Magnificent Specimens


 new york  Magnificent Specimens
new york  Magnificent Specimens
new york  Magnificent Specimens
Magnificent Specimens, a collection of photographs David Mead snapped while attending the beard and mustache world championships, are lining the walls at the Chelsea Market right now. He’s captured some really–well–magnificent examples of facial hair! I think it would be awesome to see the competition in person.

I dug a bit further and learned that the 2011 competition is being held in Norway and champions will be crowned in several categories, as in the Dali or imperial mustache, or the musketeer beard. There’s even a new category: Alaskan Whaler (or all beards with no mustache). All of them clearly take a lot of time and effort (and a patient kissing buddy). For those who don’t want to put in the years it would take to cultivate such beauty (or suffer the wrath of said buddy), there’s a sample–Hungarian?–to try on for size at the market.We stopped by after our lunch at Del Posto.

new york  Magnificent Specimens
new york  Magnificent Specimens
new york  Magnificent Specimens
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  1. Oh dear, for someone who hates beards and mustaches (on men and women hehe) I don't know how I feel about a facial hair competition. Too much! But I think the fact that they have one is pretty funny. I love those photos of you guys. Too cute.

  2. Okay, you two… I keep looking at your posts and photos and think, "Hmmm, something is missing here?" And then, it came to me! I'm not in them! So, I'll be expediting the adoption papers immediately. But can I keep my name?

  3. YES! I heard about this competition on NPR once and the photos are amazing. Love it! I recently saw a Cold Case Files where they interviewed an attorney with a handlebar mustache and it was so distracting and awesome at the same time. Thanks for sharing :)

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