Healthy Kids: AT&T and Make-A-Wish


This weekend I had the honor of delivering $3500 worth of tech goods to the YMCA of Yolo County on behalf of AT&T!

Remember when I told you that I got the chance to go to Camp Mighty because AT&T wanted to help me do something philanthropic? AT&T partnered with the Make-A-Wish® foundation this year to make a difference and the YMCA currently has a program called Healthy Kids that’s all about getting kids active and empowered to make healthy choices for the rest of their lives. We all wanted to help make that happen.

We brought them tons of FitBit activity trackers that can sync with the directors’ new tablets (!) and give the participants insights to their health and a couple sets of iHome speakers for group fitness activities. They have promised to send me photos of the kids using their new devices and getting fit!

If you’re interesting in learning more about the partnership between AT&T and Make-A-Wish®, check out AT&T’s Wish-A-Day Sweepstakes: they are sponsoring a daily wish from November 23rd through December 20th for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

[Photo from Camp Mighy, receiving funds from AT&T, taken by JETKAT photo. Pictured from left: Sarah Bryden-Brown, Meghan Myszkowski, Laura Mayes, Beth Blecherson, Melanie Biehle, Alice BradleyHeather Spohr, Ashley Muir Bruhn (me), Amber Doty, Maggie Mason, and Jaime Morrison Curtis.]

Have a fun weekend!
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Crumpled City Maps (and some Friday links)


What are you up to this weekend? I feel like the opportunity cost of weekend plans in December is high–there are so few days to embrace the holidays, no pressure or anything. We’re talking about spending Saturday in San Francisco (the weather should be beautiful and maybe we’ll go to this), and we’ll also be celebrating the anniversary of our engagement (Aron has secret plans).

When we head to San Francisco, I like to toss a Crumpled City map in my bag–just in case. Have you seen these? They’re brilliant. And awesome: it’s virtually unrippable, and completely waterproof, and is designed to be opened and closed over-and-over without any thought given to proper folding.

A dozen or so Crumpled city maps are available on Amazon (around $10), including Paris, New York, London, Berlin and, of course, San Francisco. There’s also a Crumpled City Junior edition–I’ll have to get the Paris one for Hudson next time we’re lucky enough to go.

Here are a few other things that have caught my eye lately:

Pigeon-hunting catfish!? Wild! These non-indigenous, usually-nocturnal catfish have adapted to pounce on pigeons along the banks of the Tarn in Southern France. What a fascinating look at adaptation.

I finally started checking out books for Hudson at the library to avoid overspending on children’s titles and after a few nights with this borrowed copy of Caillou: Things That Go!, Hudson hugged it and kissed all the vehicles goodnight. Non-spending resolve, be damned–I think we might need to buy him that book.

My Preston glasses have gone missing. Again. Luckily they’re from Warby Parker and cost just under $100, but it’s still painful. Have you ever ordered glasses online? They have a brilliant “home try-on” program. I also like the Mallory frames a lot.

I’ve been thinking about putting up some wallpaper in Hudson’s room again, but I’d really like to go the temporary route. I was so excited to see this resource on Jenny’s blog.

Speaking of whom, Jenny’s cabinet makeover is beyond amazing. Check out the jaw-dropping before-and-afters.

These painterly images on Miss Moss are gorgeous. How does she do it?

I promise I want to start sharing more images of our new home soon. It’s such a work-in-progress. (I love the vibe in these images of Solange’s home, btw.)

So many brilliant advent calendars out there right now. But doesn’t this one sound so sweet?

What’s your feeling on All Inclusive vacations? They definitely have their place! (Fewer decisions + no additional spending=true relaxation?)

On the other hand, how soon can we go here?

I’ve just signed up for Luvocracy. Have you checked it out? I’ll give you a more thorough opinion in a week or so–after I’ve played around with it more–but I think it has amazing potential. Check out Joy’s post about it, for more detail. (BTW, if you do decide to request an invite to sign up, it would be awesome if you went through this link!)

