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This past week I went to the doctor for my 20-week anatomy scan. Aron came with me and we spent about an hour watching the baby kick about, flip over, and try to suck his thumb. Yep, his. It’s a boy! Aron thinks he caught the money-shot immediately, but it was another 30 minutes or so before there was another chance to sneak a peek.
It’s so nice to be able to talk about those kicks and flutters I’m starting to feel with an appropriate pronoun. And while there are some other cues (I’m definitely beginning to show, now), it feels a lot more real–for both of us–to think about meeting a little fella.

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  1. COngrats! I have a daughter and a son…what a difference. Little boys are way more destructive, and they pee on you…haha. BUT they just totally melt your heart and they are soooo funny p.s you look lovely!

  2. Congratulations! It's wonderful finding out the sex – makes name choosing a lot less taxing. I think I went shopping after getting our scan and bought a tiny little baby outfit in pink! Yes we had girls.

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulation! Keep happy & healthy! Enjoy the upcoming spring days. Greetings from Prague, Veronika

  4. It's all wonderful. Congratulations. I am loving raising a boy. I had no idea what a boy would be like– I have four sisters– and it's so much fun. You look terrific, by the way. Just so you know, my boy is not at all destructive and he didn't pee all over me, so there's not really a need to expect those.

  5. Love the pictures Ashley – of both you and the little guy! Again, so happy for you both…looking forward to seeing you in a little less than a month.

  6. I have been reading your blog for the past 6 months or so but this is my first comment: You look stunning as a pregnant woman. So happy for you two.

  7. So exciting! I found out with my first son and it was really wonderful to talk about him by name before he was born!
    You look great!

  8. Anonymous

    yay! you look great – I am 20 weeks along too but with a bit bigger bump :-)
    greetings from bosnia

  9. Congratulations to you both! :) Been reading your blogs for quite some time and yours is very entertaining & informative.

    Regards from Manila,