Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria


A little while ago, Aron and I spotted a new Italian food shop on Great Jones Street: Il Buco, the beloved and generally hard-to-get-a-table-at restaurant around the corner, had opened a market with a coffee/wine bar, gelateria, and bakery in the front, and a casual restaurant in the back. Actually, when we first stopped in, they were still working on the (now open) restaurant. But we left with our curiosity piqued.

We returned this past weekend for a 1/4-pound of proschiutto and brought our camera along. They offer samples of many items–like their own imported olive oils and vinegars, and cheeses from the case. This time they had samples of the most delicious preserved oranges and a pecorino. And the first time we were in we tried a pear sorbetto (the flavor was so true), which was made along with flavors like grapefruit-and-Campari, and salted caramel.

Everything I tried, actually, was wonderful. It seems like a really nice space to stay and share an Affogato, or to pick up a sandwich to-go. Places like this are bittersweet, however: they bring you just close enough to Italy that you can taste it, but then they take your plane fare.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. I love a good Italian shop! Look at those sardines and that torta… We have an entire street in Philadelphia (9th Street) with shops like these , including butcher and cheese shops, and they’re mostly all very old and traditional. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most when I go home to visit.

    • Ashley

      Sometimes it really feels like you could find anything here, right? One day I’m going to be checking in with you for Sac tips–we’re in Davis often to visit family.

  2. As italian I think that american people are the best in enjoying italian food… It seems you really love our culture and our food so you can try any new flavour with the right curiosity.. . Bravi! :)
    When in Usa I saw so many italian spots (many of them were selling nonexistent product as the ‘famous’ Alfredo Sauce: I tasted it and it wasn’t so italian… hem.. :) … but the most of them were full of really good food: Barilla for ex. tastes the same as in Italy or Buitoni that is quite populare here and it has a very high quality standards.
    I cannot say the same about Berio olive oil…I saw it was almost everywhere in Usa and UK but in Italy is not famous as a good olive oil.
    I love all you posts about italian food! Thanks for sharing!


    • Ashley

      Thanks, Lara. As a Californian, I can say that New York in particular is a good place to find authentic Italian food. The “red sauce” Italian restaurants (which is I think what we call the spots you’re talking about) are all-too-pervasive elsewhere–and that’s not to say that NY doesn’t have its share.

  3. Crikes, this does look like a goodun’. Just the kinda place I can see opening off Upper St here in Londontown. Now craving Italian meats, olives and cheese…oh, what the heck, it’s the holiday season! :)

    • Ashley

      I can’t wait to visit London again one day and get all of your recommendations, Will. I wish I knew the Upper Street reference; will have to change that soon!!