Have a great weekend! (No pressure.)

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Happy Friday!


Guess what? Our photograph (which first appeared in our post, “The Highline. Part Two.“), is on the back cover of the Highline’s Fall Newsletter–sent out to friends and supporters of the park. We just got our copies in the mail and they look great!

What do you have planned for the weekend? We’re going to start getting our Christmas decorations out. Last night we walked downtown for Davis’s annual tree lighting celebration. The University band played, Santa was there, children held candles and went to free screenings of the Grinch at an old theatre–and somehow a sizable crowd gathered in spite of some pretty crappy weather (bah humbug). So I think the holiday season is truly here. It’s December 1st tomorrow: time to get a tree! And this will be the first year we have our own home for stringing lights.

Hope you have a good one!

P.S. Hudson’s super-awesome babysitter (from when we were in New York), wrote about reaching for her dreams. For the New York Times! So inspiring.

Happy New Year!
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Hello from Camp Mighty



I got back late last night from Palm Springs, where I spent the past three-and-a-half days participating in Camp Mighty at the Ace Hotel. The official tag line is “Camp Mighty is a retreat for people who like to make cool things happen,” and I met some amazing people doing very cool things. For example, the woman making the impromptu, would-be Breck hair commercial with me here? That’s Jeanne Lewis, the CEO and co-founder of Creative Bug–a startup that aims to be the go-to source for online art and craft instruction. Like so many of the people I met, she had infectious enthusiasm about what is possible.

Some of my favorite bumper-sticker moments of the talks? Ben Silbermann, the founder of Pinterest, was the keynote speaker (with the sweetest family–seriously, we’re going to talk more about his mother-in-law sometime) and led with “Inspiration is contagious. But so is self-doubt.” Isn’t that so true? You know, I never mention it, but I think about how I should stop blogging just about every day. Self-doubt. So tricky.

Jordan Ferney struck a cord with many people when she said that “the chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want in the moment.” She made me want to post goals on my fridge! And from Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess: If you are doing something no one hates, no one will love it.”

There was also a business-tip trading session at one point and it was fascinating to hear from people whose experience ranged from working behind the desk at their parents’ laundry business all their lives to selling their little startup called Hootsuite. (Have you heard of it?) “Do what you do best, and hire out the rest” was the tip from Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked.


I got the chance to go because AT&T is going to help me do something philanthropic, to help me give back–and I’ll share more about that soon–so meeting these (very friendly) cool people who are doing very cool things at this oh-so-cool place, well this was really just icing.

P.S. Maggie Mason, who started Mighty Events (and who is also a UCDavis alum!), just launched Go Mighty–a site for sharing your life list and inviting brands to make things on it happen. Check it out. And for a couple more smile booth pics, check my twitter feed @ashleymuirbruhn.


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West Elm Market (and some Friday links)


I was too late: I spotted these planters on Design*Sponge last week (don’t they look a lot like the ones I admired at Architectural Pottery?), but they have already sold out. Bah humbug.

Still, the search led me to about a dozen other things worth coveting at West Elm’s new store, West Elm Market, a curated collection of home essentials (planters, pots, dustbins, and the like) from big and small brands. Its selection reminds me a lot of that of a shop I used to love visiting in Williamsburg, Brook Farm General Store. 

Here are just a few other things I’ve been thinking about:

The other best pots I’ve found (like those by Architectural Pottery) are the Case Study Planters at Modernica.
Is there an interesting story behind this sweet photo?
When the time comes to eat oysters in Tomales Bay, I’d like to stay here.
Diane Keaton is SO beautiful. I’ve heard great things about her new book, House.
Nerdy math jokes. 
I’ve worn my beloved AG jeans into the ground and need a new pair. Sort of intrigued by this roll-up version in my favorite cut, Stilt.

Finally, my mighty life list (100 things I want to do) is due today and I’m not finished! Quick, what are a couple of things you would put on a life list?? It’s not as easy as it first seems.

