Renegade returns


The Renegade Craft Fair moved to the waterfront in Williamsburg this year, and between Saturday’s Smorgasburg, Williamsburg Walks (the closure of Bedford Avenue to cars), and the craft fair, the East River Park was a madhouse!

After walking a few rows, there are always a few trends that feel way overdone, and a few gems that stand out from the, ahem, screen-printed maps of Brooklyn.

Hudson made out the best. (And he, deterred by the sea of legs, didn’t even stick around!)

A few of my favorite booths this year: (Pictured from top) A. Heirloom; Farrah Sit; Au Retour; [maps?]; Muny; Sweater Toys; Seven Acre Toys; Yard Sale Press; Little Hip Squeak; The Sill; [Paper Cut Maps?]; Helveta Vyotlag; Yard Sale Press; Soor Ploom Clothier; Sol del Sur; and Remedy Quarterly.
(And not pictured) Two Arms Inc.; Enormous Champion; Glass Cathedrals; Pip Squeak Chapeau; Little Hero Capes; Mimi Kirchner; Courtney Webb; Fleet Co. Leather; North St Bags; Morris & Essex; Thief & Bandit; Lauren Haupt; Broder Press; Miniature Rhino; and Girls Can Tell.

Also: some of my favorite photos from the East River Park before it was developed, and as home to the Brooklyn Flea

Fabric finds
Hudson Whiskey
Doughnut Madness
Central Park Zoo
Daytrip: Strawberry ...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Aw no I missed it!!! I was on Randall Island for Governor’s Ball but I would have LOVED to go to this! What a great time! And wasn’t it HOT on Saturday?!

  2. Erin

    Oooh I love all the maps! Especially the Barcelona one would make a great gift, do you know of anywhere to buy something similar online?

  3. Lori

    I love A Heirloom! Their craftsmanship is gorgeous and I give their cutting boards as gifts all the time!

    • Ashley

      I wish I could’ve taken one home. We spoke briefly–I have the nearly one-year-old who would surely break it. One day!

  4. Renegade was AMAZING! I haven’t been that inspired for awhile. I wanted to buy so many items!!! It was nice meeting you there, hope I didn’t come across like a creeper!

    • Ashley

      Not at all! It was so nice to meet you and I am so glad that you said hello! So flattered that you like the blog!! I spent far too much money–and mostly on Hudson–but next time I’m buying more jewelry.

  5. Sarah

    Ah – this made my day! I am a follower of your blog and one of the organizers of Renegade – synergy! So glad you came and had a nice time, and your round-up of favorites is great! The hand-cut maps are by Lekker Haas. Thank you again for coming, it means the world to us Renegaders, truly.