Monthly photo series


Hudson is 18 months old today! I’m going to take another photo of him on the couch with his elephant to add to the series (I’ll post it with an update next week and try to do the same every six months now), but I thought it would be fun to show how the first twelve months looked all lined up. Do you (or do you plan to) somehow record your child’s first year in a certain way? I’m grateful we chose to take the photos, but more so I’m glad I wrote those monthly updates–after all, this kid is not lacking in visual documentation!

Read all first twelve months.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. It’s amazing to see how babies, all big features and wide eyes, grow into their faces. Hudson I’m sure will be so thankful that you kept such a beautiful record of his life before he could remember it. Though, boys being boys it might take him until he has his own baby to truly appreciate all the effort!

  2. these are so sweet! i love love love this idea, but we could never get our act together to do it. but the iphone camera has really helped in terms of taking daily photos.

    hudson is so cute!!

    • Ashley

      Thank you!! I know what you mean about the iPhone. I didn’t have one for the first two months and I know I would have taken so many more tiny newborn pics if I’d had one!

  3. I agree… this is such a wonderful idea. I love how you kept it very simple- the focus is all on his growth and change. And, by the way, he is gorgeous!

  4. Hi Aron – these pictures are so lovely! It is amazing to see the progression – Hudson looks so grown up !

    I have taken hundreds of photos of G’s first year – I agree with everyone above that having the phone camera makes it so (almost too;) easy to take daily pictures of the littles.

    I sort of wish I had taken a regular one in the same spot though to make a nice series like yours.


  5. I can’t stop looking – these photos are so vibrant, warm, and sweet. They’re everything I look forward to about motherhood, and more. Can’t wait to see the next installment.