Have a great weekend!

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Date night


We had a wonderful babysitting arrangement our last few months in Manhattan: every week–I think it was Tuesdays–we had our babysitter Courtney come over around 5 or 6 and free us up for a date night, and then–on Friday or Saturday night–we’d do an exchange with friends in our building after the little ones were asleep. We’d sit in their apartment while their baby slept or vice versa.

Knowing we had a date every week took some of the pressure off. We went on some pretty amazing outings (sailing on the Hudson, scaling the Empire State building, catching sunset from Riverside park) but we could also just go on a walk around the West Village with a bag of Swedish candy and fall into a candlelit bar. Spontaneity was often the best part of it.

To be honest, I used to be sort of oddly opposed to the concept of “date nights.” When it was just Aron and I, every night was sort of a special date, right? It felt that way, at least. Why the need to name it? But while we do get a few hours every night for adult conversation after Hudson goes to bed, it’s so much nicer when we can plan to spend an entire evening together–to be, well, spontaneous. It has to be, quite literally, a “date night.”

We now have some babysitters we’re comfortable with here in Davis, so we’ve scheduled one to come every Friday night.


It’s a little harder to “fall into” a cool bar here, but we’ve been having fun. Aron planned our first (to Ella and the K-Street Cabaret to see this super-charming show that was one of the longest running off-Broadway musicals in history), I took us on a walk downtown for dinner and a movie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower was so evocative of being a teenager), and this past Friday we tried a delicious, seasonal restaurant based in an old bread factory in downtown Sacramento–Magpie. (Isn’t that a cute name? Hudson made bird sounds when he saw my photo of the ever-changing menu on my phone.) This Friday we’re heading to dinner at a new friend’s house!

We imagine that some nights might even take us into Napa or into the Bay, but even just a few hours at a nearby cafe make such a difference.

Do you have a date night routine?

P.S. Don’t forget to vote!

[Update: shoe pictured–Camper Women’s Ankle-Strap Sandal]

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Mouth-watering banana cake (and some Friday links)


The banana cake with mocha frosting I made Aron for his birthday was made with love, and tasted awfully good, but it didn’t win any marks for looks. I think I want every cake I make from here on out to look, instead, more like this one from The Roaming Kitchen. Wowzers. Looks and sounds delicious–and it’s made in a tin can! (Thanks to Shoko for leading me to this. Yeah, thanks a lot.)

A few other things that have been on my mind lately:

Alex Williams’ hilarious bit for the New York Times on how we’re all saying “Cheers” lately.

The Goodyear House (by Harvard Five architect John Johansen) is for sale.

I’m headed to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks for Camp Mighty! And I’m so happy to finally check out the Ace Hotel. Who else is going? It’s going to be my first trip without the baby–eek! I’m equal parts nervous and excited.

Pardon my language, but Lacy pumpkins and the like always make me want to quote Colin Nissan: “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, M** F**”

Awesome people hanging out together. 

Gwyneth Paltrow released a GOOP guide to Brooklyn. (Oh and I know it’s a controversial subject, but I love Gwyneth.)

And while G.P. made me miss New York, the Remodelista Guide to “West Marin and Beyond” is getting me so excited for daytrips around our new home base!

Remember those great rain boots I found last year? There’s a slip-on version, too. I’d choose navy or black, but a bolder choice would be the mini Lynx.

The cutest ballet dancer wears a crown.

A good friend of mine is about to have a baby, so I’ve been revisiting my new baby essentials list for gift ideas.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

[Cake images by Cristina Sciarra for her site, the roaming kitchen]
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Architectural Pottery (and some Friday links)


Something I was really hoping I might run into at the Alameda Flea was an under-appreciated stash of Architectural pottery. No such luck. I think folks are pretty tuned in to these planters’ appeal (and value): a pair of vintage pots is on sale on 1st dibs for $1600. Vessel makes new ones in the $300 range, but that’s still wild! Aren’t they beautiful, though? I’d just take the plain white cylinder like he’s holding. Nothing fancy. Okay?

