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Our own little young MC was looking ready to bust a move with some street performers–in half of his new Polarn O. Pyret stripes set–the other day in Washington Square Park. He fit right in! PO.P (one of our sponsors) sent him the matching top and bottom for Christmas jammies, but we’ve been using them as separates¬† all week. I really do love the Swedish company’s children’s clothes and am excited that they are opening up two brick-and-mortar shops in New York–one in Tribeca and one on the Upper West Side. Their saying that “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing” is something my friend Amy first said to me when I was moving to the East Coast, and I try to keep it in mind all winter. (DesignMom wrote a much more extensive post about the brand that made me curious about their clothes a while back.) This weekend is supposed to be sunny, but quite chilly. Time to start pulling out the right clothing.

Also, Aron asked me to marry him six years ago today! Surest “Yes” ever. Have a cozy weekend, all of you!

Here are some of my recently starred items (and a couple of other things):
It can be so wonderful following Stephanie down the rabbit hole.
Joanna makes the best gift guides! One day, when we have a yard, I want the glow-in-the-dark bocce ball.
I do think our neighbors might kill us, but holy geez this is the sweetest thing ever.
Liz shows you 10 ways to DIY a glass ornament; of course I want to make time capsules. (Even though I already save  and document everything.)
An apres-ski igloo? Awesome.
If I ever make space for trivets, these will be the ones.
Also, if I were ever to get around to making an advent calendar, this
Priceless post-its. (via Abbey)
I’ve been wanting a new Castor&Pollux wallet, but now I’m also eyeing their maggie bracelet for future wish lists. (via Joslyn and momfilter)
Jamie’s trip to Disneyland produced some awesome photo-videos. (What are those called?)
Such cute family photos!
Congrats to Will on his West Elm feature and thank you so much for mentioning us!
And, finally, here’s how the whole thing goes. Because if you’re like me, you’re now stuck on “Ok Smarty, go to a party…”

Someone should do th...
Wedding shoes
Haircut photos and c...
Capay Valley Almond ...
Father's Day Gift Gu...

Let’s Discuss

  1. Great list. Love the goodbye video by Leigh. (Oh, and Jamie calls them “cinemagraphs,” I believe.) Congrats on the anniversary of your engagement! Have a great weekend. xo.

  2. Aw, such a great day and anniversary for you guys!

    That “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing” saying is just one of a handful of Swedish sayings that drives me totally nuts. My dad (a true Swede through and through) says it often, much to my chagrin. The only reason we say this all the time is because there IS such a thing as bad weather and it’s home is Sweden. We need these sayings to get through the (very long) winter, I guess… Hey, at least we make awesome baby clothes! :-)

  3. your note about saving + documenting everything caught my attention… are you are ascrapbooker? would love to talk scrap “shop” with you!

    • Ashley

      Wish I could talk scrap shop, but I can’t say I’ve done any scrapbooking. I did used to make elaborate photo albums, but now the blog is my main documentation. I guess what I was thinking of is that we take a million photos, and yet I also do things like save movie stubs in pockets, keep wine labels, stash greeting cards, etc etc. I am a consummate nostalgic.

  4. My daughter wears Polaren O. Pyret to keep warm in the bitter cold here. They’re a great brand. I’d never heard of them before moving to Iceland (and having a baby), but it’s a very popular here. That saying about there not being bad weather, only bad clothes seems to be a very Scandanvian sentiment, as children are often left to nap outside in their prams in all kinds of weather. If we focus on the bad weather, we would never go outside — a little sad, but true!

  5. So funny you would quote that song. Just heard it tonight for the first time in a LONG time. I have to say (though some of you might not like hearing it), I often agree with that saying. There really is something to be said for the right clothing. It makes every bit of difference. Our winter standbys are cashmere and wool, all the way