Bangs? No bangs?


 Daria Werbowy Bangs

Aron is probably so tired of this question. (Though he has an opinion, I’ve finally discovered.)

You see I’m back to my usual dilemma stage… my hair is in that “side sweepy” bang stage (on a good day, something like this—if nothing like Daria Werbowy herself). Which always prompts me to ask him yet again, “bangs? no bangs?”

Maybe you recall that I carry around this image (from a March 2008 magazine!) for getting mine cut?

Here are some of the ladies who have me rushing in for trims…

Jane Birkin Bangs
Michelle Williams bangs

Jane Birkin and Michelle Williams (who makes one want to go all the way short again)

And a couple who make me think better of staying home.

Penelope Cruz Bangs

Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel (I’m definitely not over ombré)

Do you wear bangs? Favorite celebrity hair?

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Let’s Discuss

  1. i’d been a no bangs until my first year in college, and from there i go with the bangs.
    i think kate middleton has a gorgeous hair.

  2. I just went through this dilemma myself! I decided against getting bangs for now. My bangs have grown out and my hair is longer than it’s ever been, which of course means I suddenly feel like chopping all of it off. But I’m making myself wait until fall, so that I don’t have to deal with sweaty bangs through the rest of the summer weather. I also feel like I love bangs until I have them, and then I remember all over again that they make me look like I’m 17 – not good, since I’m 25 and work on a college campus and often get mistaken as a student anyway.

    • Ashley

      Sweaty bangs are the worst! I think I’m going to keep trimming mine for a bit, but even just all the swimming pool time is a bit more of a pain. Thank goodness for hats some days!

  3. May

    When your hair is up, bangs make you look younger than your regular young look. Maybe bangs with side braids tied in back or wispy to the side bangs.

  4. I have this conundrum every time I go get my haircut. I chopped off my hair into a very short bob with bangs in 2009 and it took until now to get it back to the length I really like (middle of my back). I also grew out my bangs which is always a pain. For now I’m going to remain bangs free. I try to choose a bunch of images of hair I like with bangs and without and I usually lean always more favorable to no bangs.

    goodluck with your choice! xo

    • Ashley

      Thanks! I used to take in a photo of Anne Heche (in the Ellen years) and get a totally short cut–a few inches all around. But it took FOREVER to grow out. I know the pain! Years!

  5. I will be in the chair and still not have made up my mind yet! I always go back and forth but am kind of going with long/non-bangs for summer because of the above-mentioned sweaty situation. Fall will bring a whole new level of consideration…

  6. Katie

    Keep rockin your bangs! I haven’t had them for years, but would if they looked like yours! What does Aron think?

    • Ashley

      Of course he’s very diplomatic and says he likes both, but he voted bangs this time around. And you’re very kind! Thank you!

  7. Sienna

    I fluctuated between fringe/no-fringe all my life, but for the last eight(ish) years I’ve had various kinds of a side-fringe, ranging from a swept-aside full fringe to a longer cheekbone-length style. Last summer I decided to grow it out and stuck with it through all the painful stages of growth until I gave up in February. I have a rather large forehead and not having some sort of fringe made it stick out, and my hair never looked “right.” At first I thought it was just until it grew longer, but after 6 months I realised that just wasn’t the case.
    tl;dr: If you haven’t tried growing your fringe out recently, have a go at it. It made me realise that for me, a fringe is the way forward.

  8. Nina

    Bangs all the way Ashley! They look really good with your hair up. I’ve had them for 5 years and I’m not thinking of growing them out. I have blond hair and I go for Brigitte Bardot, 60’s kind of look. I love when they are so long that I can do a little part in the middle of the forehead. In summer, when it’s hot and humid I make a side part and twist the bangs sideways and make a chignon – super easy and cute.

  9. I say bangs for the win! they make even the shabbiest hair day look like a hairstyle. Also have had them for a few years now and i’m never going back (also because they hide my huge forehead so nicely :-) )

  10. Sara

    For me the problem with a fringe is that it looks stunning 30% of the time (a few days after you had it cut, when hair is freshly washed etc.), the other 70% it look sort of meh.

  11. You are not alone, mon amis, for this question is murmured from my lips on a nearly monthly cycle. I cut my bangs about two years ago, very Zooey Deschanel-esque, and I loved them. Yes, the style was everywhere. Yes, they had a school-girl feel. But I loved them, and in fact, it was said love for them that made me say goodbye. For now at least. I feared being one of those women who rock the same style for twenty years, then get ambushed outside of a coffee shop, unsuspectingly, and forced to get a makeover. Although I love me a makeover, I wanted to be flexible enough in my style to try as many different looks as I wanted to. It’s been about 6 months now, I have a long, shaggy bob & am getting tons of compliments. My advice is to do something gutsy, (be it bangs or not) and feel good about change in all of its forms. You’re a beautiful woman so I am betting that no matter what you choose, you’ll knock ’em dead!