Here are some other things I’ve been thinking about sharing this week:

Hudson loves to sit in the backyard and watch the birds fly over at dusk. He even “caws” with the crows. I think he’d love this Flensted Swallow mobile.
On the subject of his room, I toyed with the idea of going all out nautical with the whole Hudson theme, but it turns out “no-theme” is probably more my style.
A tutorial for painting over laminate–i.e. your Ikea Lack side table.
Not that any of us should really be making donuts, but these kind are my favorites!
I finally have a frame for this lovely cacti print. I just have to get over my commitment issues and start hanging things!
This playhouse turned out so pretty! Aron and I both had playhouses growing up and would love to set one up for Hudson. (This one is pretty cool and would be era-appropriate. If only it weren’t so pricey!)
Interested in killing an hour browsing through wonderful old images? Try your luck here.
We ordered Neutra typeface numbers for our house, and in my web search I came across this wacky font-related video (thanks,  Atomic Indy)
We’re feeling nostalgic about the autumn weekends we spent at the Kaaterskill, celebrating Aron’s birthday. It’s nearly that time of year again. I wish we could sneak off  there.
And finally, we chose a Halloween costume for Hudson and I can barely contain myself. (He’s going to be so sweet!) But wasn’t it just a few months ago that he was a little infant shark?? What plans do you have in the works?
Have a nice weekend!

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Shopping the Alameda Flea


We got to the Alameda Antiques Faire a little later than is ideal. Somehow it takes us at least an hour to get out of the house, no matter how much strategizing we do the night before. Add to that the reluctance to wake a sleeping toddler early and the hour drive to Alameda from Davis and–shazam!–it’s suddenly 9am. Suffice to say, we probably missed out on some of the best scores to be had on Sunday.

Still, we had a really nice time looking around–especially for rugs–and came home with a beautiful 60″ George-Nelson-bench reproduction. And some very nice readers stopped to say hello and welcome us to the west coast! How nice is that?!

Here were some of my favorite sights…

Of course the stunning views of San Francisco, across the bay, were one of the best parts of the morning. Somehow we’ve been really lucky lately when it comes to flea markets in amazing locations (like this one and this one).

P.S. We brought along detailed measurements of our home just in case. I love this “prepare for serendipity”-kit Victoria assembles for flea market hunts.

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City Modern (and some Friday links)


[41 Bond Street in SoHo]

My copy of Dwell arrived with a supplement this month: New York Magazine and Dwell have partnered to create City Modern, “A Celebration of New York Design.” This Saturday and Sunday, they’re hosting home tours in Brooklyn and Manhattan (for a pretty penny, I’m afraid). I was especially interested to see that 41 Bond is on the list of homes being toured. The building is one of the city’s most interesting new constructions, in my opinion; I love the use of greenery throughout the design. Abbey snapped these photos of it with my phone one morning after breakfast as part of her lovely series, “Daily Dose of Green.”

Here are some things I’ve been starring (some for, oh, forever) with the intention of sharing. Let’s see if I can get better about making weekly lists…

What a beautiful call to arms.

There is no end to the talent of the Hovey sisters. Wallpaper? Interior decorating? Brokering? And now a book? I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Heirloom Modern.

And speaking of books, Congratulations to Joy! I’m sure it was a great Q&A in SF last night–was someone tweeting the tips?

I’ve kind of given up on keeping my own spice jars, but these pretty labels could change my mind.

I love listening in on people’s guilty tv-watching confessions. Aron and I are total Breaking Bad junkies right now, and it’s pretty much all I watch now that I keep the TV off all day around Hudson. But Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Parenthood, 30 Rock, and The Office are some of my favorites. And then every now and then I get sucked into a season of The Bachelorette, or a gone-by series like Friday Night Lights or Felicity.

Rebecca is inspiring me to pull out our panini press again with these recipes. Last time we used it was for this picnic… eons ago.

