Isn’t this cool? Air New Zealand just introduced a new seating concept on their long-haul flights between Los Angeles and Auckland where the footrests fold out to make a row of three seats into a flat bed. (Just out of curiosity, I made a fake itinerary, and (in that scenario) it was $200 more to book a skycouch than to book the three seats individually. Also noteworthy: the whole couch/bed was 50% the cost of one business class ticket!)

When we were coming up with our plan for the month of August and looking for a far-off destination to explore, so many of you suggested New Zealand. It’s definitely on our radar for future travel. And now I’m thinking we need to go when while Hudson is small and we’re just a family of three so that we can take advantage this. At least… I think it would be comfortable. What do you think?

To be honest, the idea that we might take a direct, 13-hour flight between the west coast and New Zealand is alone pretty fantastic. We just revisited our flight itinerary for Bali and it’s more daunting than I remembered. For example, on the way home, we have a four-hour, a five-hour, and a ten-hour leg, and the latter two are joined by an eleven-hour layover in Seoul! Ouch!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) there are no long-haul flights on the docket for this weekend! Any fun plans?

If you’re in the NYC area, this themed, outdoor screening party sounds like a fun way to kick-off the summer–if the 100-degree heat didn’t do you in. (I must have watched this movie fifty times at my friends’ apartment in college. Unless there was a soccer match to watch, this and The Big Lebowski were almost guaranteed to be on the TV.)

Hope you have a good one!

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Let’s Discuss

  1. I think this is a splendid idea!! I love, love traveling but planes are so friggin cramped! I’m 5’10 and I’m uncomfortable with the leg room…I can’t imagine what men go through!

    And I’ll look into this NYC thing! We’re (my boyfriend and I) are coming into the city for the weekend! How bout this heat, eh? It’s cloudy out but I know it’s really a million degrees!

  2. Oh man, with my bad back this looks like a dream! I actually don’t like direct flights to Europe (is that weird?) but if I had a little bed like this then I would definitely be singing a different tune.

  3. looks good, BUT – i would like to see a photo of the seats in front of you reclined….maybe pretty tight. i would splurge on business……..(if possible)

  4. Sara

    I saw this yesterday and thought what a great idea!! I think it would be so much more comfortable. Also, NZ is a lifetime ,must! I have to say the pretty place I have ever seen, also very kid friendly and everyone is super kind!!

  5. I’m currently traveling around the South island of New Zealand and I would highly recommend it for your next trip :) It was definitely worth the 24 hours of travel from NYC! The scenery is just breathtaking, Kiwis are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and if you love the outdoors, New Zealand is a dream!

  6. Jaime

    I love reading your blog and am from New Zealand. We live in the beachside community of Mt Maunganui which is a fabulous place for a holiday year round. It’s winter here at the moment but not very cold (around 9 degrees celcius at night) and the surf is always great! NZ is a great holiday destination!

  7. Bev Morgan

    Hi, I too love reading your blog, I am from New Zealand but currently living and working in Vietnam.My daughter works for Air NZ and assures me the skycouch is the way to go with small children. I am sure you will love New Zealand , its a great place for a holiday but from now until September the weather is cold and sometimes really miserable. The best time for you all would be January /February time.

  8. Cristina

    Hi, I have flown on the skycouch a few times now. My husband and I book the three seats and then the one across the aisle for us and our little one (3 years old). It is priceless. Air New Zealand provide you with a cushioned bottom sheet and proper pillows and we slept the whole way! I definitely recommend it. Also recommend visiting New Zealand, it is a lovely country. Make sure to come in the summer though, the winters can be very wet and windy!