Google Reader RIP


Do you read this blog using Google Reader? Perhaps you’ve heard by now that Google is shutting down their RSS reader July 1st. If you’d still like to keep up with Hither & Thither (I hope so!) and your favorite sites, it’s a good idea to switch to a new RSS service before Google Reader disappears. I currently use Reeder on my iPad and iPhone, but I’m considering switching to Feedly after hearing so many good things about it. Here are CNET’s top five alternatives, and here’s a good list from the LA Times. Time for an update!

What blogs do you regularly read? I’d love to hear! 

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Let’s Discuss

  1. I’m reading you through Feedly now! It’s pretty good, but I think I need to rearrange my interface settings when I get the time.

  2. I have been using bloglovin’ for blogs and Flipboard for blogs and news. I’ve heard good things about Feedly though so might have to give it a try.

  3. I use bloglovin’ for blogs and use the RSS to email in MailChimp for my own personal blog. Bummer about Google Reader – I know so many people who use it.

  4. I actually don’t use a reader, but I’ll share some of my favorite blogs :)
    Dinner: A Love Story
    Domestic Reflections
    Erstwhile and Dear
    Blue Locket
    and my own :)

  5. Boston mama

    I love your blog and follow these awesome fashion and style blogs as well:
    • A Cup of Joe
    • Ain’t No Mom Jeans
    • Atlantic-Pacific
    • Capitol Hill Style
    • Cupcakes and Cashmere

  6. I started using Feedly a month ago on my iPad and iPhone. It’s so beautiful compared to google reader, which I’ve been using for 3 years (or so). It’s taken some time to get used to Feedly, I kept accidently marking all of the posts as “read” before I actually read them. After playing with the interfaces and settings I’d say I’m pleased with Feedly overall.

  7. When I heard about the end of Google Reader, I tried Bloglovin’ at first but then read about Feedly. Decided to try them both. It only took a day to realize Feedly was a much better choice for me. As others have said, the interface takes some getting used to, but now I am very happy with Feedly – it’s MUCH better than Reader ever was. And I read way too many blogs: Cup of Jo, Hollywood Housewife, Design Mom, Atlantic-Pacific, Chez Larsson, Little Green Notebook, A Beautiful Mess…..

  8. I usually use Bloglovin as my reader, but I have heard good things about Feedly and have been meaning to check it out! I also use MailChimp to email readers from my blog as well. Some of my favorite blogs are:

    The Daily Muse
    Blissful B Blog
    A Beautiful Mess
    Smitten Kitchen
    The Nourishing Gourmet
    Lovely Indeed
    Carissa Gallo Photography
    Izzie Rae Photography
    Money Saving Mom

    Happy reading!

  9. El

    I use feedly! I love it, and it’s so pretty, but I have to click through to see full posts and images on some blogs (like yours & Joanna Goddard’s) which is a pain when I’m trying to discreetly catch up at the office—I haven’t fully figured out all the settings yet!

  10. AnnM

    I’m at such a loss and disappointed with Google over their decision. I have followed your blog for a long time and don’t want to lose touch with the wrong reader.
    (And here comes the honesty part:)
    I am befuddled how Feedly has developed such a widespread thumbs up. Does Google secretly own it? I am looking for a reader that will :
    1. import my GReader tags (AND tagged articles – most of which have more than 1 tag)
    2. allow me to add multiple tags to an article (keyword: multiple. Not single)
    3. allow me to access articles by said tag(s)
    Anything other is a complete dealbreaker and it sickens me the YEARS of saving articles, recipes, how-to’s, gift ideas etc, etc (including from your beautiful blog) by tags will just be tossed in the trash and forever gone if I don’t find a reader that does this. :-/

    • Ashley

      Argh! Those are great questions! I can’t say I’ve used the tag feature, so I’m not sure. Going forward, you sound like a great candidate for Pinterest, but I really don’t know about importing tags. That said, in the meantime be sure to download your feed data:

      (And thank you for the kind words!)

      • AnnM

        Thank you for the link, Ashley. I know I’m not alone and am hopeful that some of the top Reader contenders will have something in place for folks who have been tagging articles, photos and blog posts and don’t want to lose their treasures. :)