Speaking of cooking. It’s time to start breaking in our kitchen in earnest. The “we haven’t unpacked the pots and pans” excuse is a no-go now. Could you last on a 30-day challenge?

I love Rachael‘s family photo at the start of her Boston guide for Bridget’s blog. The uncorked bottle of wine. The classic Volvo on the edge of a precipice. The babe in dad’s arms. And mom’s expression: how do you read it? What’s the story there? To me, it feels so emblematic of a road trip with a baby. I love it.

Quill boxes. Fascinating.

Talk about mom crush. Congrats, Joslyn!

This Hi/Low take on the classic Hermes watch is pretty awesome. And isn’t this gray sapphire ring gorgeous? Sapphire is my birthstone. Just saying.

What a clever way to get your two-year-old started on the habit of sending Thank-you cards.

I totally failed to finish the Sling Diaries. Blame it on Bali! (But thank you, Leigh, for not outing me in your roundup!)

New York in the ’80s.

Since buying a new home, my time spent on Pinterest has risen exponentially. You can follow me here.

Have a good weekend! Any fun plans? I’m excited to go to the Alameda Flea Market–we just missed it last month!

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Dutchi 8



We’re still getting settled in and there are about a million and one things we’d like to buy for the house, but priority number one was getting me (and Hudson) a bike. Twist my arm.

Aron is using our car to commute to work and so, thus far, I have been doing everything on foot or bike–the latter of which is especially convenient in Davis. Davis is renowned for its bike culture: nearly 90% of the city’s primary roads have bike paths. Even the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame chose to make the city its home, noting that Davis is recognized as a “Platinum” Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists and was once named America’s best city for biking. Anyway, point being that Hudson and I were to be getting around the city on two wheels every day, and I needed a new, super-reliable bike.

I started looking when we were in New York, and would go describe my needs in terms like this: where I’m going it’s fairly flat, but there are stop signs everywhere (and who knows when we might take off for a more hilly destination like Napa?), so a 3-speed is minimum and an 8-speed would be ideal. It’s California, so the weather is nice but it does rain so something with long front and rear fenders and an internal gear box is preferable. I don’t want to wear an ugly ankle strap, so I’d like it to have a chain guard. I won’t be carrying it up stairs or loading it in and out of a car much, but I should be able to lift it if required. I’ll be carrying my one-year-old and would also like to be able to bring home groceries and what-not, so it has to be able to safely support me and another 40 lbs without issue.

Oh, and I really, really want it to be pretty.

They suggested the Linus without missing a beat. And so far me and Hudson and the Dutchi 8-speed Linus are one happy little family.


P.S. Hudson is riding in the BoBike Mini Front Child Seat.

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Fourth of July in New York City


This year’s fireworks from Chelsea piers–just across the inlet from Katy Perry, Kenny Chesney, and a surprising number of people on stilts.

Ashley and I are always a little bitter about Macys’ hijacking the public parks along the waterfront for the city’s celebration–the cost, I suppose, of a free show–but what a celebration it is. This year was as spectacular as any!

The fireworks scared Hudson at first, but once he got used to them, he happily watched with his headphones (brought along to protect his young ears from loud sounds). In spite of blaring yacht horns, thunderous explosions, screams (and cheers of “hearts and smiley faces, hearts and smiley faces”) all around, he was passed out just ten minutes into the 30 minute show–and stayed asleep through morning. It was a great night!

The past three years’ celebrations: 2011, 2010, and 2009.

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Going Dutch


A few weeks back, Aron and I shared an amazing meal at The Dutch. In fact, we had one of our favorite desserts of late: warm curry donuts with a large cup of butterscotch pudding. The donuts were rolled–we decided–in curry powder, salt, and sugar; the spot-on butterscotch pudding was topped with peanut and cardamom brittle. Amazing.

But here’s the crazy bit: After we devoured the two donuts (one for each of us) and stopped “mmmm”-ing long enough to say just how amazing we thought they were, Aron confessed that his enjoyment was slightly hampered by not knowing how much of the dessert portion was his.

