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  1. Thank you! It's cooling down now; we're headed back to spring rather than full speed ahead to summer, but it still looks great. Gramercy Park is always lovely–but I wish they'd let us in! It's the only remaining private park in New York. Pinecone Camp–I'll keep my fingers crossed! Let us know if you need any suggestions!

  2. what a contrast indeed! similar thing over here: a month ago oxford was almost flooded and miserable beyond belief. now it is a ray of sunshine and bliss.

    thanks for stopping by guys, do come again! just had a bit of browse and really like your blog… will return again :)

  3. Thanks for your awesome comment at Modern Girl Style! Packing & unpacking is brutal! But, you have motivated me to also get back to blogging! I love this post, the photos are just fabulous & I am so glad that I found your blog! I quickly added to my fav blogs at MGS!!! Cheers to the both of you!!!

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