PSA: Gilmore Girls streaming tomorrow!


uncategorized  PSA: Gilmore Girls streaming tomorrow!

When describing Davis’s farmer’s market—with its troubadours and familiar faces and its pedal-powered carousel—I’ve been known to make reference to Gilmore Girls and its wholesome but oddball-filled setting of Star’s Hollow. I worried that most of the people I’m talking to now have no idea what I mean.

But alas, it appears, I’m in good company. Gilmore Girls is going to start streaming on Netflix tomorrow (all seven seasons), and there’s an awful lot of celebrating going on. New York Magazine‘s culture blog, “Vulture,” has been publishing article after article about the show (one of my favorite’s has been a debate about Rory’s and Lorelei’s boyfriends). Buzz Feed has a round-up of pie charts for the show’s fans. Entertainment Weekly‘s “Popwatch” gives a list of this month’s Netflix releases as “10 other exciting releases” “beyond ‘Gilmore Girls.’” And even the New York Times is asking “Why are we so obsessed” with the show?

Did you watch the show the first time around? Were/Are you a fan? Will you watch it now?

P.S. Ben or Noel? (From Felicity, that other show I watched in college.)

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The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids
family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids
family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids
Kids’ Halloween costumes are the ultimate in disposable clothing purchases—buy it once, and chances are, it’s worn only once. Plus, it can be a challenge to find high-quality, well-made costumes at a reasonable price. This year, why not try your hand at making your own? (Older children can help, too! ) Below, a few favorite sources for easy, inventive DIY ideas that kids will love—enough, I’m willing to bet, for them to defy the curse of the one-time wear.

Martha Stewart. Standout ideas: Chickenbeespace invaderbouquet of flowerslittle lamb.

Real Simple. Standout ideas: Pig in a blanketspelling beedetectiveLittle Miss Sunshine.

Oh Happy Day. Standout ideas: LlamaJune & Johnny Cashfield of flowersFrida Kahlosnail.

A Beautiful Mess. Standout (family) ideas: Rag dollsPeter Pan & the Lost BoysGoldilocks & the Three Bears

family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

The Etsy Blog. Standout ideasBat; printable animal masks.

DIY Network. Standout ideas: Hot chocolatemac ‘n’ cheesegarden fairywatercolor tray.

Parenting. Standout ideas: Twisterspaghetti and meatballsRainbow Connection.

family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

family  The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Small Fry. Standout ideas: Despicable Me charactersblue birdgnomes.

Handmade Charlotte. Standout ideas: Kit Cat clock; Day of the Dead tulle masks; lion masks.

What was your favorite costume you wore on Halloween, as a child?

P.S. More Halloween costume ideas. Including our family costume from last year.

[All images sourced from respective links. Thank you to Shoko for her help with this list!]

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