Record scratch: What!?

But as crazy as I think he is for letting this interfere with his enjoyment of the very shareable donut dessert in question, I do get it. How fast or slow could he go with the pudding? How many bites did he have left? He likes to build to the perfect last bite and apparently (even after years of my learning that I need to mentally draw a line down the middle of whatever we’re sharing, lest I get the stink eye) my spoon was just moving too fast for comfort.

What crazy eccentricities do you (or your partner or friend) have about sharing? Do you secretly hate it when people suggest sharing (like Joey on Friends)?

P.S. I’m doubling over in laughter right now, because I showed this text to Aron and he said: “Wait. Why ‘What!?’ I don’t get it. Will anyone else get it? It’s not crazy. I’m normal.”


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Sponsor highlight: Pinhole Press


[Salsa dancing at our wedding, May 2007]

When we got married, we decided to forgo the wedding album in favor of devoting all of our photo budget to the photographer. Kasey Lennon used all film and sent us something like 400 prints as well as scanned every negative so that we could have digital copies. The plan was to then print a few favorites at larger sizes and make our own album right away. That was the plan.

Here it is, five years later: still no wedding album. I get the impression that this is pretty common.

There are two main reasons for the hold-up. First, I love Kasey’s prints. The negatives don’t reflect her processing, with burned edges and a slight sepia for the black-and-whites. The balance in the color images even looks better. So I want to have some of the actual prints professionally scanned. Second, I either would still need to select photos for printing, choose sizes, compose and make an album, or I’d need to find a photo-book maker whose digital prints/photo book worked equally well. I wanted to find the latter, but had struggled.

Then, a few weeks ago at a brunch, while admiring once again the beautiful Mohawk papers that Pinhole Press uses (we really do love their products and routinely buy them to give as gifts), I decided that I would finally make that album for our fifth wedding anniversary!

It was the 12th. I’m a little late.

But I’m still committed to finally finishing this! They have a new Wedding Collection and a new Panoramic Photo Book design that will be perfect! (It lays flat and the organization of the album can be manipulated by choosing unique layouts for every page.) I wish I had images of a finished product to show you.

One day.  Soon!

Pinhole Press
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Paris this weekend?


I snapped this shot from a cab the other night; I can’t believe I’ve yet to go to the Paris theatre. I’ve been told that it’s such a romantic space in which to see a movie. Incidentally, I was on my way home from a chocolate chip cookie tasting party (I know!), and mine took second prize!

Then last night, to humble me a bit and bring me down from my big win, I met up with an amazing group of women to talk about blogging and media and taste Rosé (but I must admit that my cookie win–I bested Momofuku!–did come up).

So while I’m tooting my horn, let me also slip in that ebay’s The Source just interviewed me. So nice! It’s been a good, albeit busy, week.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Sleep in, so that I can do so vicariously!


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Five years this Saturday…


Hard to believe, but this Saturday is our fifth wedding anniversary! And it’s the first time since we were married that the date falls on a Saturday. It seems fitting–the occasion really seems tied to a weekend.

I look forward to reminiscing every year about the planning and the excitement and the anticipation.

When we were planning the wedding, I wasn’t reading any blogs. Over the year-and-a-half we were engaged, I would get so excited for the seasonal Martha Stewart Weddings, because there weren’t things like Pinterest to browse for inspiration. It’s probably a good thing, really: how does one make any decisions with so many beautiful options and ideas?

We actually had so much fun taking our time and selecting everything ourselves. We would drive up to the Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez area from Los Angeles on weekends to taste cakes or scout locations, and we took any opportunity we could to go admire the Oak tree we would married under once we knew the spot.

We drove up to Los Olivos the Thursday before the wedding and with a flat of strawberries on my lap, the Pacific Ocean to our left, and wide goofy grins on our faces. Let the reminiscing commence…

P.S. There’s a photo of me with those strawberries in our DC travelogue.

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