Loving this simple cactus garden that sits outside of Isabel Marant in Los Angeles. (And it looks like Ms. Marant surrounds herself by potted cacti as well.)

I had planned to share some Friday links, but I have to be honest: I’m wiped! Aron had emergency back surgery Wednesday night; he had a herniated disc and they decided to rush him to the OR after he experienced some acute complications. It was scary but–no surprise here–he was a superstar and he’s home and recovering. It was amazing how fast everything happened–but now he has to take his time letting himself heal (he’ll probably be out of work for the next four weeks). Poor guy isn’t used to being the patient! Anyway, we’re relieved to report that everything went so well.

Have a great (long) weekend!

Hither & Thither...
Color-blocking at LA...
Conquering the Chore...
A calendar for dad's...
Test-riding the Buga...

Let’s Discuss

  1. I don’t know you, but I guess that’s what this whole worldwide web is all about, connecting…worldwide. Anyways, I hope you have a restful and restorative weekend and news like this always reminds us to be thankful and put the little things in perspective.
    If you need any medical assistance over the four weeks, you should pick up one these bad boys!
    We gave one to a youngin’ in our family when someone wasn’t well and it was really helpful to explain and get her involved. She loved it…I don’t know if Hudson is too young, I’m terrible and knowing when little ones start doing what at which age!

    • That’s so cute! He’s been pointing to the bandage on Aron’s back and saying “Ow” so maybe he needs to give him a check-up.

  2. Wishing Aron a speedy recovery! The men I know don’t handle being the patient very well — so good luck to you!

  3. So shocked and sorry to hear that Aron had to have surgery! I hope his recovery is speedy and smooth, and that you all enjoy some rest and relaxation together. Love from all three of us!

  4. :-( I’m so sorry about the doctor becoming the patient!…Rest…rest…rest, and call us in the morning. LOL Sorry. I know how serious this is. I have too many friends that have been there/done that!…All jokes aside, follow doctor’s orders!!!…the other doctor’s orders!!

    • Will do, Jill! Thank you! He’s doing really well for having had the surgery so recently. It’s amazing, considering the back surgery of days past.

  5. I just found out about your awesome blog today, because I had a comment on my blog from Aron. How strange it’s the exact same day of this surgery! All the best wishes and I hope it’ll all be ok soon. My dad had 2 of those herniated disc surgeries so I know it’s really hard.

  6. Ashley

    Thanks everyone, I a am happy to say I am having a good recovery–thanks in no small part, to some kind nursing from Ashley.

  7. I so wish that was my garden!

    Hope the recovery is going well. Funny how you run around making plans, worrying about things, and then life just happens.

    On a side note, I’m really enjoying your blog. Lovely images and posts.

  8. Catherine

    I also had emergency surgery for a herniated disk (L5/S1) back in 2007. While the recovery had its ups and downs, this surgery made me so grateful for modern medicine. I am completely 100% into every activity I was before. Now I bend and play with my little one all day long.

    Best of luck to Aaron, and I’m so glad everything went well.