Blood Oranges


While we were traveling in Costa Rica, we encountered lots of beautiful hardwood products. But it was hard to know whether these were examples of a sustainable practice or whether they were part of the reason the rainforests are in jeopardy. When we saw this bowl and saw that it was certified as sustainable, having been made from felled wood, I didn’t think we could pass it up.
This weekend, we made a blood orange salad so that we could use our new bowl. We also wanted to use an unusual cheese–which was a family-favorite growing up, and an Ashley-favorite as soon as she tasted it. Cougar Gold is made in Washington and then (unusually) canned, which helps preserve its rich, buttery, cheddary goodness much longer than it would be otherwise. Technically, oranges are a winter fruit, but there still seems something spring-like about citrus; and we need all the earmarks of seasonal transition we can get! So we opened a bottle of summery Rosé from and made a beautiful citrus salad on this icky-rainy night.

*P.S.–We’re playing around with a larger image size for the main page. Hope you like it!

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Thank you! They're actually not much different from regular oranges, but they do tend to be sweeter–so they pair really well with sharp cheeses. They also make for beautiful squeezed juice. (Pretty cocktails!) They're just particularly lovely, mostly.

  2. That looks delicious. I don't think I've ever tried a blood orange on its own. It's always been cut out for me or its liquid used in something, so I never knew the rinds were edible too!

  3. They're messy–and can stain! So if folks are cutting them up for you, I wouldn't shy away! (But sorry if the photo is misleading–the rinds aren't edible. I just threw in a couple slices for looks.)

  4. Omigosh, that salad looks wonderful. I love blood oranges. I would never though to pair them with a sharp cheddar, but I love to eat sweet grapes with sharp cheddar, so blood oranges would be delicious too.

    I'm heading off to the kitchen …

  5. oh my word that salad looks amazing!! and i bet it tasted equally as well! however, i'm so sad that i'm allergic to cheese because i totally want to try it now!

  6. mmmm. i love blood oranges.

    such a great blog.

    i'm envious of your travels. :) esp thailand, croatia and ireland. i haven't made it to those places {yet!}.

  7. my students flip out when i eat blood oranges at school ("its not orange how is it an ORANGE!? you must be a vampire") they are so delicious with cheese…
    ps-my friend with the tattoo isnt in grad school quite yet, hes finishing up his student teaching and then moving into a math teaching position.

  8. I am so in love with your blog! You guys have such a beautiful life and I love to read about it! That bowl is beautiful and the salad looked delicious! Thanks sharing, I might make it!

  9. Oh and by the way, do you grow your own oranges or buy them? I heard recently one of my friends was planning a blood orange tree but wasn't sure how sustainable they were.

  10. Wow, guys–thanks! And those of you who haven't tried blood oranges should definitely seek them out. Paige: I wish! Alas, no outdoor space for us in Manhattan. One day, maybe. I'm flattered by the question.

  11. That is a beautiful bowl. When did you go to Costa Rica? Isn't it gorgeous?

    I've never been able to eat a blood orange. It's the name and the way they look… they smell great, but I just can't do it. Still, that salad looks tasty..

    **Thanks, Aron, for you comment on my blog :)

  12. Understandable, I'm actually in AZ and we have a lot of outdoor space and an ideal climate for citrus. I've been struggling with the decision between Blood Oranges and Myer Lemons, any preference?
    (And by the way I am totally following you guys. Thanks Aron for the comment because it's lead me to this wonderful blog!!)

  13. Oh my. I love the look of that salad. As a Washington State grad living in Thailand you just made me realize how much I miss Cougar Gold. It's now on my list of things to smuggle back the next time I make it home.