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Happy Birthday, little love

Skyler Born-Hither-And-Thither-1-2

Our sweet Skyler is two today! When we met her, I couldn’t have imagined we could love her more—and yet, of course, with every day we do.

When the lump has gone from my throat, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about what she’s like right now. In the meantime, I’m going to look back at that first week after she was born, wonder how time can pass so quickly, and prepare to celebrate.

Skyler Born-Hither-And-Thither-1-3

Skyler Born-Hither-And-Thither-1-4

Happy birthday!

P.S. #SkylerBisOne and an update at 18 months.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple


Over the years I’ve read all sorts of advice to get rid of that one unsightly blemish that inevitably seems to appear—out of nowhere—before something important: “avoid stress” (easier said than done), “use toothpaste (really?), “apply crushed garlic” (I hear it burns your skin!).

Someone recommended this overnight Sonya Dakar Drying Potion—now Ultraluxe—before my wedding (when I collected almost all my beauty routine advice, it seems), and it’s never disappointed me. Keep the little blue bottle on hand for emergencies and heed these tips: keep the rim clean so that the top stays on tight and it doesn’t dry out, and warn anyone at home about the white spots—it’s not invisible.

What do you swear by? 

P.S. I’m certain that Bjork’s beautiful face is in fact always flawless and apologize for any implication otherwise. I love this photograph of her by Jane Bown.

[Bjork, copyright Jane Bown for The Observer, 1995]

Feeling Bitter: Negroni Bar



There was a time I turned up my nose at bitter drinks. Italy changed my mind.

Now I think there are few things as delicious as a good Negroni—a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet, and served with the faintest aroma of vacations gone by. Rumor has it that a count named Camillo Negroni asked for gin instead of soda water in his favorite mix of Campari and Vermouth and … ecco tutto! 

The Classic Negroni
It’s most traditional to serve this in an Old Fashioned over ice with an orange peel, but I sometimes use an orange wedge or slice to enjoy at the finish. It should be stirred, and not shaken.
1 oz gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz Campari
Orange peel, for garnish

I love drinks that are “equal parts,” don’t you? But the real beauty of the Negroni is how many variations on it you can try and still take advantage of those beautiful jewel tones.

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