Guest Post: Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo, The Unimaginability of Before


We’ve asked a few friends and fellow-bloggers to drop-in and share while we take some time to get to know this amazing little person, Hudson, whom we’ve just welcomed to the world. We’ll no doubt be dropping in here and on from time to time, but we’re so grateful for these wonderful guest posts and hope you enjoy them as well. 

Leigh writes Marvelous Kiddo, which features the most incredible birth stories alongside beautiful images and articles and glimpses into her life with her family. As an uber-stylish, baby-wearing mother in New York, Leigh is also an inspiration. I am so happy she is sharing some thoughts on parenthood with us (and I can’t stop staring at these sweet, sweet photos)!

One of the things that has struck me the most with the births of my two children is how instantly upon meeting the new member of the family it becomes absurd to imagine life without that person in it. This might sound silly or like I’m stating the obvious, but for me, there is something about meeting my babies that creates a kind of amnesia for whatever came before.  My husband and I spent seven blissful years together before our oldest came along, and suddenly, with his arrival it was like a huge missing piece of our hearts had found it’s place.  Likewise, a little over two years later, with much anticipation, we met our second son and immediately we couldn’t imagine what we had done without him!  The magnitude of the feeling was almost more surprising the second time around because while I was pregnant, already being a parent I thought I got it.  I knew what it felt like to love a child so much.  And wouldn’t it be hard to love a second as much?  But when my youngest arrived, he taught all of us that the mathematics of love are not so easy to predict.  The love we all fell into that morning was big and specific and sweeter than any of us had imagined.  It was a feeling that once again made it hard to remember what life had been like before.

[Photos by Liz Rubincam, 2007 and 2009 respectively]

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Let’s Discuss

  1. That second photo is amazing! And I think I know what you mean – I remember being alive before my little sister was born, but I don't remember it feeling as full… like black-and-white photos or silent movies.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post!! :-] As a poet, I love to see someone that's able to write their feelings and emotions on paper in such a way that every loop, dot, and scribble makes your heart want to leap from your chest and applaud!! That's what this one little paragraph just did for this childless poet.

  3. We had our first back in December. Right now I can't imagine loving another child nearly as much as I love our daughter. I'm glad to know other moms and dads feel the same way, and that when that new little person arrives, a whole new love is born.

  4. I am not yet a mother but I have a similar feeling (although on a smaller scale, I am sure) for my nieces and nephews. Sometimes, my family and I sit and we talk about how it is hard to remember what life was like without all those three little ones. They all just came into the world and fit into place so nicely and so very much meant to be :)

  5. We are expecting our second and I have to admit we are both worried about this. It is just impossible to imagine loving someone else like we love our son, and we feel bad that we can't imagine loving her so much. I'm sure we will though, and just can't wrap our minds around it yet…

  6. What a heartfelt, thoughtful post. I don't have any children of my own, but I think it's a general experience of true love. For instance, I don't remember what my life was like before I met my husband and I can't imagine my life without him now. I'm sure it would be a different kind of feeling but there must be some similarities. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions. As someone who's not yet a parent I do sometimes wonder if there's enough love to encompass everyone with so much going on. So it is very reassuring to hear that there is. đŸ˜€