Quickcrit top 50


Of the end-of-year roundups, I look forward to “best music of the year.” I can use all the help I can get staying current in that department, and try to catch the Soundcheck Critics Week, among other things. My friend Jesse runs a music site called quickcrit, where he and a host of his (musically current) friends write pithy reviews of albums and shows. All of the contributors participate in an annual survey of their picks for best albums of the year, and the 2010 top-50 list is now up. Aron and I have some unused itunes dollars–they were waiting for some inspiration… 

What did you have on repeat this year? 
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Sing along
A Christmas Traditio...
Thao and the Get Dow...
Who needs the high k...
Bird Watching

Let’s Discuss

  1. This is great. I'll have to check out this site. Luckily two of my favorite bands came out with albums this year–The National and Belle and Sebastian.

  2. I've been listening to a lot of Belle & Sebastian – also, some of the Weepies.
    For the past couple weeks, also (this is embarrassing) we've had the Glee cast version of "Teenage Dream" on repeat.
    … And "Smatter" on the "Gnu High" record and "Witchi Tai Tao" on "Winter Light"


  3. Arcade Fire, Beach house, Laura Marling, Avi Buffalo and Warpaint these are the ones I had have on repeat.
    Best gigs The National & Beach House

  4. Two from the Quickcrit list that I've listen to A LOT: "Congratulations: by MGMT and "I Learned the Hard Way" by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Totally opposite ends of the musical spectrum, both completely fantastic.

  5. It seems like it was a really good year for music. Even after listening to tons of new albums, I keep hearing about artists I must check out. Next up: Florence and the Machine.

  6. I agree with these choices! Arcade Fire and The National are definitely on the top of my repeat list, along with "IRM" from Charlotte Gainsbourg.

    Merry Christmas!