Gem and Stone


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I keep coming back to look at these gorgeous prints from Jenifer Altman’s recent book, Gem and Stone: Jewels of Earth, Sea, and Sky. I think they’d look amazing hung in a pair, at large scale. I actually first came to find the print shop by way of her silk scarves, printed with the same images. Aren’t they incredible?

Gem and Stone

[Top images from Gem & Stone print shop; bottom images fromĀ Cisthene]

Here are a few other things I’ve been coming back to lately:

I’d really like to try these Dutch Baby Pancakes.

Brownstoner’s new Upstater column is well-timed considering the apparent exodus from Brooklyn.

I love the tunes options on this cute car pillow. I’d go with Blowin’ In the Wind.

This is a great option for a unisex diaper bag. (Here are some options I liked and the diaper bag I ended up choosing when I was pregnant. And what I carried in my diaper bag.)

Cool mom award.

Students at Columbia University are stealing Nutella! A lot of it! (But apparently less than the NY Times first reported.)

One of the New Yorker’s most-read articles last year was about Paul Haggis’ departure from the Church of Scientology. (It was crazy!) I’m going to read Lawrence Wright’s novel about the Scientology, Going Clear, for a book club. Has anyone read it?


And I’m also blogging about Travel for Babble! This week:
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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jessie

    As a Columbia student, I haven’t seen anyone blatantly stealing the nutella….but I can sure say it tastes good on my morning toast!

    • Ashley

      So glad to hear he enjoyed it. It looks long… Hope I can finish it before our next book club!

  2. hard to believe those gem and rock prints are from nature. i love when that happens. when something natural is so beautiful it looks like it has to be manufactured to look so good. does that make sense? even though nature is always the most beautiful!