Ginger Syrup? Yes, please!


Aron likes to tease me about what could be called an addiction to ginger. Pickled, candied, fresh-and-spicy, or mixed with rum for a Dark & Stormy… I love it all. My new favorite find is Morris Kitchen‘s Ginger Syrup, which comes in the prettiest little brown bottle with a letterpressed label. Sister and brother, Kari and Tyler Morris, make the syrup in Brooklyn in batches of 100 (we picked up bottle no. 52/100 at Marlow & Daughters this weekend). Just ginger and sugar. So far I’ve been having spoonfuls with sparkling water, but I’m thinking it would be delicious with vanilla ice cream and fresh pineapple. Beautiful and delicious.

Fun trivia: Kari used to work at Foreign Cinema, this amazing restaurant in San Francisco where you eat under the stars and watch classic films projected against a white-washed wall. Aron and I had one of our first “splurge” dinners there. Tyler is a chef at the Breslin (at the Ace Hotel). I hear they host monthly suppers, too. 

Must learn more.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Oh what a cute little bottle! I mainly eat ginger peel with soups, you should try it. It gives it a kick.
    Thanks for the fun trivia, you are lucky to have family in the restaurant business. I have a friend in Brooklyn maybe I will pass your link and see if he is interested to purchase a few. How much are they?

  2. I think I definitely need to try this out! Thanks for your comments on my blog the other day. I was not in town for macaron day… so sad I missed it!

  3. Oops–was that misleading? Not my sister and brother, but a cute little family duo all the same! Ours was $10; your friend can follow the Morris Kitchen link and it lists some shops. Yum!

  4. That is perfect! I love the idea of adding it to water! That's great! I would love some of that… I'm that girl that when eating sushi eats my share and anyone else's shares as well… love that stuff!

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! glad you enjoyed, the eagle creek packers are truely amazing! Your blog is super-cute! Granted I'm not a NYC-er (yet 😉 ) but I don't know if you have been there yet – but I ate at this greeeat little italian cafe in soho – Cafe Falai – if you haven't been there yet, you should check it out! Fresh and authentic (key!!) italian ingredients. Even have a 2 course lunch pre-fixe for $20!

    Keep up the great work on the blog, I'll be sure to check in next time I'm back in the city!

    • jkh March 14, 2011 Um, take it from an old lady who lived trughoh the free-wheeling 60′s and 70′s without catching an STD or being raped. You don’t let a man pick you up at your home, you don’t let him drop you off at your home, and you don’t invite him into your home until you’ve had more than a couple of meetings. Bad pennies do turn up again.

  6. i don't know if I have an addiction to ginger but I REALLY like it in sweets and savory. I even grow it – although the harvest is fairly meager since I do not have the 10 to 12 frost-free & WARM months required for a good yield.

    Yes, I bet it would be good over ice-cream or IN ice-cream…

  7. The ginger syrup in vanilla ice cream sounds absolutely spectacular!

    Note to self:
    *Buy ginger syrup
    *Buy vanilla ice cream
    *make sure to combine.
    *make sure to enjoy.

    I wonder if it's a great substitute to put in ginger tea detoxes? Or…you should probably get the real the real thing, hm?

  8. Thanks for the comment today…mostly because it brought me to your site and this post…I love, love, love ginger. My husband is grossed out everytime we go to sushi. Plus I cook with it whenever I can. So bottom line…I must get this syrup. Must. Thanks for the tip!