Massimo Vitali’s Brazil


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Loving these photos of Brazil by Massimo Vitali (perhaps best known for his beach panoramas of Italy) seen in the New York Times Magazine. These are taken in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a 600-acre parcel of white sand dunes in Northeastern Brazil, where lagoons form after the rainy season. Can you imagine? You walk across the sugary sand and find this?!

[Via Vanessa at Boz Around]


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Let’s Discuss

  1. Amazing! I have never seen anything like this! Thanks for sharing. It never ceases to amaze me, the beautiful places on our earth.

  2. Honora

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Lencois Park and it is absolutely stunning, as much of Brazil’s coastline is. Jericoacoara (a bit to the south) is also one our favorite places on earth.

  3. Livia

    One of the best trips of my life was to this place. It’s gorgeous. And as a northeastern Brazilian girl, I’m always in awe with the beauty of this area of Brazil.

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