don’t actually like to make people use coasters, but for these might require an exception.
(11) A perfectly simple, gold, Michael Kors Women’s watch (that’s big enough to fit on a man’s wrist).

(12) All of the best cafes in New York seemed to use these Classic Italian Cappucino Cups.
(13) Cashmere socks  Completely decadent.
(14) Swedish Hasbeens 877 Zip It Emy Boots. These might be really for me.
(15) A trendy necklace for wearing with t-shirts and jeans.
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Dutchi 8



We’re still getting settled in and there are about a million and one things we’d like to buy for the house, but priority number one was getting me (and Hudson) a bike. Twist my arm.

Aron is using our car to commute to work and so, thus far, I have been doing everything on foot or bike–the latter of which is especially convenient in Davis. Davis is renowned for its bike culture: nearly 90% of the city’s primary roads have bike paths. Even the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame chose to make the city its home, noting that Davis is recognized as a “Platinum” Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists and was once named America’s best city for biking. Anyway, point being that Hudson and I were to be getting around the city on two wheels every day, and I needed a new, super-reliable bike.

I started looking when we were in New York, and would go describe my needs in terms like this: where I’m going it’s fairly flat, but there are stop signs everywhere (and who knows when we might take off for a more hilly destination like Napa?), so a 3-speed is minimum and an 8-speed would be ideal. It’s California, so the weather is nice but it does rain so something with long front and rear fenders and an internal gear box is preferable. I don’t want to wear an ugly ankle strap, so I’d like it to have a chain guard. I won’t be carrying it up stairs or loading it in and out of a car much, but I should be able to lift it if required. I’ll be carrying my one-year-old and would also like to be able to bring home groceries and what-not, so it has to be able to safely support me and another 40 lbs without issue.

Oh, and I really, really want it to be pretty.

They suggested the Linus without missing a beat. And so far me and Hudson and the Dutchi 8-speed Linus are one happy little family.


P.S. Hudson is riding in the BoBike Mini Front Child Seat.

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