Brooklyn comes to SF (and LA)


I may have mentioned that being in San Francisco on Saturday for the Remodelista market made Aron and I wax nostalgic for New York–just a little bit. (It happens. No surprise, right?) So I don’t know if it was better or worse that Heath’s display space was filled with goods for the home and table by Brooklyn-based artisans and designers (many of whom we have featured on Hither & Thither in the past–like leather satchels by Marlow Goods, and a canvas tote featuring our favorite restaurant, candies by Liddabit Sweets, and Ginger Syrup by Morris Kitchen).

But in fact, what’s remarkable is that the handmade culture that really started thriving in places like Portland and Brooklyn has taken hold across the country, and we can enjoy these makers–as well as so many others–right here in California. I’m looking forward to discovering a whole new set of “makers” on this coast.

If you’re in the area (or LA–the show runs simultaneously in Heath’s San Francisco and Los Angeles stores), you should definitely check it out. (As if Heath ceramics and tile weren’t reason enough.) And if you miss this event, it looks like there are going to be other special exhibits/retail events coming through on a regular basis.

Through January 13.

P.S. Jen Causey’s book, Brooklyn Makers, grew from her photo project “The Makers.” Have a look: the site is gorgeous! Meanwhile, I’ll be looking up the recipe for my favorite Beer & Pretzel Caramels in The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook ASAP.

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Have you heard of the Fort Mason Maker Fair? I think it’s called the Renegade Craft Fair now or something like that…but it’s yearly in the summers at Fort Mason and it is amaaaaazing. And it sounds like i need to go to the Remodelista Market!

    • Ashley

      Thanks, Sarah! I’m sorry to have to report that I haven’t been able to find the exact color in stores since having snapped up two pairs a couple of years back (they’re my favorite!). They’re Stilt by Adriano Goldschmied and they started out a bit black/blue and have sort of faded a bit. Here are the details on the tag: 98% cotton and 2% PU (they’re almost all cotton-denimn sort they’re nice and stiff to start and don’t have too much stretch). PO#AG-10047 BW4036.
      Good luck!

  2. Sarah

    THANKYOU x the ankle length look great.
    The sizes are in USA, would you know what a size 10 UK would be in the USA sizing.

    Happy Christmas