St. Lucia (the iPhone version)


We’re back from a wonderful (but far too short) trip to St. Lucia. What a gorgeous island! I’m looking forward to going through all of our photos over the weekend and getting started on a travelogue to share, but here are a few favorite photos from my iPhone in the meantime.

We stayed at the most beautiful hotel, La Jalousie; it’s right between the two Pitons and so the location was pretty stunning. This was one of those vacations where we stayed put, so the hotel was sort of a make-or-break deal. It didn’t disappoint.

Hudson had a great time, too, in spite of the timely emergence of two little teeth over our stay (less so, however, when they bothered him on the flight home).

Can’t wait to share more! We’re hoping to be fully unpacked any day now…

And P.S. Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s day!

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Let’s Discuss

  1. At first I was like, “Oh, no. Another blog post with Instagram,” and then I was like “Holy Crap I need an iPhone!” These photos are spectacular!!!! But could I expect anything less from you guys? And seriously- Hudson is the most handsome little man ever. Love that sweet face.

    • Ashley

      Ha ha! I know what you mean about Instagram! But it IS so addictive–and easy. I find myself using it more and more as it gets harder to lug around the big SLR. But no fear, we did do just that on this trip. Thank you!

  2. Erin

    Looks like so much fun! Hope you had some relaxing family time. Any suggestions on baby clothing for the beach? We’re taking our son on his first beach expedition soon. Glad to see that your son seemed to love the water, what a fun age!

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Erin! We brought along a full rash guard suit by Polarn O. Pyret and it was such a relief to know that we then just needed to apply sunscreen to his face, hands, and feet. The hat is also by them as well. I have some cute swim trunks from Bobo Choses and Petit Bateau, but in the end I couldn’t imagine leaving any of that new baby skin bare. Have fun! He loved the water but was a little uncertain about that moving bit when the water met the sand…

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I’ve been craving a vacation for us too since you started posting these on Instagram; PR, DR, St. Lucia, any of those and more just for a beach and some sun. The iPhone 4S, together with Snapseed and Instagram (my two favourite photo apps) really does well as a point-and-shoot camera doesn’t it.

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Ed! Yes–it’s hard to come back to such grey weather. The trip was a nice respite. So true about the iPhone. It’s hard not to rely on it entirely lately–especially when I’ve got Hudson in the carrier already. I’ll have to check out Snapseed.

  4. Ah, aren’t you happy to be home in grey New York and not on a warm, sunny beach? 😉 I’d give anything to leave the city behind and hop into your photos. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. How absolutely stunning! Looks like you three had an amazing time. LOVE these photos. Can’t wait to hear more…and Hudson is getting teeth! Big boy!

    • Ashley

      Thanks! Can you believe it? Two little teeth. We felt the ridges on the plane ride over and… cue the JAWS soundtrack. But it wasn’t too bad except for that plane ride home when one seemed to really bother him. Anyway, growing up too fast!

  6. So I was telling my sister about your beautiful blog and your trip to St. Lucia and she said she met you on the plane home:) She said seeing you with Hudson made her wish her next is a boy…we’re all girls around here with my one and her two :)

    • Ashley

      No way! That’s crazy! Hope she didn’t meet us right as Hudson was screaming his head off–I’m sure I look horrified (he screamed bloody murder during the safety announcement and we looked at his gum and it was bleeding a little as the tooth literally seemed to push through at that instant). It’s so sweet of her to say…

  7. susan

    Hi Ashley,

    These pics are sooo beautiful that I am planning a trip for next Feb now (when our baby will be ~10 months). Do you have any tips on when/how to book to ‘beat’ the best available rate?


    • Ashley

      You know, I’m afraid not–but I have seen a lot of deals for St. Lucia on sites like Jetsetter/Vacationist/Luxury Link. You might find something good there. Actually, friends of ours have stayed at La Jalousie after finding it on one of those. Unfortunately it is the high season and deals won’t be released for next Feb until the period gets closer and they see how many full price rooms they can sell. So I guess I’d say that unless you see a stellar deal now, I’d wait to book your room?

      So you must be expecting now? Congratulations!

      • susan

        Thanks Ashley, yes we will wait to book. And yes, I am due in a month :)))

        Could I also bother you with a few experience-related posts on the following topic:
        What do you travel with (for the baby) for 1) a day out in the city (we live in NY and are always out), 2) a weekend getaway and 3) a longer vacation? We are planning a weekend getaway when the baby is 1.5 months old and a longer 2 week vacation to Barcelona when he is 6 months old. And are trying to plan …

        Thanks so much..

  8. heathyr

    le sigh. i haven’t visited many blogs lately and am just playing catch up and see this post. my husband and i stayed at the jalousie 2 years ago. what a dream :) i let out a long gasp when i saw your 1st beach pic you posted and yelled inside to myself (since i’m trapped at work) I KNOW THAT PLACE! :)

    i miss the great room, those pitons (did you climb gros? probably not with hudson, but boy it’s a workout!), and can’t you say that those villas are just divine? i miss the clawfoot tub and having a butler :) i love that place! can’t wait to read your travelogue! (psst: post it soon! :)).