Architectural Pottery (and some Friday links)


Something I was really hoping I might run into at the Alameda Flea was an under-appreciated stash of Architectural pottery. No such luck. I think folks are pretty tuned in to these planters’ appeal (and value): a pair of vintage pots is on sale on 1st dibs for $1600. Vessel makes new ones in the $300 range, but that’s still wild! Aren’t they beautiful, though? I’d just take the plain white cylinder like he’s holding. Nothing fancy. Okay?

Here are some other things I’ve been thinking about sharing this week:

Hudson loves to sit in the backyard and watch the birds fly over at dusk. He even “caws” with the crows. I think he’d love this Flensted Swallow mobile.
On the subject of his room, I toyed with the idea of going all out nautical with the whole Hudson theme, but it turns out “no-theme” is probably more my style.
A tutorial for painting over laminate–i.e. your Ikea Lack side table.
Not that any of us should really be making donuts, but these kind are my favorites!
I finally have a frame for this lovely cacti print. I just have to get over my commitment issues and start hanging things!
This playhouse turned out so pretty! Aron and I both had playhouses growing up and would love to set one up for Hudson. (This one is pretty cool and would be era-appropriate. If only it weren’t so pricey!)
Interested in killing an hour browsing through wonderful old images? Try your luck here.
We ordered Neutra typeface numbers for our house, and in my web search I came across this wacky font-related video (thanks,  Atomic Indy)
We’re feeling nostalgic about the autumn weekends we spent at the Kaaterskill, celebrating Aron’s birthday. It’s nearly that time of year again. I wish we could sneak off  there.
And finally, we chose a Halloween costume for Hudson and I can barely contain myself. (He’s going to be so sweet!) But wasn’t it just a few months ago that he was a little infant shark?? What plans do you have in the works?
Have a nice weekend!

Have a fun weekend!
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Let’s Discuss

  1. I’m so into that Retronaut site!

    And I live close to Kaaterskill Falls and can’t believe I haven’t been there in months! See, it takes someone from far away to remind you what’s in your own backyard :)

    BTW I *love* those planters!

  2. Interesting that you both had playhouses! We’ve been going to a “waldorf-inspired” playgroup and recently we were talking about our favorite memories of play when we were children. One woman remembered being allowed to thoroughly spring clean her playhouse every spring. They would scrub, dust, take out all the furniture….it resulted in her having all these positive associations with hearty cleaning!

    and I ooo appreciatively whenever I see neutra on houses.

  3. Hi Ashley, you must live near me? East Bay? As I said on Joslyn’s blog, what a great wall of pots – I looked for these kinds of pots three years ago and tricky to find anything with modern lines. I absolutely love my round shiny ones (in pale blue) I found eventually from AplusR, they are sort of Sixties Slim Aarons looking.

    • Ashley

      I’ll take a look! Thanks! I actually just noticed that Room & Board has some “case study” planters that look like these, too. Exciting! (We’re in Davis, by the way.)