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I first heard of Blue Bottle when they opened a roaster in Williamsburg, back in 2010. West Coast-transpants were doing somersaults over the fact that their beloved (formerly) local coffee had come back their way. Somehow, even after they opened a cafe in Manhattan in 2012, we never tried it. Living in the East Village (and practically–equidistantly–around the corner from places like Ninth Street Espresso, Everyman, and Oste cafe), I never lacked for good lattes.

Now that we’re out West, I find myself needing to acquaint myself with some new roasters. (I’ve also heard raves for Ritual, Four Barrel, and–in Sacramento, woohoo!–Temple).

Blue Bottle has a relatively new kiosk at the Heath Ceramics factory, and so I first had a chance to try them when we made our way over to the Remodelista market, in November. No surprise here, but they easily rank in that top-cup-of-coffee category. I decided to make a return trip to take a few photos. (And chat-up the baristas–who were so friendly by the way. Don’t you find that too many baristas are overly intimidating in that too-hip-for-you sort of way? Ugh.)

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Everything is served, of course, in Heath ceramics. They have treats and granola from the Blue Bottle Kitchen in Oakland–it all sounded delicious and one of the baristas told me his favorite was the Olive Oil shortbread. They tout that they use single-origin milk (“100 percent Jersey, vat pasteurized, certified organic milk from St. Benoit’s herd in Sonoma county”) which made me chuckle a little (so Portlandia, right?), but this is certainly the sort of crazy thing that makes one feel attention is being paid. I believe there’s a restaurant in the works for Fall.

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The company just released a book with Ten Speed Press, The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee (with pastry recipes and various coffee-making know-how).

P.S. Dear Blue Bottle: Ever consider a shop in Davis?

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Yes, I loathe it when the baristas make me feel not cool enough, haha! Now you have me wondering what that sesame absinthe cigar tastes like :)

  2. Wow! This is so crazy! My good friend is taking me to her favorite coffee place tomorrow and she has been raving about the fact that they sell Blue Bottle coffee. It must be amazing! Can’t wait to try…

  3. yay! blue bottle is my favorite! although i drink ritual more often because of its proximity to my office in sf. but on weekends when i’m home in oakland, i love blue bottle.

  4. Ha, I love everything about this post (“so Portlandia”!). I spent five days in San Frnacisco back in October, and in that small trip I hit up Blue Bottle (ferry building) and Four Barrel twice each, among others. I’d love to check out the Heath location some day.

  5. The Blue Bottle + Heath pairing is brilliant. The gorgeous space is right around the corner from my husband’s office. My sister actually does the pastries for Blue Bottle’s NY locations and every time I visit I get ample helpings of the seasonal buckle and the s’more and the snickerdoodle (I’m beyond addicted)! Next time you are in San Francisco, go to Sightglass if you haven’t already been…you would love the building.

    • Ashley

      Will definitely check it out! Your sister’s gig sounds pretty awesome. (Or maybe better yet, being the sister to someone with said gig.)

    • Ashley

      Thanks for the tips! Will check them out! (Now if only some would make their way a bit closer to us.)

  6. CarolGK

    I never got around to trying Blue Bottle coffee here in NY. There are just so many great roasters (e.g., Stumptown) that one place seemed as good as the next to me. But if they serve coffee in Heath ceramic cups…that would do it for me. (Hopefully, Heath cups in NY as well as CA.)

    Also, Ashley, wanted you to know I love your blog although I never really thought of it as a Family & Kids blog. I guess it works for everyone!

    • Ashley

      Thank you so much! And I have to admit that I usually describe the blog as a “travel and lifestyle blog” and shy away from any mommy blog titles. But it’s true that it is probably also very much a family blog–so much of it is our family. I sort of wish our niche were more clear… But whatever it is, it’s nice to hear that you like it!

  7. Lindsey

    Try Philz Coffee if you ever have the chance (they have locations in SF and one in Berkeley, I believe). Every cup is brewed on the spot to your specific liking. I swear they add a little something *special* in each one too cause I’ve never enjoyed a cup of coffee so much 😉

    Love the blog, Ashley.

  8. I lived in Davis for five years (for school: Go Ags!) and I remember the day Peet’s opened at the Marketplace. Hallelujah! Being a Berkeley native, I had grown up with {quality} Peet’s coffee, and I enjoyed a celebration in the form of an overindulgent caffeinated latte binge. Onward & Upward! xoxo