Drive-thru Joshua Tree


In all my years of visiting Palm Springs, I’d never been to Joshua tree–which is crazy! You drive just 45 minutes or so out of downtown and–poof–you’re in a stunning National Park! We didn’t bring a carrier and so, traveling with a toddler who hikes at a rate of about six-steps-forward, five-steps-back (seriously: watch the video), we opted for the drive-thru version, or Joshua-Tree-lite. At least we’ll pretend that I would have been waaaay more hardcore otherwise. Ha!

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Joshua Tree was definitely one of our favorite stops during our road trip last year. Although, we hit the area in late summer – we didn’t last long on our hike before running back to the car for some air conditioning!

    • Ashley

      I’ll bet! I think that’s one reason I hadn’t been–we always went in the summer for the cheap rooms. And all you want to do is sit in the pool.

  2. I’ve lived in SoCal pretty much my whole life and have STILL never been to Joshua Tree. It’s definitely one of those destinations on my to-do list!

  3. “Joshua Tree-lite!” I love it! I’ve never been anywhere West (except for San Francisco) but my husband and I have grand dreams of dragging our three boys out to explore all the beautiful national parks we can imagine… once they are old enough to trek around, that is!

    • Ashley

      Such a great goal! We loved the Southwest road trip we took a few years back. It was a fantastic loop thru Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Of course I’m partial to Yosemite, but it can be a bit mobbed sometimes. We’ve had some nice trips in the fall before it’s TOO cold.