Gift Guide for Guys


It can be hard to shop for a guy (or so I’ve been told). Here are some very special gifts I would want–not cheap, but not extravagant.  I hope this helps!

Starting from the top left:

This 50mm Canon lens is a bargain, and will give you a beautiful depth-of-field. It’s also great for low-light conditions. If price is less of an issue for you, you might get this 50mm lens–a more professional version with a more professional price tag.

Its hard not to admire a simple, attractive (and classic) timepiece.

Anyone who listens to music, but especially those with an iPhone, will love the Bose earbuds with microphone . After getting used to these, I have a hard time actually holding my phone up to my head.  I love Bose, though a friend recommended the Bang & Olufsen 3i, which are supposed to be great, too.

Lookmatic has very affordable, but cool sunglass frames.

The two pairs of shoes pictured are by a Los Angeles-based company called Generic Surplus. These shoes can be found here and here.

For an alternative to run-of-the-mill pomade, this Tancho Tique does the trick.

For anyone who likes to cook, a proper chef’s knife is essential; it’s the only knife you truly need in the kitchen. A good chef’s knife can last a lifetime, and Shun makes an extremely sharp one, crafted using similar techniques  as those used to make Samurai swords.

Not pictured, but also very cool, is Apple’s wireless back-up hard drive. While everyone needs more storage space, no one needs more wires.


Lastly (and now to make even a gift guide cheesy):  if you give anything to him with love, he will love it.


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Let’s Discuss

  1. That lens is ridiculously cheap! Darn, I wish I had a Canon. I have a Sony and those lenses cost more than the camera! Grrr….

    Great gift guide. I have no clue what to give my husband although those shoes are looking more and more likely.

  2. We are obsessed with Shun knives! We especially love the Ken Onion line; we have the chef’s knife and multi-use serrated knife of those, and the regular paring knife. Totally worth the high price tag if you like to cook!