Recipes for a Saturday afternoon


{chicken with goat cheese and fig preserves} 
When spring starts turning to summer, it’s hard for Ashley and I not to spend every minute outdoors. With this in mind, we planned a picnic with Abbey, Tim, and Alex–they suggested the perfect spot in Riverside park. We decided that it had been far too long since we pulled out our panini grill. We picked up some baguettes from Sullivan Street bakery and went to the Union Square greenmarket that morning–which is filled with strawberries and snap peas right now–and did our best to limit oursevles to a resonable amount of variety.

{ricotta, heirloom tomatoes, basil tips, olive oil, and sea salt}

{salad of sugar snap peas, feta, radish greens, and mint}
{Forme d’ambert, pear, and honey}

We spread out and relaxed–leaving the tumbling workout to Alex.
The afternoon light was lovely and the gardens in Riverside Park have never looked better.

{angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries}

On our way home, while I was checking out the expanded Hudson River walkway, I turned to find Ashley unabashedly dipping into the leftover whpped cream from our dessert. (She’s lucky she got to it first!)

Bring on the summer…

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  1. just stumbled upon this sweet blog. i've just moved to new york, and am excited about exploring. you two will prove such a fabulous resource. xo, h

  2. I want to go on a picnic and have some of what you had. yum,yum..

    What a fun way to spend your weekend.

    I agree, bring on the summer!

  3. Your blog is really lovely. Great inspiration for my next picnic! We've already picnic'd in Central Park and Prospect Park this summer. Our next stop is going to be Randall's Island. It's got the most beautiful views right on the river!!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting BigMoonSky!
    This looks absolutely delectable! YUM. I should’ve brought my tote bags to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.
    Looks like you and your wife swapped places with me! I miss the Union Square market- so much energy and chaos!
    I’ll look forward to keeping up to date on all your culinary tales from the east coast; and I’ll try and represent San Francisco!
    x Emily

  5. Thanks, all! We had leftovers the next day and I was so sad to finish the (very creamy, whole-milk) ricotta. I'm a sucker for anything with cheese.

    Angela–so sweet. Thanks! Gotta love Jcrew.

    Kendall–Thank you and thanks for the tip! I'll put Randall's island on my summer to-do list.

  6. This food looks amazing and doable. Thanks for visiting my blog, so I could find yours. I really like it! I am your newest follower.


  7. Absolutely GORGEOUS post! I love this so much. :-) The food, the picnic, your friends, the weather. So glad you got to create and experience this. :-)

  8. OMG. Seriously. OMG. Beautiful food! I'm convinced half of my taste buds are in my eyes. Have you tried Belle Chevre Breakfast Cheese? It is sweet, tangy, goat cheese goodness and great on EVERYTHING!