Planning for spontaneity: Italy


travel  Planning for spontaneity: Italy
travel  Planning for spontaneity: Italy
travel  Planning for spontaneity: Italy
[Polignano a Mare // Sorano/Trentino // Sardinia/Santa Maria al Bagno]

We’re going! We’ve booked our tickets—three and a lap-infant—to Italy for the end of summer! Italy has been on our minds since our trip to Sardinia, as you might recall.

In her editor’s letter in the revamped Condé Nast Traveler, Pilar Guzmán, said something that felt so spot-on for me and how I like to approach traveling: “Sometimes a truly memorable trip is the one when the unexpected happens, when you get lost in a good way. But spontaneity takes planning, gathering, and the collective wisdom of travelers you trust.” So many of you have already left such helpful comments, so I’m hoping I can solicit your collective wisdom again.


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Building your baby registry


family  Building your baby registry

family  Building your baby registry

I’ve talked before about what my list of baby essentials would be, but one thing I didn’t mention was how, in hindsight, I would have handled building the baby registry differently. I registered with an online site where you could pull in items from various stores, which seems nice in theory but ultimately made things more challenging overall. It’s really valuable to find a store with both a wide online selection and wide physical selection; a place where you can go see things in person—and your guests, many of whom would prefer to walk into a store and out with a gift and a card for the shower—can go. And some guests with less online experience are likely to find a purely web-shopping process confusing. I’d suggest finding someplace with locations in most cities, inexpensive shipping, flexible and friendly return policies, and which carries plenty of things you’d like to spend store credit on, should you make any returns (highly likely), after the baby arrives.

Target didn’t have a Manhattan location when I was registering for Hudson (now they do), or it would have been the obvious choice.

In fact, Target asked me to make a sample registry with all of my favorite baby essentials (as well as some additional items I’d love for a nursery). Every single one of the items pictured here is from my Target registry.

Here are ten suggestions for registering for all things baby…
family  Building your baby registry This post is sponsored by Target. The adventure begins here: Discover all Target has to offer for your baby registry and throughout your motherhood journey.

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