Wayfare Magazine


travel design  Wayfare Magazine

travel design  Wayfare Magazine

Have you heard of Wayfare magazine? Originally available only on the iPad–and quite lovely there–they’ve just released their first print edition. I was honored to contribute an article on The Pig, a boutique hotel 90 minutes outside of London; and excited to come home and find a copy of this beautiful quarterly (large, offset-printed on uncoated paper, and side-sewn with thread) waiting for me. You can order a copy here.

Mark Weinberg’s photograph of the Eiffel Tower (below) is one of my favorites in the issue. Such a unique and striking perspective–the kind of view and discovery usually reserved for actually traveling somewhere so iconic.

travel design  Wayfare Magazine

P.S. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss a potential story or freelance project!

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  1. Louise

    Hi Ashley – would love to read your article on the Pig as I’m UK based! Is there any way of reading it online or do I have to buy a hard copy of the magazine?

    Really enjoy reading your blog!


    • Ashley

      I can snap a photo of the text and send it to you… I’m not sure there’s a way otherwise…
      I’ll try to remember to do that before heading to bed tonight!