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Travel: Best-of-lists and hello from Sweden

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We’re on the west coast of Sweden right now! We just arrived to this view.

Thanks again to everyone who shared suggestions and advice for this trip—I so appreciate it. In case you’re curious, here’s the routing we ended up taking: Five nights in Stockholm, followed by a flight to Bergen, Norway, and two nights there; then a ferry through two Norwegian fjords and a train ride into Oslo, from where we have rented a car and are making our way down the coast of Sweden for a couple of days before dropping it back off in Copenhagen. We will be there a few nights before heading back home. I’ve been posting a few photos on Instagram (under the admittedly silly hashtag #ScandiScursion) along the way.

And it really is as beautiful as I’d always imagined it to be. Of course, as we crossed our fingers that the kids would finally fall asleep around 10pm tonight, in spite of the sun’s glow creeping into the room, I noted to myself that—when writing this—I should point out that no snapshots ever really capture the challenges of traveling with two young children. But not one has stopped us from feeling incredibly lucky to be here.

So I’m going to end this week early and wish you a great one and, if you celebrate, a happy Fourth of July!

In the meantime, if you happen to be in search of your next travel adventure, or are just feeling wanderlust-y, and enjoy those best-of-lists like I do, here have been some of my favorite destinations over the years…
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All-American Side Dishes: What to bring to a Fourth of July BBQ


Soon we’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July in the United States, and though one certainly doesn’t need a holiday to throw a sensational barbecue, it never hurts to have a special excuse. Tossing things on the grill is great (and here is a great round-up of interesting toppings to make those hot dogs extra special); but let’s face it: cookouts are all about the sides! We’ve searched high and low and discovered great spins on your favorite all-American classics.

Spread the checked tablecloths, get the fireworks ready, and dig in!

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Themed Kids’ Rooms: A Do or A Don’t?

Themed Kids' Rooms: A Do or a Don't?

by Anna Smith of Annabode + Co.

Designing a kid’s room or nursery presents its own set of rewards and challenges—for one thing, you get to have more fun! But there’s also the problem of infusing your child’s personality into the space. How do you do it? How far do you go? If they want lime green walls (like I did once), do you give in or put your foot down? Most of us want our child’s room to feel fun, young, and playful, which can really get your creative juices flowing when it comes to decor. However, my biggest concern when designing for clients is making sure the room will grow with their child.

Which brings me to: themed kids’ rooms. These kinds of spaces have never been my thing—the way I see it, we don’t decorate any other rooms in our homes that way, so why do we do it in our kiddos’ spaces? Heavily themed bedrooms and nurseries will work for a few years at best, but then your little one will move on from their love of horses, or airplanes, or bugs, and both of you will get tired of it. Plus, changing out all the theme-y items down the road means more time and more money spent.

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